Heavenletter #5488 Meeting in Time and Space

There are no coincidences, no accidents, yet there are so many meetings in time and space, so many paths that cross, so many improbable events that somehow are orchestrated. You can only be amazed at how so many impossible things come together.

In fact, you are often sure that something like Laws of the Universe must exist that synchronize in a such a way that couldn’t happen unless they were planned. You say to yourselves: “Ye Gods, what are the odds against the possibility of something this great occurring without the existence of a plan being foreordained and being pulled along to a perfect meeting place. Miracles must be ordained. How can it be otherwise?”

You want there to be freedom, yet there are certain occurrences you might not want to be at all.

Something couldn’t possibly happen, yet it does. Something beyond imagination happens. It isn’t even imaginable, yet it happens, and you wonder deeply how it could ever happen by chance. By chance means randomly. How can randomness possibly be in everything and not just once in a while, you ponder. You do not believe that wonderful events can be random. You do believe that unhappy events couldn’t be ordained. It is understandable that you feel this way.

Yet you hear Me say that everything is possible no matter how remote or unlikely. You hear Me say that there is nothing that is impossible. In the abstract, you like that idea.

There are hundreds or thousands of impossible occurrences that happen every day everywhere. Babies conceived and babies born. What is the likelihood of a baby being conceived by the seed of the father and the egg of the mother in the first place? A million or more possibilities, and of all the possibilities, this one child is born, how can that be? Actually you would scoff at the whole idea of conception except as it has been proven since forever. You may wonder or marvel, yet you accept this.

What unseen propensity makes this one unique child born and not another? You don’t want it to be that you, especially, are created by chance. You want to have been chosen. It has to be that you are meant to be born and, mostly, you’re glad you were born, and, in this way, not sorry that someone else wasn’t born in your place.

And then you ask yourself: Were there others like Christ who were not born? Why not?!!

What about the brilliance of Einstein, for example. How could that unique composition come together purely by chance? Really, all possibilities can't be like little pieces of paper thrown up in the air.

Or, what are the odds that a fish swims in water and is sustained by water outside himself, and that, in contrast, the water that sustains a human being swims inside the human being?

Yes, dear ones, you want freedom. How you want freedom, at least you say so. At the same time, you want to have been chosen. You want to be noted on record. You want everything, including opposites. You want all opportunities, and yet you want to have been chosen.

I wonder if you are trying to follow a logical path. In the realms of God, logic may not apply. Logic, as you know it, may not have anything to do with life. Logic may not be so wonderful as the world may think.

You like to have a lot of opportunity in the world. You personally want opportunity, and you want to be especially chosen as well. The truth is, that as a rule, My dear children want everything. That’s not a bad thing. Desiring contributes to life’s being worth living. Desiring and possibilities go together.

I am telling you that you are special. I did choose you. I choose everyone, including you. You were not a pig in a poke. Now you make your way in the world, and now you make yourself the Great Soul you and I ordained you to be.



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