Thank You Thursday: New Opportunities

Be thankful this day for new opportunities.

We are blessed with new opportunities daily, the first being us waking up daily. Most opportunities often go unnoticed. The reason for this is because we are blinded by what we desire the outcome to be and not what is being presented to us. Most of us have a fixed image in our mind or third eye of what the final outcome or achievement will appear to us. Having the fixed image is wonderful to behold, times our passions or goals happen the way we envision them. The fixed image gives us the idea of what the desired outcome is to be. This image is turned into a message sent out to the universe creating the best scenarios to provide the best outcome in aliment with your soul's purpose. It is key for the image you hold in your mind to be in alignment with your soul's purpose. It is also important to feed this image with love. Those are the key ingredients to manifesting new opportunities to fulfill your soul's purpose. How do we know when the right opportunity comes along? We will know by the connection felt by it, often met with joy and clarity. Each opportunity coming to us is for its own purpose and is up to us to determine what is being presented.

Each presentation of opportunity is an option of many life path scenarios chosen for us. We can choose any path we desire. With each path comes a different set of lessons leading up to the grand finale of fulfilling your life's purpose. At times, we may have multiple new opportunities being presented to us at once, all of which are in alignment for our immediate or long term purpose. How do we choose which to take? You can let your heart lead or proceed via trial and error. The choice is often made by being in a state of flow. The state of flow is allowing your higher consciousness to guide thoughts and actions. By understanding the choice made, we can understand our life's purpose. For example, some singers or entertainers we very rebellious in their youth because all they wanted to do was sing. They were so consumed with their natural talent and allowed nothing to interfere with any opportunity in fulfilling their purpose. Through the span of any life we may and times will have multiple purposes. Meaning in one life span we may have one, three, five or ten purposes. When we have the clarity to follow the new opportunity being presented to us and the consciousness speaking to us, all we have is seconds to make the right choice to fulfill the purpose. Once the choice is made, we have to remain open to see all opportunities to follow.

Be thankful this day and everyday for new opportunities being presented to us daily.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the gift of manifesting new opportunities in alignment with our purpose.
Be thankful this day and everyday for being open to recognizing the new opportunities meant for us.  

My Love

Evolution the constitution of my words

an institution that resides in my heart

my soul

all know

step into my comfort zone

a winding road

Inspired from experience

inspired from His words

the truth whether wrath or love

two meanings underlined or blunt

who through the first punch

Taken over by an entity a part of me

lashing out at those who scared me

embrace those who love me

Sharing emotions

sharing senses for all time tenses

given mentally pictures painted

reality times brutal other times subdued my life once stress and strife

Where my dream began with His vision

did I mention trust faith having the strength to pull through

I’m nothing without You

no less because I believe in You

I thank you for allowing me to share my love



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