Heavenletter #6079 Choose Peace

When you are in tumult and you feel an urgency, consider saying: “I’d like to think this through and get back to you this afternoon.” How about responding rather than reacting?

When you react, you are in what is sometimes referred to as a “Godawful hurry!”

When you are in a panic -- panic always has the better of you -- give yourself some of this imagined time to withdraw. Take a walk. Go into the woods. Give your heartbeat a chance to slow down.

Thank God, panic, which is a form of self-pandemonium, doesn’t last forever. Panic backs away. It goes somewhere. You may think that panic is a natural reaction. Natural carries a different connotation to Me.

Natural is more like catching your breath. Give panic a chance to reduce itself. Does panic come from adrenalin soaking in? No matter how masterful panic may be, a state of panic doesn’t last forever. Panic is like the huffing and puffing of the big bad wolf at your door. Don’t let the big bad wolf in.

Is the antonym of panic Peace?

Peace likes itself. Peace unto you. Peace is a cool mist. Peace settles. Peace is like a comforter that wraps you with its warmth at the very time it cools you down. You do understand how panic is hot and cold at the same time? What a constraint panic can be. A sense of panic cannot see beyond its nose.

In the relative world, there are opposites. If panic exists in the world, its opposite also exists. Peace is the other side of the coin. Peace is worth paying attention to. Bow down to Peace, and panic will fizzle out.

Pull the soft blanket of Peace up to your chin. Panic is some kind of fire going on within you. Outside you, this fire is named war. Panic is like a firearm. Ah, it is a fire alarm going off.

When you were in school and there were fire drills, you were to exit at a steady pace with grace. Peace has grace. Panic is too busy panicking. In an emergency, even an appearance of calm calms you down. Even in panic, you can exhibit poise.

In rough times, you are told to use your head. Anything is better than panic to use. As it happens, somehow your mind already instructed you that this is a good time for you to panic. It seems to Me that there is no good time to panic. Panic is a deer caught in headlights.

Panic is an attitude. A less rash attitude other than panic is in order.

You don’t have to jump out of your skin. You do not have to sentence yourself to even an hour at the end of your rope. How can panic be helpful? What does panic do for you except to excuse you from Peace. Choose Peace over panic. Why not? Panic is pretty dramatic. Why choose drama over Peace?

When you are in a panic, by some unidentified means, you have given yourself a high sign to panic. This really isn’t the way to get off a wild ride.

Is it Love that encourages you to panic? Is it even survival? Theories may be given to explain and excuse panic, yet, at what expense? How can panic be worth anything at all? You don’t usually like to overpay. Whatever you pay for panic, you are overpaying.

Choose a good buy instead.

What pandemonium of the heart and breath panic causes. What state does panic get you into? What rate of speed? If panic blocks you from Peace, how does panic serve you? Panic doesn’t take you where you want to go. It takes you away from your good.

A flood of panic isn’t better than a dry desert.

Anyway, choose Peace.




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