Heavenletter #6563 Look Toward the Sun

Beloved, who does not prefer the Sun to shine? Look toward the Sun. Seeds plant themselves. Flowers don’t have to grow in greenhouses, and you do not require special protection. I would like to write an Ode to Safety. Not everyone dares to high-step it in the world.

You don’t have to look around every corner seeking safety in one form or another. Be done with the idea that you are in jeopardy. You don’t have to put your fisticuffs up. Have you had the idea that you have to protect yourself and your rights on Earth at all costs? All good can happen without an arsenal looking to get you. You don’t need a defender! Beloved, I am your Escort. Innocence is the key. If you must look around every corner, look for the blessings that are on their way to you.

Look up at the Heavens. Be gentle with the world. Put down your fears. Rest your head on My pillow. Look for the Good Will that attends you. Breathe. Be not attached to looking for trouble around every corner.

The bottom of life does not have to drop out from under you. Choose the side of harmony. Why not, beloved? Make the choices you favor.

There is good in the world. I insist on it. Look for the good and from whence it comes. Spot love. Hasten your heart. It matters very much what you speculate on. Speculate on glad tidings. Every day there is a dawn. Be a bird who sings and greets the dawn every morning. Awake!

Once upon a time, you may have tended to wake up in trepidation. What danger will appear before you, you would ask yourself.

I poke you in your shoulder, and I remind you:

Beloved, have expectancy of peace. No one is out to get you. Put fear thoughts aside, and you will gain. Why terrorize yourself? It’s not necessary. It could well be that the world is bowing down to you and not looking to pounce on you whatsoever. Kindly stop counting possible dangers. Make short work of them.

Beloved, it is possible that every thought of yours contributes to your very life. Concede that it makes sense for you to contemplate good fortune. Good fortune is out there to be had. Why, then, fill a wheelbarrow with causes for fear?

Have a beautiful mind and fill it with rainbows and be done with fearful thoughts. You are not obliged to bow down to danger. Where did you ever get that idea? If you do accrue danger to you, leave danger behind you.

I understand your fears, and I ask you to get onto a different track. Fears are not holy. Why oh why hang onto random fears for dear life? I suggest you hie to other thoughts that help you to hold your head high. I suggest more thoughts of love to support your life. I suggest love thoughts on the double.

How can it happen in a world I created that fear thoughts could become a leader of the band? Even the thought of love is the best vitamin in the world. Here, I slip you tablets of love. Swallow these tablets with water or swallow them with sweet cream as many times a day as you like. You cannot overdose. Make sure you take enough. Love love, and know love is yours for the asking. Love is here for you to swim in. Fear is to be done with. I encircle you in My arms of love right now. Our One Heart flies high and carries enough love to bless the world entire!