Thank You Thursday: Lows of Life

Be thankful this day for the Lows of Life.

The lows of life are not the illusion we create, where all seems lost or hopeless. The lows of life are essentially a reset. We come to a point in our life to where we choose to stay in the reset cycle until we learn what is desired, or we transform our life to welcome new energies. The lows of life bring varying distractions, disappointments, and even depression. However, what gets us through the will of self and hope for something better. We all know there is something better waiting for us, hence the reason why it's called a reset. With the knowledge of something better is coming, we have to come to expect it and not to try so hard to bring in the something new; in other words be in the flow. We have to let the something new come upon its own, yet still have to recognize it when does appear. All that is needed is to hold a loving vision of the newness, feed it love and allow God to do the rest. The most difficult task of allowing life to happen while in the lows is just that allowing life to happen. As stated previously, we get so busy in the how too, we lose the why, which is one of the causes of being in the lows of life. We get so desperate and determined to make newness happen and welcome it; we no longer see it when it arrives. How do we turn our attention to just being rather than doing?

As humans we are creatures of habit. We are used to doing and being in a routine and constantly moving. We are always doing something and that always doing wears us out; whether we are working out, working to fulfill another's dream, always on the go, acting out of desperation, anything to fill an empty space. Times we need that empty space or room in our lives just to be as it is empty. The purpose of this empty space is to hear the echoes, to feel the stillness and just be. This empty space allows us to just be. When we are just as we are long enough, don't people start coming to seek you out? Being present does exactly that. By just being, you are sought after by higher energies. We are now in place where the emptiness is being filled with the true-self. The true self is reveled, and it's a welcoming feeling. When we are just being, we gain a sense of clarity. We see the reflections of self and how to make course corrections from all the doing. From this place of clarity forgiveness sets in; we then being to heal from all the doing and transform our life.

With the transition from doing to being creates a transformation of self to be more alert and present in life. It increases our awareness levels of self and surroundings. With any transformation come the releasing of old thoughts, behaviors and energies. We start to see self as we truly are. In the beginning we may be a bit uncomfortable with what we see or feel due the newness of the life transformation. With anything new, it takes time getting use too. As we being to see self as we are, others take notice and we begin to affect their life. Our spirit becomes an inspiration for others. As an inspiration, we have new responsibilities to uphold. The responsibility to be honest to self and others is key when we are an inspiration and experience any transformation. We begin to tell our story. When in the depths of life, we feel, see and know all can be better, just as the opposite, when we transform our life we can teach others because we recognize the patterns. Each transformation is different for every soul, yet the lessons and patterns are similar. We grow and experience life as one.

Once we have grown up out of the lows, all we see is the light in and around us. There are endless possibilities to bring forth newness. The newness we experience come from within allowing us to be open to what we truly desire in our life. The lows of life can be any extreme from being homeless, repetitive lessons, or simply being depressed. Yet it is the will of the soul to say it's enough, for us to break through the barriers long standing in the way of life a fruit-filled life of just being. Remember we are as we are and don't have to try so hard to live a life already planned for us and by us.

Be thankful this day and everyday to shatter the illusion created in the lows of life.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the transformation to be as you are.

Be thankful this day and everyday by being an inspiration and a teacher to others. 

Forever Me

Forever me a gift from He shared with thee given from thy heart tenderly truly freely completely leaving imprints inspiring others become lovers of new found sensations from seed plated across all plantations nurtured and cherished

Woven from life’s thread intertwined from intricate patterns of society soon to be tattered and torn from atrocities and bureaucracies tailor made contoured to the bends and curves accentuate the good in man’s life

A legacy started with a dream planted from He supported by all surrounding loyalties soon to spread like a virus unity us by an unstoppable force of love from untamed hearts and open minds

Contained in a vessel sustained by what I know now is love for the first time how this divine beauty escaped me for so long lonely days now gone

Dismissed all negativity welcomed a positive entity now the other of me search for two and in half years a dream you kept alive from the silent prayers of my heart

A wish that wasn’t dissed maintaining patience once anxious rearranging the life I was accustomed to a whole new world to explore I adore you

Forever me sharing intimate thoughts thought from my heart

Forever me listing and learning what surrounds me

Forever me stimulate and penetrate minds with kinds words of wisdom

Forever me aid and bathe souls with words of love and forgiveness

Forever me elevating shedding the skin I once was in

Forever me an entity will always be


SpiritHeart 30th June 2011 5:13 am

Dear Hlls,

Thank you kindly for this brilliant writing. Very much appreciate your encouragement and support through the wisdom of your words.


queens4freedom 30th June 2011 8:31 am

wow! thank YOU so much. you are so right on for me, exactly on time!!! love and heavenly blessings, angelique

Hillis 4th July 2011 9:31 am

Greetings SpiritHeart, You are very welcome. I'm happy I can inspire others with the work I am doing.

Hillis 4th July 2011 9:33 am

Greetings Angelique,
You are very welcome, I'm happy I could help you see what you desired and asked for.


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