Heavenletter #5543 When You Need a Break

When you feel frustrated beyond endurance, take a break. Get a new perspective. Go in a different direction for a while. Don’t meet up with what is frustrating you right now. Put it aside.

Frustration is raucous music. You don't have to listen to it. Take a walk and restore yourself. Do something that you like to do. Consider you have a school holiday and make the most of it.

When you are consumed with frustration, look out the window, read a romance novel, take a nap, do something that you like to do and that gives you a modicum of joy and may get your mind off what ails you.

This is not running away. Too much is too much. Frustration is not intended to be an endurance test for you. You do not have to prove to yourself that you can withstand continued dire frustration. This is a time to break off this entanglement for a while.

When you feel you can’t hack the frustration any longer, this is a good sign that you can’t hack it any longer. This is not defeat. This is time for a truce, for, truly, you have been making war with frustration.

Many things, even most things, will heal themselves. Most frustration is going to go anyway with or without your pushing it away. The rain will stop. Electricity will go back on. A flood will recede. What is frustrating you won’t always be around. Divert yourself from your reservoir of overbearing attention on that which you find frustrating. Get your mind off.

It doesn’t matter that whatever you are dealing with may not be frustrating to someone else. Someone else may enjoy working on what drives you up a wall. Someone else may love dealing with it. There are other aspects of life that are pleasure for you that may not be joy for someone else. So what? What does anyone else have to do with what appears as an immense wall to you right now?

Take a break. Be good to yourself. Dealing with frustration is not meant to be the sum total of your life. What is frustration anyway? It is something that is opposed to the smooth-running efficiency of what you certainly want and which you believe, at intense moments, is your need.

Your needs are few, beloveds. One great need, however, is peace. Put peace before whatever may be thwarting you.

Whether you should or should not be frustrated is not a question to ask. It is irrelevant. There simply are times when you need a break. Should or should not has nothing to do with it. You are responsible for your well-being. As an adult, you are responsible for your own well-being, no one else is. You can’t wait for someone to come to save you from what you find intolerable.

Of course, I am not telling you to run away from everything you don’t like. Not at all. At the same time, you do not need to play yourself all over the field. You are not to test yourself as to how far you can go. I am telling you that when you need a break, you need a break. You don’t have to stick your chin out.

Of course, bear in mind that when you are frustrated, this is an agreement you have made. You agreed to it. You don’t have to decide that you have to become frustrated and then bear frustration until you just can’t any longer. This is a deal that you made with yourself. Go ahead. This contract is another thing you are to break off from. Break this old contract now.


Eyewitness 27th January 2016 5:31 pm

Please help me to understand exactly HOW I go about breaking contracts that I agreed to. How does this work please?? Thanks. :)

Liza Elliott 31st January 2016 12:43 am

Hi Eyewitness,
My understanding of contracts is that we make unspoken agreements/contracts with ourselves (and others) for many reasons: from trying to control our world, to trying to please our egos, to trying to achieve some goal whether it be spiritual or worldly. Many of these "contracts" appear reasonable when we make them.

In an effort to improve something about ourselves/our world, to "do right" or to be "good", we keep these unspoken contacts/decisions that we have made, even when they cause us problems/ frustration, and they become like tyrants that are no longer effective in achieving their original intent and rob us of our joy, freedom, and fun all because we feel a duty/obligation ( in our heads) to keep this promise that we made (even if it is no longer working for us).

HOW to break these contracts:
1. Become aware you are angry, upset, etc.
2. Ask yourself what you would rather be doing.
3. Do it.
4. If you can't, at least do something different to shift your focus.
5. Find a way to do something that you love in the very near future.

Hope that helps! :)


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