Thank You Thursday: Beliefs Manifested in The World

Today appreciate the Beliefs manifested in the world. 

Our personal beliefs are products of our collective thoughts. The basic thoughts we think on a daily basis stem from a collective consciousness. The collective consciousness is like the database (Source) of information then transmitted to other computers, (us). The thoughts collected are from the experiences of many, then turn to beliefs from constant trials of performing the same actions, resulting in the same ending.

The action of thought has been proven time and time again, becoming a belief. However some of us confuse truth, facts, and beliefs. How can we determine which signal is coming through to us? The question is how can we know what we believe to be true, when what we believe changes?

What do we believe in? Some of us believe we will live forever, others believe we will die and our life is over. What we believe all comes from self experience, from the present or past lives. We then take the experience and make it true for self. Then we start to share the experience had with others.

The person listening to the experience may be skeptical until they have the same or similar experience. For the personal listening this is not their belief, its fiction. For the person who had the experience, this is their truth. Then eventually the experience will become another's belief, their truth. How do we get to the collective truth?  

We reach the truth by sharing knowledge and experiences from a place of belief/trust. All the experiences had in existence have been gathered and stored in the collective consciousness, Source. Since we are a part of Source, we all have access to the same information, all is needed to access this information is to the will to tap into it. The collective information/archives lies in us. This information has been shared with us to create a balance with Self and Source. How we achieve this balance, is to know what the truth is. The truth is indisputable evidence of an experience had. Know the personal truth for every soul is different. Everyone's personal truth will be different, until they each encounter the same experience.

Example: there are seven billion people walking on the planet, the majority of them work daily, 9-5 jobs and disliking Monday's. Has anyone ever pondered the thought as to why there is such a strong collective dislike for something? My personal experience; I was going to work one day and walking through a massive train station, I felt, sensed and heard thoughts of "I hate Mondays." This was one thought had by one person from an experience, then shared with others. The others began to believe this experience and encountering similar ones to make them dislike Mondays.

When there is a shared experience by the collective, such as disliking Monday's or outpouring emotion from 9/11, the thought of emotions of high vibration, i.e. love, sends shockwaves of energy throughout the universe, creating a new collective belief system, a new institutional thought per say. While having a human experience, we forget whatever our thoughts are feed it to make it grow.

Whatever the seed thought is and we keep giving it attention, even if it’s an undesired thought, it grows from the attention given, even if it’s unintentional. It grows from our energy, even if we think we are ignoring it. By no means am I saying not to be aware or pay attention to life or the experience of it, be aware, be responsible of the energy sent to the experience.

The energy we cast is happening at the same time of the experience, even though it may feel as the thoughts are faster. Our thoughts are energy manifested to creating beliefs in our lives. These thoughts can manifest as words, objects, and experiences. The most common of the manifestations are our words. The words created from our throat are the most powerful of all manifestations in the belief system. This is how we communicate with others, Self, and Source. They impact how we feel.

Example; Let's say someone you don't know walks up to you and calls you out of your name, will you be upset? Maybe not. But if someone close to you does the exact same thing, you will be upset, hurt, befuddled, etc. Keep the same thought process in mind I just mentioned, think about the times as a child someone made you feel bad with words, and if you heard them constantly, then it became your belief. Of course in the beginning you didn't think any of it to be true, but then a little thought or ego said, "It has to be true, because I keep hearing it over and over again." Yet if you hear the opposite, with a few sprinklings of words to make you feel bad, would you believe it? Maybe not. All thoughts, words, actions, beliefs are meant to make everyone, including Self feel good. If we don't feel good, then what are we to do?

We project our energy onto others unknowingly. Slowly those around us may integrate our beliefs into their lives, then becoming their beliefs. When we are in an unconscious state of projection, i.e. letting off steam/venting, are we aware of the energy feeding the experience? Have you ever noticed yourself in a debate or argument with someone, and it escalates so high it goes beyond the original disagreement? This happens because you are feeding off each other’s egoic energy. When we feed off the ego it only serves the ego. Same scenario, but one person is calm, the argument diffuses quickly because the ego has nothing to feed off of it.

Our belief is based on Us feeling good. If we don't feel good, why take action? We take action, because at the time of having an experience, we are filled with limited information, not enough facts; resulting us in taking a chance, living through another's experience. The information grasped is from your singular database of information to base your choice on, adding it to your belief system, ultimately adding it to the collective. If we look internally, instead of looking externally at other experiences, we can come into awareness of self to feel good about what we believe in, with abundant information.

 Once we come to a place where we release old thought patterns and beliefs no longer of service, we will begin to remember who we are. As we mature into human adulthood, we change our belief system to fit our desires and choices. Is it because we are remembering who we are spiritually our beliefs are changing? Or is it that we are justifying what we do and what we say because of what we believe? Are you happy with the belief, do you feel good? Example, a bit extreme, as one person's experience changes, they believe it's ok to commit a crime to have a better life. This belief/choice is justified by the desire of a better life, to have a better end experience.

We are to blame for both extreme experiences. We glorify the "well to do" and "downtrodden" experiences and allowing it to enter the belief system. The majority feels this is ok to display such contrasting experiences, but we have to remember, this too are choices made so Humanity can remember It's overarching purpose. To bring more balance into each individual and collective experience. Our beliefs are constantly changing to suite the experience of life. What we allow into the streaming consciousness, can affect the belief system of the collective. Through the collective thought, we can experience all life.

Today and everyday have appreciation in the value we have created in our beliefs.
Today and everyday have appreciation for knowing we can always change our beliefs always feeling good.
Today and everyday have appreciation for adding good feeling beliefs to our collective consciousness.   

The Shift

Moving from plane to the next
Discovering what place surrounds me
Discovering what place is in me
Bringing full awareness of what is

What is
What is not
Focus the eye on desire
All is shown in a vision of appreciation

Releasing what is drawn in
Knowing something better is coming
Beckoning to your call
It must come
It must exist

Understanding peace of the eye of a storm
A storm created by two opposing thoughts ideas and beliefs
Being torn down and nurtured simultaneously
Holding the comfortably known
Shuttering at visions of grandeur
This is a desire felt
No knowledge in how to fulfill it
What’s next
How to proceed
Lost all traction

Choosing the which and the way
Which fulfills me
Way is divine to lead me
Coming to stillness
Deliverance of what once was ideal
Living in uncertainty
Living in fear
What is coming forth
What is here now

Being here
Living here
Embracing now
Trusting in what I asked is my path
This is my way to being connected
This is my outlet
Being plugged in
Being aware
The Being of all creation
I see It
I feel It
I think It
I touch It
I am It
I have arrived


victor 19th September 2013 1:41 pm

Hi Hillis
Your article is right on.You have "got it".The mechanics of beliefs anyway.
Some of us are really trying to find the ceiling of Beliefs!If there is such a thing.Where at some point as you stretch the limits, beliefs morph to something else.But one is finding that the limit keeps jumping to another level or layer and beliefs become more refined.
As you keep looking at the process, the act of looking propels one to jump out of the mechanism and presto there is only awareness. No beliefs anymore.Only oneness.
But the Game is fascinating!
Good writing man.


bluefeatheryone 20th September 2013 9:34 pm

I enjoy reading your messages, Hillis, & learn so much from them. Thank you! :smitten:

Hillis 21st September 2013 7:41 am

Greetings bluefeatheryone, I am joyous of your learning/remembering through the words brought forth. You are very welcome!

Hillis 21st September 2013 1:15 pm

Greetings Victor,all I can say is AHH YES!
I appreciate you and the words here. Thank you.
Love Hillis

keryndawer 21st September 2013 5:23 pm

As ever and always Hills...beautiful prose and poetry :)

This brings up so many "concerns" I have about sharing my recent spiritual awakening with others because they have not experienced what I have...all the " breaking down" that brought me to this new place (of peace, love, joy, Oneness and Wholeness). How can they possibly understand?

I believe you are saying the answer lies in unconditional love--love of all people, differing beliefs-- and simply Being a beacon of light and joy and love in the universe is how we change global consciousness. Because, as you pointed out, experience creates belief. There is no "right/wrong" experience and, therefore, truly no right/wrong belief. And perhaps the only measure of a belief is how it makes you feel. So true!!!

Thank YOU for shining YOUR brilliant Light in the Universe!


Hillis 22nd September 2013 10:07 am

Greetings keryndawer,
Thank you for sharing your appreciation, by which I am moved. I'm joyous for your insight to this topic. I'm glad you are remembering who you are.

Love Hillis


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