Heavenletter #6260 Everything Is Concurrent

Nothing is forgotten. Everything that once was still is. Listen carefully. Your beloveds, who have returned Home are still your beloveds, as you are theirs. No longer is the love you share so individualized, personal. When the breath of your loved ones no longer goes in and out, you realize this clearly. Death and life are talked about plenty, yet there exists only the vitality of Life, no matter what dimension you, the observer, may be in. Life still is in place.

From human perception, it may be that what once was vital is now said and done and over with. Yes, of course, you can’t keep hanging on so tight to your loved ones who, as it is said, are departed.

From a certain reciprocity, however, it is possible to dance around the maypole as you used to. Even in terms of the past, nothing is lost. Only on the surface of Life is anything somewhere else.

If there is Infinity, there is also Eternity, and in certain frequencies, you can turn the dial.

In terms of mortal Life, yes, it’s all temporary. Mortal Life certainly isn’t the Absolute.

Yet from certain angles, all the ballrooms are still retrievable. You can enter and dance the dances you once danced. This is not a replay I tell you about nor is it a movie reel. You are in the exact same spot.

You can be the young woman who dances with a partner from years ago. The band is still playing. This is not a memory repeated. It isn’t exactly that it recurs. It isn’t exactly that you pick up where you left off. No,I am saying you are already at the exact beat. What I am saying is that this is not a re-lived experience. You don’t return. You are in the earlier scene right then and there, right at this moment.

At a certain state of consciousness, if only for a moment, you and the seemingly earlier Reality are simultaneous, and can be there. The occasion never stopped. It never paused. The band plays on, and here you are.

I won’t call it another Reality or a lesser Reality, although it comes from another strand of Reality. It is not exactly that two strands of identical pearls coexist and are exactly ongoing. There are not two. If there were two, neither would be separate.

Someday you will know that nothing ends. All is present. Only words and descriptions can go so far and no further.

I am trying to say that all is known, and it is known in this moment. Nothing is over.

If I am omnipresent and omniscient, and We are One, the only difference is that you as the individual you perceive yourself to be and you as you really are not quite tuned in. You are looking somewhere else. You are distracted from the Light you are and ever were. You have the ever-present acuity to keep on dancing.

Nor do I mean to say that you must use this talent. You don’t have to look for it. You don’t study it. It can’t be studied. I am telling you that this level of awareness is inborn. Listen carefully:

It’s an innocent process, yet hardly a process. It could be described more as an instinct. You do not contrive to reveal this ability nor to excel in it nor to prove it to yourself or anyone. All who are One with Me and One with each other have this

In another world, you might consider this to be part of original life on the screen. In this world you live in, at least so far, this faculty is obscured. Nevertheless, this manifest state is right in front of you.

We can compare this real-life experience to the moments when you discover your eyeglasses sitting on your forehead. You forgot for a few seconds that that’s where your glasses were right along.



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