Heavenletter #6490 Let Go of Old Habits of Thinking

Beloved, old habits and old ways of being belong to the past now. Where you have held onto old ways, now begin to dare to follow new ways. Don’t cut yourself short. Turn every no you routinely attach to into a strong Yes. Let go of old ways of responding that you may be comfortable with. Grow to new heights.

Let go of the familiar. Say Yes and Yes and Yes. Remove the word no from your vocabulary. If you are asked to give a speech, now dare to say Yes. Otherwise, you may be shunting life away. Now say hello to a wide swath of life on the hoof.

If you are asked to be in a play, and you usually would say no, that’s not how to live life. Perhaps you’re clinging to a life raft. Now dare to say Yes to life in a resounding voice.

If you have always been a shrinking violet, now be a loud trumpet flower. Surprise yourself. You are not bound to choose to do what you have always chosen to do as in conformity to the past. Now rise faster and higher. You are not here on Earth to be as you have always been. Now, blossom. You may have been standing still rather than moving ahead. Make hay while the sun shines.

At every opportunity, begin to say Yes. Get off the couch. Do you really think the past was a stellar performance? You may not have great laurels to carry you forward. How much do you think you grow when you supposedly play it safe?

While you are alive in the present, say Yes to life. What do you gain in life by playing possum? How long has it been since you said a whole new Yes to life? Sing a new refrain. Be open to life. Open wide. “Yes, say, Yes, take my picture. Say, Yes, let’s go to the movies.”

Go forward with new life and not old hat.

Sure, say No to drugs. Say Yes to being alive. If you have been shy and retiring, has this been your lifelong ambition to somehow stay the same? What makes you exclusive? Be up front and expand your life. Even if you have lived in the same house for seventy years, you can leave the old neighborhood and go for a new house. In life, venture forth. Change means you are open to discovering something new which guarantees that you stay young. You don’t want to be predictable. To be coy and steadfast isn’t smart in life. You are not alive on Earth in order to stand still. Surprise yourself.

Do what is opportunity for you to do, even when it means you have to leap. Is there something wrong with leaping?

Have you been playing it safe? Be new, and rise above old age and the past. You are alive now.

No longer do you wait for later. Right now, you are alive. Don't be in a hurry to stay the same.

The next time someone asks you to dance, say Yes. The next time someone asks you to send your photo, send your photo. The next time someone wants to interview you on TV, say, Yes. Don’t fall back on saying: “That’s not how I do things.” Dare to be new. Don't hold up life.

Under no circumstances are you to be demure and obstruct yourself from daring to be new. Wake up now, Beloved. This may be the best advice I ever give you. Be true to yourself. Let yourself be known. Do it. Be outspoken. You are still alive. Don’t stay in hiding. Make your life new now.



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