Thank You Thursday: Divinity

Be thankful this day for Divinity.

What is Divinity? When we think of divinity, we think of God, or God-like abilities. Do we even know what God-like abilities are? We have only seen a sampling of them through the works of the Ascended Masters. We also read about them in the religious text. Divinity is the energy wielded in self to manifest such miracles we read about. However, Divinity is much more than the energy we wield, it is our life source, our mortality, to make us immortal. To comprehend what Divinity is, we first have to understand self. We have to understand we are more than a material being. We are energy beings first, living in a material body, living to learn more about our Soul to live up to being Divine. The question now becomes, how do we embrace our Divinity?
To be divine is to be God-like. During the course of each incarnated life, we forget about our Divine Right. Our Divine Right is to know we are already Divine. How is this possible? This is so, because our first life, our light was from God. The Source of all things, recreated Itself in many forms to experience all facets of life. As we incarnate and go through life, this is the first thing we forget and the last thing we remember. We choose to forget such an important detail about our life, until we felt, our soul felt worthy enough to embrace our Divine Identity. The reason why we experience the feeling of being humble is to feel, to know the light of Divinity living in us. Can you imagine all us souls walking around, thinking we are God and being very cocky about it? Imagine what kind of world this would be. Yet we all are God, recreated. To get to a place of Divinity, we have to experience humbleness and feel the sensation of being worthy.  If we were not already worthy, we would have chosen to be here now, living this life. To feel worthy is to give and receive unconditional love, to be of self.
The energy of love is wrapped up in our Divinity. When we are in a place of unconditional love, we are expressing our Divinity. The energy emanating from our soul is divine. We express ourselves through the mortality chosen. Thinking as humans first, we get caught up in our own mortality. Yes there are situations where we confront our mortality, but it is how we react to the situation allowing us to retreat or move forward. We have to look inside self to fully understand the energy of love and how it serves humanity. In today's world, we have to walk around protecting our body and heart from harm. The question is why do we need protecting? It was us, man who created the way we live, our human brain got in the way of creating this world we live in as Divine. When the energy of love is present, protection is not necessary. When confronted by mortality, we bring fourth the energy of love. Love is a force all can understand and see. Though at times, expressing love is difficult for some of us. Yet all we have to do is listen to the person's story and accept them as they are, this is one of the true unyielding forces of love!
Divinity is a feeling only known to self. The expression of Divinity is different for all souls, yet universal when recognized. When Divinity is accessed by the soul, new levels of awareness is expressed, it is as you know the world and the inhabitants, you can feel the energy of the planet, it is a quiet confidence and connection felt to all simultaneously. Divinity is accessed through your heart; it is the mechanism in which we are all connected. When we work from our heart space, any and all things are possible. The events occurring in our life happen are in divine order; what this means are they happen when our soul is ready for them. Times we express a strong desire for something to occur in our life, but it won't happen until we feel we are ready. We may express it verbally and with thoughts, but until our soul is ready, all the manifestations desired will stay put. When in sync with the Divine energy of our life and living from the heart space, the collective consciousness is raised and connected. The collective consciousness is like a link in a chain, once one person is connected to another, they all feel the same sensation until the entire collective is feeling the same thing. Times of great loss or sorrow, we all feel the like energy, the same goes for great joy. When experiencing heightened emotions, we all can sense a shift in the energy, however when the emotions are lessened, we have to be more aware of what is happening to or around us.
Divinity like all else is energy sent to connect us and keep us connected. Every aspect, action, inaction, occurrence, friend, family member, and emotion is Divine in its own right and is valid and different for each soul living. There is no one true way to experience life in all its Divinity. This why God recreated Itself to live and love Itself in many ways. "How many ways can I love Me?"  At one point or another, we seem to forget or have forgotten that expression of self. Divinity at times escapes us and is unfathomable, but we all know it when in the presence of it.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the Divinity living in each and every Soul.
Be thankful this day and everyday to recognize the Divine energy in all creations.
Be thankful this day and everyday for Divinity to connect us all and experience life on many levels.

Feeling the vibrations
Tuning into the frequencies
Sensing the energy all connected too
Plugged into the universe

Sonic waves bounce back with wisdom pertaining to self
Sending new information about self

Traveled great distances on light with love
Instantly there gone and back
Being where I am supposed to be
Aware of self
Aware of others
A ripple of energy causes a disturbance in the force that is me
All connected
No words spoken
No words needed
A place where all is felt
A place where all is known
Feed it back to me
Taken and Distilled
Now clear
Distinct signature imprinted on the universe
Individual yet the same
Living on the horizon
Melded as one universal entity


LauriLumby 5th January 2012 8:47 am

Hillis, This is beautiful! Thank you. As a professional Spiritual Director I have always said that as we come to know "God" we come to know ourselves and as we come to know ourselves, we come to know "God." Thank you for providing such a beautiful description of this journey.

In love and light,

Lauri Lumby
Authentic Freedom Ministries

Hillis 5th January 2012 10:44 am

Greetings Lauri,
You are welcome and I am Grateful you enjoyed this entry! It is the wisdom we all know we already are!

Traveler 5th January 2012 4:56 pm

Hillis, Love is our most powerful energy. Thank you so much for the divine inspiration. Peace and love my friend!

bluecanyon 6th January 2012 2:26 am

How to apply divinity practically in our lives. We are here in our human bodies to learn this. I like what you said about divinity is experienced through the heart. Thanks for reminding me that divinity can only begin with an open heart.


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