Thank You Thursday: Living in Your Truth

Be thankful this day for Living in Your Truth
Living in your truth is an innate feeling of knowing and feeling we are living our best life possible in the life moment. Most of think we are living our best list life, always trying to figure out a better way. As a society, we think more than we feel. Not too far in the distant past, I turned off my emotion receptors. I moved to a place of thinking, blocking myself from feeling or being empathic for my fellow man. This caused me to be distant and put up walls in my personal life. I was in a protective bubble. I was not fully aware I cut off my life circulation. I moved to a place of thinking and not feeling. I would think my way in and out of life without caution. I became pretty good at thinking, analyzing, and processing information from a higher place. As a society, we place all higher preforming thoughts and functions on technology or other inadequate higher sources. How often do we trust self in living in our personal truth, without manipulating the outcome and just accepting it as it happens? The question now becomes, how do we feel our way to living our truth, collectively or individually?
To live truth individually is a matter of seeing the extremes of do or do not. Either we will take action or we will not take action. We all live in a form of protective bubble and this bubble is called thinking. There is nothing what so ever wrong with thinking or planning steps, procedures to follow the life purpose, however when we over think a situation, instead of following our instinct this is when complications arise. Our thinking is putting the brakes on an idea. Our thinking is the inaction taken. Yes we all like to be cautious, but why do we think or over think a situation? Is it to be sure we are doing the right thing, to make sure our choice will not bring harm unto others, or how can I benefit from this? When we over think and ask self multiple questions, the source can be from a past incident, insecurity, doubt, or another way our intuition is working. Usually when we over think it's a source of lack of trusting self or the source of the idea. Similar situations or people (past or present) behaviors reflect in our own thoughts leading to take actions or the action of inaction. We usually judge or hold others accountable for previous past experiences in our life. I will readily admit I used too, and times still judge others based on previous interactions. I forget, yet learning people change, especially when behaviors exhibit such changes, allowing me to see them as they are and not who they were. When we stop over thinking, the action taken is usually from an intuitive source.
As a collective, we have the ability to be united in one action, one feeling. Usually there is a crusader, a leader standing up for a cause, then others with the same principals follow this self-appointed leader. As this leader of collective group, there are responsibilities coming with this role not asked for but expected. The leader is brain and followers are the cells keeping the brain active. Both entities need one another to progress and live in the collective truth. What exactly is the collective truth? The collective truth is the ebb and flow, the exchange of thoughts of the two entities. With any group, there will be a leader, or as I to call the organizer. Remember, no one is superior, we are all equal. The only difference with the organizer and the rest of the collective is the organizer is living with more faith and courage to fill their life purpose. In essence we are all leaders. Leadership is an internal place of knowing what we desire to be delivered and being open to receiving the tools and resources to do so. We each have an idea and a purpose, and the leaders of our own life, by being and not doing.
We have all heard about the "doers", but what about those that are just "being". There is a fine balance between the two, being and doing. In order to do we have to be first. To be requires stillness and listening to self, then we can move to a place of action, doing. To live in our truth, we first have to be. The stillness of being allows us to see the necessary steps of doing. Have we fully played out the scenario by thought process or seen the scenario played out in our mind's eye? In either case, we can see the desired outcome. However, when in stillness, we can feel the vision; we gain a greater sense of emotion and clarity tied to the outcome, because we are simply being. When doing, it feels more like a plan of execution, rather than just being in the flow and allowing all outcomes to unfold naturally. Just being requires much patience and subtlety. Our choice of taking inaction while being is a courageous act, especially in times of peril or heightened emotional states. With just being we listen to self and begin to trust self more allowing all circumstances and situations to be resolved in the time meant. Remember all things happen in there time, not ours. We learn what more about living our truth through observation of self and others. And allowing self to simply be, allows for lessons to learned, desired outcomes to unfold, finding courage in self, and to mature in the person desired.
In living our personal truth, we have to be honest with self at all times, no matter how much hurt or joy it brings. When on the path to living our truth, we also must analyze our past and take partial responsible for what was allowed to happen to eventually see the lessons. We have to allow self to experience the extremes to find balance in the life we desire, our truth. By living in this manner, we become a walking testimony and mirror for everyone else. Know this is your truth, no one else's. We search our soul for the enriched desires to make impacts and improvements, yet we have to see what heart truly wants. In order to set an example you have to be the example. Yes others can be an inspiration or a catalyst, but ultimately it's what your soul wants. Allow the energy of truth to set your soul free to live in a loving place of self-acceptance to be the desired truth.
Be thankful this day and everyday for love given to experience life as it truly is.
Be thankful this day and everyday to release the manipulated outcomes to allow the truth to flow.
Be thankful this day and everyday for knowing and recognizing your personal truth.
All I...

Stirring up undesired emotions
trying not to feel pain
trying not to feel love
trying not to be angry
living in this space for now
Seeing me in you
seeing prayers answered
acceptance is mutual
this is me fully loaded where to take aim
Once afraid then fearless
leaving confused and undecided
reaching for outlets to commit to the charge for change
Is this what I want
a choice made not of my doing or is it
Being as it is or should be
being open
being ready
intuition flows
rage bleeds
deceive me lead me to where only the emotional heart dares
The lessons
the pain
the release
the love
the flow
calming the animal
healing the hurt
Steady is the pace
All is maneuvered
coming back to a familiar place
at rest at ease

All I am is me
all I will be is me
all I desire is me
this is all I have is my soul and all is my soul


queens4freedom 1st September 2011 8:20 am

this is sound guidance for those searching this level. thank you for sharing. PEACE, LOVE, AND JOY!!!

LordJesusChrist 2nd September 2011 4:14 am

Thanks for the message!

To live in truth is to live with God.

Alleluia! Amen! ******* My Good Wisdom :thumbs: :angel: :smitten:

Hillis 3rd September 2011 7:13 am

Greetings Queen, you are welcome and I'm glad you found the desired guidance. Be well, Hillis

Hillis 3rd September 2011 7:15 am

Greetings Master Melvin, You are welcome!
Love and blessings, Hillis


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