Heavenletter #6549 All in Good Time

Beloved, favor the idea of looking forward to miracles. What is there not to believe in in this mortal world? What cannot come true? Think of it! Babies are born. Life moves on. Life comes and goes. Thoughts exist, and thoughts travel, and new thoughts replace old ones.

Yes, be sure to know that miracles come true.

At the same time as miracles come true, miracles are not for you to insist on like a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Your will isn't to boss miracles around.

In fact, it is likely that when you insist on when and how a certain miracle is to appear, you may prevent the flow of the miracle. There is something called trying too hard. Miracles grow like flowers. Flowers and miracles grow on their own. You can’t rush a miracle to appear. A miracle comes when it’s good and ready.

You, too, like to call your own shots. Be careful about what you mandate.

Of course, there are Great Spiritual Ones who have a way about them that brings miracles to their fingertips or at least to someone’s feet. Pretty much real-life miracles appear at their own bidding in their own time.

How much do you like to be hurried?

Pretty much you have a rhythm of your own and can’t quite adapt to another’s rhythm comfortably. To each his own.

Nor can you whip others into shape. Nor do you like the words “Hurry! Hurry!”

You prefer to hear: “Take your time, sweetheart! Go at your own speed!”

Your own speed is the speed that works best for you. There is enough time in the world for the clothes you hang on the clothesline to dry.

Since when can you hasten the sun that shines? Life wants to go at its own speed. You can’t hasten the dawn. There is merit to the idea that haste makes waste. Better that you follow Me rather than that you whip your own horses. The temperature is set.

What is the hurry, Beloved?

Hurry is how you lose stitches in knitting. What is so vital about hurrying? Who sets the pace? Who knows the pace to set?

Remember when life was slow and easy? Remember when you walked everywhere? Remember when hurry wasn’t King? Remember when you weren’t beguiled to order many treasures online?

Once upon a time, life was a piece of cake, and time didn’t get all skedaddled. Remember when you had time to tap your foot, and no one had to get out of breath? Remember when you lived life one breath at a time. Remember when there was enough time for everyone and everything, and summers were slow and easy?

Miracles still caught up to you. Night and day still abounded. You walked one foot after another. You still got somewhere. You knew all you needed to know.

You paced yourself. You were not always going a-sputter. Spending time was not always the high point of the day. There was always enough time and space to live life by. You didn’t run out of time. You didn’t huff and puff. Time didn’t always rule. Time was courteous. Time was patient.

Life was. You were part of life. You starred in life! You swung on the stars. You set the timbre of your life. You sang a song or two. You let life and everyone in life be. You did not count up catastrophes.

You played games and loved life as it came. You whistled while you worked. Life was resplendent, and you loved it all. There was always more than enough time and space. You soared.

Miracles fit in all in good time.



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