Heavenletter #5647 What God, the Creator, Creates

To be true to yourself means to not sell yourself short. Be your True Self, and you honor Me, the God Who made you the Being you are – the Beautiful Being you are.

If you do not see yourself as a Beautiful Being, you have misled yourself. Listen to Me once and for all: I create Beautiful Beings, no less. You are a Beautiful Being I created.

It would seem that too many of My children have listened to downtrodden versions of themselves in mind and heart. It is not humility that tells you to conceive of yourself as less. Come on, now, I do not spend My breath on less. Human Beings are more, not less.

There is a tendency for My Greatest Beings to see themselves as less. This is not modesty. This is fool-heartedness. This is frivolousness. This is a form of ego that blushes and says: "Naw, I'm not good-enough."

I say you are Far Greater than good enough. I do not create so-so human beings. I create God Beings. I created you a God Being. It doesn't matter you are pompous about. What does your opinion have to do with your Soul? Keep in mind what is essential, and what is not. World perfection is not the tale that tells. World perfection is not the song that sings.

I do not create has-beens, do you read Me? I don't create lost souls. I create Beings. I create God Beings.

Innocent animals do not question their perfection, for they are deeply at home with themselves. They do not ask: "Why this, and why that?" They accept themselves as My Deeply Beloveds.

Why is this so hard for you to accept? You may look at Me cynically, as if to say to Me: "HA HA, God. Prove to me what You say." You thrust out your chin, put your hands on your hips, as if to wink: "God, we both know You can't prove it."

In fact, some of My children even see themselves as the dregs of the Earth. Who taught you to think this way? You learned this somewhere. You were born with trust and in trust without any mockery of what I have made.

I wonder if you think cynicism is smart, and innocence is not? 
Throw out cynicism instead for then you are ahead. Upbeat beats downbeat any day.

It is not a good idea for you to put yourself down nor is it a good idea for you to put anyone in the world down. Why would make you berate yourself or anyone? If you have been smearing the world you live in – desist now. Disband from negativity. Create harmony in your own mind.

Come from a place of Silence. Sing a tune that raises the vibration of the world. You cannot raise the world higher than you are. The Universe does not come down to your opinion of it. 

I say you are a beautiful rose in a rose arbor. Beautiful roses do not cut themselves with their thorns. Beautiful roses stand tall, yet they do not kid themselves that they know it all.

Abstain from the illusion of knowing it all and considering yourself smarter than your Creator. Do you really aspire to be the Great Critic of the Universe? Aspire to be courteous.

Do not raid the Universe. Watch out for the angle from which you regard the Universe you live in. Inspire this world of Ours.

Better to be a know-nothing than to think you know it all. As a matter of fact, you do know much more than you credit yourself with, and, so, now, bless the Universe.


Ozge 13th May 2016 10:06 am

I will remind myself about this message every now and then.

ShelleyT 13th May 2016 11:11 am

Thank you for the reminder...


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