Purification Meditation

This self guided meditation is about releasing what no longer serves you, it’s a clearing of the older energy. We must clear the old to make room for the new.

This can be done with incenses, candles, music, however you practice your usual meditation.

Purification Meditation 

Sit in a comfortable area of your home.

Call upon your guides, talk to them, ask them for their guidance during this meditation.

Imagine a white ball of light over your head.

Allow this white ball of light to enter your crown chakra.

Once ball enters, it begins to multiply creating other white balls of light.

Listen to what they are telling you.

As they are speaking, they are creating the sacred geometry shape, the Tree of Life.

As the balls of light move into place, their light intensifies.

They become connected with little tiny branches of light extending from each other.

As they are becoming connected, you begin to think of old thoughts, actions, regrets, all you desire to let go.

Allow them to float to the surface of your mind and feed each thought with white light.

It can be one thought or many you wish to work with.

Stay with each thought until it’s completely covered in white light, until you feel it has left you.

With each thought submerge in the light, the light from the Tree of Life grows and brightens.

Keeping releasing thoughts until your light body is filled with white life.

The Tree of light is so bright within you now it’s almost blinding.

Now call forth the Violet Flame.

The Violet Flame will aid in the cutting off and releasing of this old thought, patterns, and beliefs.

Ask the Violet Flame to remove the old thoughts, patterns, and beliefs from your life now.

Thank your guides, the Tree of Life, and Violet Flame in their aid  purification meditation.

As Above, Is Below.

It is so.


AuthorMgRhoades 28th September 2014 1:22 pm

This is simply wonderful! Thank you for sharing, I'll be incorporating it into my rotation of meditations, but it's very timely right now.

I'm also thrilled to have found you and all of your amazing writings, they all seem to resonate highly with me.

Be well.

Hillis 28th September 2014 4:20 pm

Greetings AuthorMgRhoades,
I am joyous you are connected to the writings coming through me. Continue to connect with self and grow.
Love to you,


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