Thank You Thursday: Recognition

Be thankful this day for recognition.

Recognition is more than just giving a person praise for work done or of any from of accomplishment, and honoring God. Recognition is knowing, understanding and seeing the world, people and the energy around your for what they truly are. We must first accept the objects in our field of vision as they are and not color them. This will distort any the true view of what is placed before us. We have the ability to change nothing into something. What I mean by this, the strength of our minds and our free will can change anything into our desires, yet our heart and spirit truly knows it's not what you desire. They know you are filling a void to compensate for a loss or lack in your life. The mind doesn't know that. The mind only knows what you tell it. You can tell your mind to believe anything, whether it is from the spirit, words, actions, and acts of free will.

What we have to stay focus on is the energy around us offering support and guidance. The blessings we receive, prayers being answered, thoughts coming into reality, words translating to energy, family, friends and much more, all is taken for granted at point or another. This is when recognition is important. We have feel and see the energy around us to know what we are doing is right for our individual soul. Every action, word, and thought is heard by God. He hears and recognizes us. We are his children and He takes care of us. We recognize Him and the works, blessings and miracles He brought into our lives. We also take notice of the work being done by our hand is not all of our own doing. We have the ability to channel God through us to complete the work we were sent here to do.

Be thankful this day and everyday for recognizing the illusions of this world and seeing objects and people as they truly are.

Be thankful this day and everyday to recognizing the energy around us and all we do.

Be thankful this day and everyday to recognizing God in ourselves and His work through us.

To The Point

Which longitude or latitude you choose to call home

Resistant to atmospheric pressure
Straining to release the gases of excess fumes to fuse substant energy

Looking for the meaning
The purpose of life
Digging straight to the core of you

Seeking release of the mental case
Now changed

Scream brings joy
Set free from the self-imposed prison of the non-existent life

Multiply points
Dots to connect to bring relief and trigger satisfaction

Exist on a parallel planes
Horizontal and vertical
Making a leap to the next life

What's the point
To the point

Found the point




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