Heavenletter #5528 What Matters

Often, when you experience a nose-dive of self-confidence and sense of success in the world, it can well mean you are just ready to take off.

The airplane of your life swoops you up, and, behold, you are zooming forward. The darkness of the night that captured you so dismally was simply the darkness before the dawn. Dawn exists.

There is an horizon before you. Whether you see the horizon’s light instantly or not, the horizon is there for you to cross over into the Bright Light of God.

It is like My Hand lifts you up at a dazzling speed, and you whiz past that bump that seemed to hold you crestfallen. You are your own inspiration, or you are your own crestfaller. Don’t be crestfallen. Rise to new heights. You are geared for new heights.

Be ready to take off. Be ever-ready to take off. Boost yourself.

In life, you are climbing a ladder. Even one rung at a time works. At the same time, you are getting ready for the ride of your life. Life is meant to be the ride and rise of your life.

We don’t care so much what the world thinks of you. We care what you think of you. We don’t care what the world makes of you. We care what you make of you. By We, right now, We mean you and I. We mean where Our Antenna are. Anyone can diss anyone. This is not what We’re about. We’re talking about your eyesight and Mine and what matters to you and what matters to Me, and, therefore, Us.

I often ask Myself:

How can My children love Me with all their hearts, and then propose to discourage themselves? Is there any merit in a case of extreme discouragement? Are you your friend or foe? Are you My friend or foe?

Look, don’t think too much. Simply come with Me. Climb high with Me. Venture forth with Me. What music We can make together! What heights We can climb!

Tell Me, please, what can We not do together?

There is nothing We cannot do together. We are simply walking. Hills are more than hills. Hills are crests that lead Us higher and higher.

I simply refuse to let you cave in. Nor am I talking about a fight. I am speaking of your going forward and not defeating yourself. Have you had a tendency to give up on yourself too soon and too lightly?

Of course, you may say that you can quit the race before you finish. You know by now that I am not saying you can never change your mind about anything. If there is something you don’t want to become any longer, if you want to change careers, certainly this is your choice. If you take a job at a lesser level or for less pay for the opportunity this may afford, of course, this is for a purpose and is up to you. What you never give up on is you yourself. In this sense, you never quit.

You are your own life companion, and you give life all you can give. Give it your all. Give yourself everything but defeat. Keep on rooting for yourself. Care.

If you do no longer care about achieving this or that, that's okay. You don’t have to keep up with anyone else, just yourself. You don’t throw yourself away. You go towards what matters to you. You can let go of what no longer matters to you except it makes no sense to let go of Me. Stay with Me.

You are not racing to the past. You are not a bull-dozer. You keep your eye on what is your target. You encourage yourself. You are your own best friend. You lift yourself up and rise and rise and rise. Together We rise.



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