Heavenletter #6354 Truth in Dreams

Beloved, you have heard Me say that life in the world is all a fantasy. You wouldn’t mind this idea at all if the fantasy you live in could be made of a real-live fairy tale fantasy. You wouldn’t mind a life of Fairy Godmothers and Princes with golden coaches and dreams of the highest, and where you regularly get swept off your feet in a world where dreams, of course, come true before your very eyes.

You are not exactly asking for Paradise – more the sort of thing where if you must ride a subway every day back and forth to work, you could ride a subway where no one would have to stand and be crowded, and, where, as a matter of course, riding the subway could be a quiet delicately well-mannered treat, and, before you know it, a princely figure helps everyone off the subway and sincerely wishes everyone a good day.

Is this asking for too much? A subway where there is no noise or dust or anyone hungry, and there is no rushing – only a serene kind of life that rises to the occasion. Oh, yes, there would be the singing of blue birds and no need for trash receptacles, and no one’s feet would ever hurt, and no one would have to stand up and hold onto a strap, for every gentleman graciously gets up and offers you his seat.

I am aware that you are not asking for Heaven but rather for a polite fantasy where everyone is a lady or a gentleman, and dreams come true once and for all. You wouldn’t mind some of this or a lot of this.

Certainly, you are also aware you have had such moments in life when you were serenaded, and when you were secure that you and life truly were meant for each other, where traffic jams and hornet nests and pesky flies do not exist and no one’s feelings ever get hurt, and where there are no such things as headaches or upset stomachs or feeling ill at ease and long wondering how you ever landed on Earth as if Earth is all there is to life, and when the day would come when you would never feel off-kilter again. Is this asking for too much?

If fantasies are imagined, could it be that they actually are lived somewhere, and everyone is exactly where he wants to be and no one misses his train or gets off a boat without anyone to greet him, and school is a happy place for children, and all is well with the world?

In this case, you would like to sign up.

Meanwhile, there are some good movies and books to read and good people to meet and good times to be had and love to look forward to here and there, where trains do run on tracks, and there are good things to think about and marvel at, and you are here. You understand that I say that anything is possible, and you are perfectly willing to see some of this great stuff. You would gladly wait in line and accept all possibilities of happiness and joy and to know that love is unqualifiedly King, and that you and everyone are eligible.

Meanwhile, you are grateful for nighttime and sleep even as there are those times when you might rather wake up somewhere else where you could know for a fact that you and I are holding hands, and where you know you will see Me before your very eyes, and know for a fact that all is well forever and forever and anon.

Sweet dreams, Beloved. Oneness is. You and I exist in Oneness. All grace and tribute to you in life and love abounds, and all is just as you knew it would be.



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