Thank You Thursday: Knowledge

Be thankful this day for knowledge.

Knowledge provides us with insight to world we live in and interested facts. We learn what we desire to learn, things we are interested in. I'm sure most of us at one point or another wondered why we are interested in a particular subject. With this level of knowledge and curiosity comes power. It is what we do with this knowledge and curiosity to give it power. Through our lives, we are drawn to our calling, a calling of purpose, passion, desire and goals. In order to fulfill this calling, we must first study our calling. The place of study can be in a classroom or in the world. Life is a great teacher. Life teaches and prepares us for many scenarios a classroom cannot. With this preparation, we better understand our calling or purpose. We have been conditioned to seek external sources of knowledge, when internal knowledge has all the answers we seek.

External knowledge is the classroom and teachers. Internal knowledge is the knowledge of our purpose and of the universe in us. With internal knowledge we can manifest external knowledge to come us in alignment of our purpose or higher calling. To receive the knowledge from within, all we have to do is ask the question we desire to know the answer too. Know most answers will not be instantaneous. We have to pay attention to the signs to recognize the answers. The most important knowledge is of self. The knowledge of self enlightens us on our path of spiritual growth and aligns us with our purpose. Knowledge is a tool, should never be taken granted or misused in anyway. The ill intention or misuse can result in catastrophic results or behavior. Remember knowledge is a key in the collective evolution of humanity.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the knowledge we are drawn to, enable us to fulfill our purpose.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the classroom of life to teach us about ourselves.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the knowing thy self to continue human evolution.


Knowing limitations

Knowing where to go

Knowing what path to take

Knowing where the paths lead

Knowing what questions to ask

Knowing how to push pass limitations

Knowing how to know yourself

Knowing what life is

Knowing the source of life

Knowing what it means to be alive

Knowing what it all means

Knowing the moment

Knowing all absolution

Knowing nothing is knowing everything

The question is what do we know if all is an illusion

Separating all reality emotions and self imposed identity from the true knowledge of self

A plan of entrapment for all humanity being a salve to self being a slave to society

How do we look

How we dress

What we eat

How we act

How we live

What we feel

What do you know if you are not told

Now what do you know

Knowing yourself is to know all life and life is one

We all know the same thing

Knowing true self and purpose excels the satisfaction of life creating heaven on earth

Now ask yourself what do you know



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