Thank You Thursday: Knowing God

Today have appreciation for Knowing God.

What does Knowing God mean? It means having an intimate relationship with the Creator, whatever your belief or non.  This has been a subject that has been a part of my spiritual journey, knowing God. There are a few answers to the question, who is God. God is what you believe it to be. Personally, God is an Entity living and creating with us, but I feel God is much more than what our limiting human brain can conceive. The past few weeks this has been a topic coming up for me in my readings and just observing conversations around me. To know God is to feel God, to know God is to know Self. How do we know God?

Knowing who we are is essential to knowing God. Yet how can we know self, if we create separation in our life? Have we taken a closer look at our life to see the varying segments? Our home life, work life, and personal life, how some of them tend to crossover, but how do we feel when they do? The barriers we have created is for protection. What are we protecting or hiding? We don't want to allow aspects of our life to be revealed to others because we don't trust them, or because of society rules dictates. We know ultimately our lives will blend. When we allow the physical separation of our lives to end than the journey to know self better is underway. 

To know yourself, you have to listen to your Soul. Our Soul guides us on our infinite journey. This journey happens in multiple lifetimes. In each lifetime, we gain more insight on our journey to knowing Self better. Do we blindly believe in what we are told or do we travel within to gain the knowledge we seek? This journey is all about trusting the Source, your Soul. Your Soul will guide you to the information you seek. But are we listening to what our Soul is saying, are we trusting our Soul in where It is taking us? Knowing and trusting self is the first step in developing a relationship with Self, friends, family, strangers, and God. But how can we really know Self and trust Self? We can't, unless we work with creating a relationship with Self. 

The key to the relationship we have with self or anyone, or anything is knowing them or it intimately. This intimate knowing happens over time and is slowly progressed to a new understanding of what we once knew. All we gather is added to what we know and then evolved to a new knowing. Each experience we chose to partake in expands our level of consciousness. These new experiences come into our awareness. Just like a newborn, then come into an environment, a world where their knowledge of the physical world is limited, it is up to the parents to guide the child on protocols and behaviors appropriate for their time. As time progresses, the child builds up trust in the parent. Yet on this journey, the child questions the parent on the information passed on, because in some instances the information is obsolete. When we encounter obsolete information, we learn to trust the source of information until proven otherwise. The parent in this case is still trusted and is learning now with the child to expand their awareness with evolving information. 

The information we gather is always evolving. However, if do not seek new information, we will remain stagnant in our belief and in our journey. How would we individually be able to add new information to our awareness? We can't. It is just that simply without new information coming in, our consciousness will not expand to the depths we truly desire. Now how do we allow new information to come in, or to surface? Know this Dear One, all we desire to know is in us already. This information can be accessed through dreams, meditations, prayer or any other form of silence. Ask and it is given. Sometimes is like going into a deep dark closet looking for an old favorite pair of shoes, jacket, etc. We search in the dark, throwing items all around, possibly burying the object of desire more, all in a panic. It is not until we calm down, turn on a light, and create a system, can we allow what we are looking for to come to us. We are awakened to remembering who we are, and how we got here. It's a process, a journey of our choosing. 

Our journey is our own, yet it is intertwined with those around us, friends, family, and even strangers. This journey may feel individual, but it's collective. Yes we are all on an individual path to know self, to know God, but we are sharing our knowledge with each other. The sharing of knowledge allows for one to interpret and extract parts of which they feel is in alignment with where they are in their life presently. And this is key, feeling what you are in alignment with. There are many paths and experiences to arrive at One Place, Once Source, God.

This phrase "God will never leave you." sparked this conversation in my soul. In my journey, and my belief, I come to understand God chose to experience life through us, through nature, and through all existence. The only way we can learn of Self is through Self-observation. Like an actor watching a filmed performance of them self. What better way to learn of self is of creating an environment where we can interact with self and continue to evolve to a place where we know the Truth. We are natural observers of self. Returning to the statement "God will never leave you.”, hearing this statement my whole life and now on my spiritual journey I understand the limitless capacity of this Soul. We are ever expanding unto Self. Knowing this has brought me closer to my personal understanding, We Are God, not a mini God, not God like, not a Demi-God, But God Itself.

This is my belief and personal understanding I wish to share. How come we are unable to create like God Itself? We manifest, create using what is already in existence, seen or unseen. We use the light energy to bring fourth our creations. However to manifest them to physical form takes longer, especially if we are not feeding our manifestations loving energy, or no longer in alignment with it. Yes God, we created all we see, feel, touch, smell, and taste. We are the Creators of our life, daily, but we don't recognize it or honor that we create. Every action, every thought, every word is energy manifested, just as I am typing this. Just like a child, we birth many creations. Become aware of your Creations and honor them like your Children, your Life, because you created It.

Now how do we wrap our linear brain around this concept, We are God? What I have come to believe is the reason why God hears our prayers, thoughts, pleas, etc., is because we share them with a confidant. Even when they are not shared with someone, they are still shared in the energy, the vibration sent out to the Universe. Then others who are in-tuned pick up on this thought wave and is sprung into action, because we are all hardwired to help. When we help another we are helping self. We are infinitely connected through light. We all operate on one frequency, love. It just varies on what level we are at to receive the messages being sent. Each message sent is on its own frequency as is the person sending it, only those on the same frequency can receive it.

God is an entity who is always present, and energy streaming throughout all life. For us, humans to relate to God, to understand It, we placed God higher than us and humanized It by giving it a gender, a face, a body, and even a story. These are all human qualities. Yes this had to happen in order for us to understand Self, or anything we feel is greater or less than self. We have to make life, situations, and things relatable to Self or we won't get it. God is not what our brain has created from stories. God is our Source, our friend, our family, our spouse, our children, our pets, our plants, our food, animals, insects and so much more. God is what we create, and since God created us, We are God.

Today have appreciation to know God as you know Self.
Today have appreciation for the relationship you have with Self
Today have appreciation for the creations created with love and intention.
Today have appreciation for a new awareness of honoring what you have Created
Today have appreciation to know who You really are and knowing You more than you perceive Self to be.

Silver Cord

A connection to all existence

A connection to all the people

A connection to all the guides

A connection to Source


Feeling our way through on a bountiful journey

A journey filled with chosen experiences

A journey filled with chosen connections

A journey chosen to know Self


A process of remembering self through Self interaction

I am enough

I matter

I see pieces of me in the creations created

I know I exist


Allowing contrast

Allowing beliefs

Allowing life to take me through experiences I design it to be

Living in a place a state of allowing 

Trusting and listening to the Source of Self


On a journey to go back from once came

Each step

Each action

Each word

Each thought

Each lifetime gets me closer to the origin


I am remembering Self through self

I am attached 

I am guided

I am as I should be

I am as I created to be


A presence known and felt

My experiences one shared

My being extends to fathomable reaches

I am conceived through energy as is the whole

The whole is Me and I am the Whole


jcunningham 1st August 2014 9:56 am

Hillis, I love your thoughtful, heartfelt poetry. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. I can feel in it your journey to know God and it is beautiful.

Hillis 1st August 2014 10:49 am

nikosVg, you are very welcome. Love to you.

Hillis 1st August 2014 10:51 am

Hi jc,
Thank you so much and you are so very welcome. Love to you.


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