Heavenletter #5526 Grace Appears in a Thousand Ways

There is more to life than the bare bones you mostly attend to. Life is more than what the world lets on. Life, as it appears to the world, is a hidden secret, which, down deep, everyone knows very well. It is like you skirt the issues of life and choose to chatter instead. The life you live has often been a secret you keep from yourself and that you go to great lengths not to see. What you don’t see can’t hurt you, you say to yourself, as you avert your eyes.

There is a door to open that you hesitate to open. You desire happiness and may accept frivolity or the appearance of frivolity with all you are worth. You may run away from the very life you desire and call that your destiny.

There are as many ways to escape life as there are ways to reach Me. You can hoard life. You can dance around it. Often you find life as a precarious situation and unreal. It is hard for you to separate real from fantasy. You don’t want to face life and the present emptiness that weighs heavily on you, which, so far as you know, you would not know how to do without.

Return to the little pleasures. The little pleasures seed your life. Let joy rise to the top.

Take to the woods, beloveds. Go for walks. Find Me. Find Me. We are One. There are no singletons. Life does not try to escape you. Life looks for you at every corner. Be here.

I am here.

You do not have to wander.

Throw off what oppresses you like an old worn sweater that you have kept just because you have had it for a long time, perhaps seemingly forever.

It is possible for you to get a new lease on life. Get it.

It is possible to throw off all the old shackles that confine you. Throw them off.

It is possible for you to fly. Lift your wings now. Lift them. Take off into the horizon that awaits you.

I would love life to be your joy and less of a penance. If your life feels like a bed of nails, get up. Sleep on the grass.

Grace comes in a thousand ways. Grace is like the stars that shine. All the stars and all the beauty and goodness of the world at large I put here to welcome you to your home away from Home.

No blocking your windows, if you please. Throw open the blinds. Open the windows. Let life in. Ride the waves. Surf the skies. Loosen the ties that bind. Put up a welcome sign at your door. Open the windows and doors wide. Let the sunlight and fresh air in.

You forgot you had closed them. And now you remember.

These are the times that stir the hearts of all on Earth. This is not time for shyness or any semblance of it. This is the time to create an Ode to Life that all may attest to. This is your debut into Free Will.

Free Will, certainly not doubt, is to lead you. Follow Free Will. It is your choice. I chose it for you. Free Will is the very Nature of Life. Free Will doesn’t mean that anything goes. This is a responsible Free Will that I have given to you. It is your freedom. It is meant for you. The Lion is free to lie down with Lamb.

Free Will notices Oneness and moves closer.

Free Will is freeing.

You were freed long ago. You may not have noticed. You may have chosen servitude to you-know-not-what that you can't bring yourself to let go of. You don’t have to know how. Just let go and start your dreams. Set your dreams free. Let your dreams rise like a hundred balloons into the sky. Your life is to be lived on the wings of your dreams.

Old facts are not enough for you any longer. Old facts cannot sustain you. It is your Free Will to love and to love more and lift the tired world with your love until your love frees everyone and everything. Take love to heart.


Deeni 10th March 2016 1:03 pm

Thank You, God.

Thank You, Gloria.

I have dusted off my wings, unchained my heart, and I continue to share my Light with All.


Much Love, Light and Flight to All. : )

keryndawer 11th March 2016 1:23 pm

Bless you God and Gloria :)

I love: "There are no singletons"...I love all you have given us!!! :smitten:

Thank you for a beautiful message REMINDING us of the miracle of this Life.

Blessings and Love to You and All~~


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