Heavenletter #6368 Battles and Peace Are Both Your Doing or Undoing

Beloved, no longer be overly-concerned with what other people may or may not make of you. What is so all-important about what anyone thinks that makes you feel disheveled with yourself no matter how unkind and unjustified another's random thoughts may be? You alone are responsible for the thoughts you think – no matter how unkind another’s thoughts may be and no matter how isolated you may feel. Rather than to keep processing another’s thoughts, do whatever you have to do to remove such thoughts from preoccupying you.

Develop a thick skin then. Be scorned then, and be done with it.

What another fellow-traveler thinks of you is his business. No one outside you is to be the be-all and end-all of you. Nor is what you make of another their doing or concern.

Sooner or later, you have to get off your high horse. You don’t have to like what may be said. What you have to be done with is your resentment. The fact is that there is no other in this world, and what you may think of another is not your concern in life either. Certainly, you are not to retaliate against yourself or anyone by harboring resentment. You have been asking too little of yourself.

It isn’t your concern as to who spurns you. Don’t make it your concern. Rebuttals are not to become the lifelong theme of your life. Your business and My business are One and the same. Our business is to cast love, just as any seeming other also has the deep down ability and responsibility to do.

I can dismiss this lickety-split, just like that. Yes, you are right, it is easy for Me. For you to make confidence a reality is another story.

For Me, I know better than to take offense in the first place. A seeming other isn’t the mission of your life. It so happens that you matter to Me exceedingly. I think enough of you to make up for whatever downturned thoughts another may hold.

You are My Beloved. The seeming one who finds fault with you is My Same Beloved. There is Oneness, and there are no sides for Me to take. And if you rant and rave against another, and only silently, then you too are mistaken. You two are both remiss.

Undo the malaise. The worst that can be is that you are both misinformed. This is not at all how life is to be – not at all. There is no such place so unruly in the world that I made.

Back in the day when men hammered nails into the rails for fourteen hours a day, they had a better chance of wearing out their bodies before their hearts, minds, and soul. Beloved, don’t step on your own toes.

First and foremost, it is within yourself that you are to make peace. Do you see this now? It isn’t a new idea that it is yourself that you are to make peace with.

What kind of peace is an ugly peace? What kind of peace built with resentment can there be? It is no peace at all.

Negativity and peace are incompatible. One way or another, it lies within you to flip resentment. This is something that must happen within you, and you are the only one who can do it for you.

I kid you not.

This can be done, and you must do it. W



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