Thank You Thursday: Hope and Trust

Be thankful this day for the difference between Hope and Trust. 

When we think of the words hope and trust, we think the words have the same meaning. Hope give us an emotional since a situation will improve and keep offering the like emotion until the undesired situation has dissolved. Yet, the situation can't dissolve because we keep feeding the situation with a weakened energy of hope.

The situation will become more noticed and take center stage and even spill over to other life situations. However trust is the opposite. Trust empowers us emotionally to know whatever situation has befallen, it will be dissolved, transmuted, and taken care of. Once we give in to the power of trust, we allow life to happen, to unfold like rose. The question now becomes, how do we transition from hope to trust? 

To transition from hope to trust takes awareness of the energy given off. As mention in the previous paragraph, hope carries a weakened energy. 

Example statements: I hope to go on a cruise. I hope to win the grand prize. 

Those statements don't sound too empowering. The reason why we have dis-empowered ourselves is through conditioning. We have been conditioned to have hope in every action, thought, and word. "We always hope for the best." How do you feel when hopeful? Hopeful? OK? Blah? Bland? Hope lessens the expectation of our truest desire. If we really want to win, and we all do, the feeling of hope makes it ok if we don't win, because we lessened our expectation. But now I know the thought is I really want to win, I desire to win, but sometimes we say “I hope to win”. We say the word "hope" out loud to make others feel good. Only we know how it feels to evoke a good feeling. Only we know what it takes to evoke a good feeling and we all want to feel good. The good feeling enhances our earthly experience. And the good feeling we are talking about is LOVE.

 All our truest desires are born from love. Love is an emotional indicator of what is going on in and around us. The love felt from our desire allows us to be more open to trusting our-self. With the emotional energy of love added to thoughts, actions and words, we create more trusting internal environment. We then flow to a more natural state of being. This new awareness creates more loving statements.

 Example statements: I am going on a cruise. I am going to win.

 These statements are more empowering. Do you feel you can trust yourself? Can you allow the process of trust to grant your truest desires? Do you feel you love yourself enough to trust in the process? Do you feel love flowing?

Hope is a nagging feeling. "I hope this will happen, I hope things will work in my favor." Hope and worry are the same, different words, yet they give off the same energy. Trust is a feeling of engagement. You are more engaged with life and creative process to allow what you want to manifest." I know this is for me, I know this will happen in a way to benefit me, I know this will happen to create a new experience."  To trust is to let go and surrender to the experience you are creating with love. 

Trusting yourself allows your story to be told while being an example for others. Our life here is to figure out a way to be awakened from the illusion we have created. The illusion created lessens who we are while making others feel good. We want to feel great and others feel great with us. Remember we are one and there is no longer a need to lie to yourself through the hope of illusion, creating disappointment. Our soul is a joyous one. We all share in the grand happiness, love.

Be thankful this day and everyday to recognize the emotion of hope knowing it's not ok to be just ok.

Be thankful this day and everyday to feel the power of trusting self to creating the best loving experience now. 

Be thankful this day and everyday knowing all thoughts, words, and action are born from love, we are worthy to live a filled with it, love.

The Fashioner

Surveying the valley from peaceful peeks
Feeling a rise in vibration in the center eye
Co-creating a world in one vision
A barrier of protection during the birthing process
Allowing energies to gather
Moving in unison
Enjoying the momentum felt
The energy of all creation

Having a tool to fashion imagination
Wielding creative insight bringing fourth one soul
Striking the hammer to chisel out incarnation of unity
Sparking I am present to life 

Knowing all is purposeRemolding singular purpose
Each entity
Each object has their purpose
Feeling alive with each creation
Feeling alive by sharing each creation
Fashion each creation from one source
Thought is energy
Thought is life
Thought is silence
Thought is love in motion
Thought is God's voice speaking
Thought is Us
Thought is One


Tiff 3rd August 2013 4:43 pm

Wow. This is wonderful confirmation and extremely empowering.

Infinite thanks, Hillis


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