Thank You Thursday: Desire Nothing

Be thankful this day to Desire Nothing.

To desire nothing is the same as releasing expectations. When we have a goal we usually make a plan to achieve the goal. We become so emotionally attached and invested with the steps to accomplish the goal, we tend to forget about the lessons when reaching the goal. The lessons of any goal steps are the most important. We need A to get to C, which is true, however what about the lessons B is teaching us. We have become a society driven by results, not lessons. Once we reach the desired goal, is the end result what we hoped for? Usually it is, yet in a different manner than expected. We all carry an idea or vision of what it is the end result of one goal. Yet we have many goals leading up to the grand purpose. As spiritual beings, we are forever learning and evolving. The question becomes how do cultivate our behavior to desire nothing, when all we desire is innately in us?

A quote come to mind:
"Work like you don't need the money, love like you never been hurt and dance like no one is watching."-Randell G. Leighton.
I smile anytime when I read or think of this quote, for two reasons, I mastered two of three statements and because it sets a new level of freedom for the soul to desire nothing and just be. When we move to a place of desiring nothing the door of possibilities open up. When we hold on to the steps reaching the outcome, then we become the obstacle in our own path. When we set goals to achieve, we create the steps in such a way for our human brain to conceive. Yet when steps show up to be completed, do we recognize them? We are so specific when we set intentions to reach the goal; we lose the freedom to experience the life moment of the goal. Our purpose is more than living a repetitive cycle of goals, events, or lessons, our purpose is to express the joyful freedom we are living presently.

We are all living in a cycle we created. Each cycle creates opportunities to be broken. Some of the cycles are part of a greater lesson in the life lived. One of the ways to break the cycle, once we become aware of it, is to release the attachment we have to it. The attachment to the cycles creates a level of comfort for the soul to heal from any form of hurt or live complacently.   Each cycle is unnoticed, because it is natural step for us to live in a smaller part of a bigger cycle. Once our own cycles are broken, we can break the larger ones. To break any cycle we have to examine the root cause of it. Most of us create a cycle for protection, while others create it for comfort. Both reasons have an attachment to it. Why do we desire to be protected, comforted, attach our energy to controlling all that is surrounding us?

Simply it is our human conditioning and partly our ego allowing us to think we can control all that is surrounding us. Yes it's ok to make plans and enjoy life as such, yet lets us be joyful when all that is planned doesn't plan out as expected. There is always a greater reason as to why the plan went a little differently. Each plan made is not all of our own doing. Remember, before we incarnated, we made selective choices to live a life to benefit our higher-self and evolve to the next level. After we incarnated, we have the choice of free will to make new choices to live our life, but are they the best ones? Once we remove human-self from the equation, step out of the way and allow the human-self and spiritual-self to merge, and then allow, God, the Source, the Universe to do the work, all flows effortlessly.  

The flow we experience is one of harmony and bliss. To desire nothing is to simply be who are already are. We can always check-in with self and ask "Who am I in this moment?" When we ask this question, we bring our self down to zero and create a moment of true honesty with self. With this moment we desire nothing. We become open to the flow of present existence. The present existence doesn't allow for self to get caught up in planning and controlling all that is to come and just guides us to just simply being. Yes there are some things in in life that requiring planning and investing in overarching outcome, but don't get caught up in creating the "perfect vision", yet simply enjoy the creation. When we create we desire nothing but to enjoy the process and witness the evolution. The freedom of desiring nothing is to know we have everything. We already have the answers within self.

Be thankful this day and everyday to release all expectations from goals and daily life.
Be thankful this day and everyday to get out of your own way to allow the freedom of nothing to flow in.
Be thankful this day and everyday to have a moment of truth with self to know one's desires of nothing.

Alter Ego

Altering your state of being

fulfilling inner most desires

revealing layers thought never could be conceived believe that




a reaction in time

this universe not parallel

but intertwined

feeling the surrounding vibes


A new emotion covering me like a cloak

dawning of a new faced

a momentary sure of strength and confidence

a new who

familiar unknown

frequent as a solar eclipse

don’t stare or you’ll be blind sided


In a trance

coming from deep within

hidden to me

just for the world to see

just sustaining me

taking me over


Merging all entities within

tearing away the flesh until we mesh

succumbing to the most high until one ego survives

all become one satisfy life’s goal son of a gun my alter ego


cheriphon 28th July 2011 9:07 am

Love it!

COBALT 30th July 2011 3:53 pm

Thank you.

Hillis 3rd August 2011 5:53 pm

I'm elated you love it, peace and blessings to you!

Hillis 3rd August 2011 5:54 pm

You are very welcome Cobalt!


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