Heavenletter #6430 There is Value in Everything

Beloved, there is value in twiddling your thumbs. In every exercise and movement you make, there is value. In crying, there is value. In laughing, value sings to the High Heavens.

Of course, in silence, there is value. In everything under the sun, there is value.

In every dance, in every song, there is value. In all the nursery rhymes, there is value. In hopscotch, there is value. In patty cakes, there is value. In cartwheels, value abounds. In standing on your head or in shaking your head yes, there is value.

There is more value going on more than you have any idea of.

In every beat of your heart, in all activity, and in all repetition, there is more going on than you know.

Goodness and mercy abound and rebound around the world.

You are either tightening or loosening yourself. Embracing has value. Playing solitaire has value. Within all of life, there is value.

Winning or losing both have value of one kind or another, like it or not.

Tension has value. Rest has value.

Thinking has value. Spontaneity has value.

Hot soup has value. Cream has value.

You have value, more than you have any idea of.

Both emptiness and fullness give value. Cold gives value.

Every location in the world has value that another location has not.

There is, indeed, good within everything under the sun.

Cold hands and warm hearts have value.

Value does not yet have to be conscious. Perception and the imperceptible also have value.

Every motion either tightens or loosens. Everything affects everything. This has been said many times.

Writing by hand is good. Typing fast is good. Slow is good, and speed is good, or it may not be. Reading is good. Not reading is also good. Good is about how you see it.

You don’t need to have a niche.

You don’t have to be a success. You don’t have to be popular. You don’t have to be a recluse.

You don’t have to climb a mountain. Uphill and downhill are both good flavors.

Whoever you are and whatever you are or are not has value.

Find that which to appreciate. Spurn nothing and no one.

Playing pick-up sticks is for something. Looking out the window matters.

A particular purpose doesn’t have to be known. In fact, all is known. You may be sure about something that you may not yet realize.

Be glad.

Call out My Name or not. It’s your call.

Name or play a musical instrument. Play. Work.

Go uphill and go downhill.

Easy is as easy does.

You don’t have to do anything only because it’s good for you.

Anything can be more than you know.

Rote is good. Well-intentioned is good. Sparkling is good. What does it mean to do good?

Where are you going, if anywhere?

What am I to you?

All is never said and done.

There is much pending. There is nothing to accomplish but joy. One way or another, your cup is full. Love spilleth over. How did the expression spill the beans come about? Who first said as neat as a pin?

Why do you want to know people’s names? What is the importance of it all?

Who and what are you anyway?

What is the purpose of a riddle? Must riddles have a meaning?

Must everything have a meaning? What does meaning mean?

Who says you have to hold your horses? Why, I ask.

What is counting about?

Is seriousness necessary?

Why does the mention of stars bring happiness? Why does a night sky without stars seem less?

Must heads be on straight?

Why are curves more favorable than straight lines?


angelman66 18th October 2018 6:45 am

Just beautiful, exquisitely beautiful and so true---thank you!!!