Thank You Thursday: Manifestations

Be thankful this day for Manifestations.

Manifestations are essentially the miracles we call forth to aid us or improve our well-being. Manifestations can't be created; you can only call forth what is already in existence, even if our brain is unable to comprehend its existence, which is why we categorize it as a creation. Manifestations/miracles occur daily, whether we are aware of them or not. It is the level of impact on our life when we take notice of the manifestation, whether if it was a dream coming into the world or a prayer being answered. We have the innate ability to bring fourth our heart's desire, effortlessly. When we act in desperation that is when the flow of miracles get choked off. How do we bring forth what is desired with loving intentions?

We, both humans and spiritual beings are manifestations of the Creator. He created us to experience all life. The question is if we created to experience all life, how can we create or bring forth what is already in existence? The Universe only knows our heart, not the intention. If we act from a place of love, which is our heart, then we can manifest our heart's desire easily. In order to manifest our heart, we first must know our heart. We must look deep within and face the truth, even if we don't like what we find. It’s all about the discovery of self and knowing what we like and dislike growing in appreciation of both sides of the spectrum. This level of introspection creates balance of self. All created life has a natural opposite manifested, this is to show appreciation for the natural flow of existence. It is our human view of the natural opposites to be considered threating. We all have swaying opinions about how we should live, act and simply be. The only thing of authentic matter is knowing self and having love and respect for others. Once we get out of the way to experience life at our desired fullest, we can continue to evolve and manifest our desires.

We often mistake our heart desires with material items of desire. It is okay to want a material objects, but the joy it brings is temporary, unless there is a strong emotional/energetic connection with them, having sentimental value. Manifestations are also confused with material possessions. All material possessions, start with an idea, a thought, then grows into a purpose in justifying why we should have it. Then when we think about it and have faith we can have it, we unconsciously feed the vision of ownership of the possession love. Love is the source for all manifestations. Once we pour love into the idea thought of or the object beheld, it can produce in material form.

Once the manifestations have produced itself, we already know what to do with it. We have played the scenario in our head a thousand times over. We know what we desire, we know why we desire it, and now the Universe/Creator has presented it to us. Sometimes we don't recognize our own manifestations, because it is not exactly how we asked for it. When deciding to bring forth a desire, we have to be specific about it and feed it with love and leave in hands of the Universe/Creator to deliver. It's usually in the beginning when our manifestations go unnoticed, when they are first brought to us, this is because of the subtle deliverance. When we have time of solitude and "count our blessings" is when we usually take notice. Other times we notice our manifestations right away, due to the strong desire and emotional connection to them. Our manifestations are delivered divinely. It is the timing of our heart being open ready to receive them and the Universe/Creator working together listening to us. Remember we are all one and divinely connected.

Know there is enough to go around, to share with your universal family. We all benefit from one another's manifested abundance. All manifestations serve a greater purpose, leading the eternal joy living within each soul. Each manifestation shares love and you are the reason for the love brought forth to be shared in this life. Manifestations are energy changing form to material matter and to connect like souls on a journey of discovery.

Be thankful this day and everyday to know we are the Creator's Manifestations.
Be thankful this day and everyday to recognize our own manifestations/miracles to be loved and enjoyed.
Be thankful this day and everyday to know our pure heart's desire is manifested to serve the good of all.


Speaking in the manner of Isness
having observations of truth
loosely translating sight and sound
articulating what has appeared

Searching the depths of the soul
for the meaning of
what is standing before eyes

attaching all other definitions to items of is
to comprehend the matter
the function
the reason for it all
can it truly be

Standing by no other name
called fourth through intention
we give life to the creations of existence
all simply is


happyme 14th April 2011 8:48 am

Thank you Hillis!
This is truly a manifestation for me :)
I always read about manifestations and always wondered the exact meaning of "manifestation" itself. Yesterday I decided to google it but because of lack of time I didn't and I woke up today to your wonderful article :)

Thank you once again!

Hillis 20th April 2011 9:02 am

Greetings happyme,
I'm pleased and humbled this channeled writing was your manifestation. I'm grateful you found more meaning in manifestations.
Be well,

spiritdiver 23rd July 2015 12:21 pm

Beautiful Poem.

MareGrane 30th July 2015 10:02 am

Thank you so much for this simple yet profound explanation of miracles and manifestations in our life. How can I believe in miracles and think that I don't have the ability to manifest or create my life. This was exactly what I needed to see today. I am so grateful. I loved the poem as well. It's time to manifest miracles since I know what is in my heart and my heart's desire. Love and Peace to all in the universe.

Forever in the Light,


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