Thank You Thursday: Our Only Job, Love

When the word job comes to mind, we think of the physical and mental labor encountered daily. Whether if it's a laborious task or something we are mindless or half hardheartedly doing, we consider it a "job". What do we consider a job? Growing up, I was taught and shown through family, neighbors, friends, and society that a job was something grown-ups did to earn money to provide security for the family. This over time became a personal belief. We had to work hard at a job to provide for self and others.

I suppose this is why one of the first jobs I had was taking care of my neighbor's dog, then later worked for a grocery store as a teenager, and even later interned in a corporate office. Personally I learned valuable work ethics and values. At one point or another, we learned about our self, what we liked, what we will tolerate, and what motivates us. This is who we are on the physical human level. What is our job? Love is our job. As Souls having a human experience, we are to allow love into the experience we chose. How can we accomplish such a glorious feat, to bring love into our full awareness and sharing it with others?

Our personal beliefs will vary in how we achieve love and bring it to the awareness of self. As the old saying goes "If you can't love yourself, how are you going to love anyone else?" As humans we quantify what we call the emotion of love. In fact love is an energy. We quantify this energy with varying levels of emotion and energy, even though it's all the same. Love is Love. We feel we have to love out of obligation. This love out of obligation can stem from someone doing a kind deed, so you feel you must repay them with kindness, a form of love.

Some feel to love out of obligation not to hurt anyone else, loving out of fear. Others can feel obligated to love their family, because simply they are family, and they raised you in the human experience. We can also have a temporary sensation of having an obligated love fixated on an object or person giving what we think is love. In all of these examples, love is a job. We fulfill it because it is a task. All of these thoughts run into our belief system, creating an illusion of love. Are we truly aware of the love we are both receiving and giving? Are we loving our self?

Love is an ebb and flow. There are times when we give more than we receive and vice versa. Like any ebb and flow, there will always be moments when love is absent. In these moments, this is when we have to look inward to see and feel the loving energy in-self. As souls, we are hard wired to love. In human society, we were shown we have to give love to receive love, and it's better to love through sacrifice.

Through those examples, how can we store up enough love if we are always giving it away? Is this part of ebb and flow? If we give so much of self, how can we love our self, like we desire too? Some may call it being selfish, but when you love yourself well, you have learned to love others. Loving ourselves is making a commitment to doing our best with what we know presently about self. We are always changing and with these changes come a new awareness to love.

To love means to have a connection. Each Soul connection is different and plays a role to remember self. About a month ago I had a blissful spiritual experience. This was the joy of feeling connected to all there IS, the Oneness of the Universe. This experience reminded me, no matter how the physical world looks or feels, there is always a connection to the Source. The Source of all is Love. This is the most Divine moment, feeling and knowing the connection we all know is there, and yearning to feel it as a waking soul in physical form.

Our interaction goes much deeper than we realize. As souls we can connect with anyone, and any living species (i.e. plants, animals, etc.) What makes the difference in how we connect to them, and intention set forth. In order to have a connection with anyone, there must be an intention set first, or there will be no point in the connection. This connection can be performed in a physical or non-physical way. When I say physical, I mean more than two physical souls sitting in a room talking, holding hands, I am also talking about all forms of communication. This open communication can vary depending on who you are in physical form with.

A communication or connection can be with your soul mate/twin flame. This is a deeper connection, where the physical becomes non-physical. The communication is intimate, no words are spoken and all becomes known to the other. Yet, why is this level of connection/communication reserved for your soul mate/twin flame?

If we truly desire to know and have a high level of communication with each other, releasing the past is key and living in the Now is all that matters. What can living in the Now, the pre-sent moment do for self? This can increase our awareness of each other. Think of it this way, we communicate daily through emails and text messages, instantly.

Our collective brains are clever enough to create technology so we can avoid one another and interact less, and trick self into more interaction and desiring to feel more self important. But do we really feel more important through the technology to communicate to others? I appreciate I can talk to and make new connections, whereas it wasn't possible before.

Since our collective brain power came up with this idea of technology, how about sending a mental text message? Meaning once a week we focus on someone we love, set the loving intention and then send a simple message, like "I love you." Then a couple of days later, send a physical text message saying something like, "did you get my mental text saying I love you." This can be done at mediation or whenever you feel good.

Feeling good is key in fulfilling our Job, Love. When we feel good, we know love is present. When we are smiling, love is present. When there is a hug love is present. When there is sun, love is present. When there is rain, love is present. When there is light love is present. When there is darkness, love is present. When there is life, love is present. When there is death, love is present. No matter where we are or what we are doing, love is present in our experience, all around us. All we have to do is connect to it. Love is your Job, Love is the experience you have asked you.

The existence of love flows into our experience because it is the Source of our creation. Love created us and we create Love. In short, we cannot exist without Love. To bring Love into our full awareness, we have to feel the energy of all creation, Love, flowing through us. Yes there are varying experiences to allow this good feeling. The experience had is one of your choosing. All experiences do not have to be downtrodden, hitting rock bottom, or any of the like.

This is a collective societal belief implanted in our personal thoughts. In order to have Love, be Loved, or give Love, we must experience hardship, loneliness, heartbreak, and etcetera to truly have Love or what we think is Blissful Love. Yes, contrast prepares us to receive the love we desire, but how could we experience our path chosen if we were not already loved?  Since we were created form a Source of Love, then know no matter what you are loved.

We look so much on the outside for love and approval that we tend to forget about the person who matters most, Self. We are involved with Self before anyone else. Then with Source, because this is our Creation. We create our reality. If we choose to receive love from an external source, how is this external source sustaining you? If you are loving from within, then nothing else should matter. You will know the difference between the two sources. Where does this awareness lie?

Our Soul, is meant to love unconditionally. Each experience has been created to remember the strength of the energy/emotion of Love. Be present in each experience and allow the flow of your truest desires to manifest with the energy of Love. No matter what is experienced, Love is always present. Love is our natural state of Being.

Today have appreciation for the path chosen to remember the Source of Love
Today have appreciation to know Love is always about feeling good, no matter what.
Today have appreciation to know Love exists and is present in all forms and experiences. 


Being adored eternally
Being graced with light
Greeted with warmth
I am here to love 

Be patient Dear One
For you have love waiting for you
Be open and receive this glorious gift
I have given to you
To Each of You 

A light beaming from Home
Expressed eternally to fill internal spaces
How tender
How gentle 

Sharing what is
Sharing all that matters
Being a sustainable Source
Being an eternal light
No longer a gift
Now a seeded expectation rooted in all consciousness 

Living in all creation
Exuding an omnipresence which goes un-ignored
The center of Being
The center of a Universe
Created multi-dimensionally 

Rising to meet the beauty
Waking to see the birth of newness
Simplicity is spoken in the Isness
It is simply is as it should 

Flowing from one to next
Communication is keydom to allow
Touching the streams and ribbons
Waving a hand to erase and create 

A mere
A sheer thought funneling through a tunnel
Being connected
Outstretched cords
Outreached patterns
Here is a present 

Gleaming of light
The presence expressed by smile
We are cared for
We are taken care of
More than a care taker
Being a manifester
Being a creator of light by fire 

The truth all wrapped up in a single entity 



Tiff 26th October 2013 1:33 pm

So true. Thank you, Hillis. :angel:

Hillis 26th October 2013 9:01 pm

Tiff you are so very welcome!

keryndawer 28th October 2013 12:22 pm

Hillis~~I fell asleep after reading your words last night ( and those of Ann Albers as well) and I woke up in the middle of the night feeling great love and compassion for an individual I had spent the entire weekend feeling feelings of anger, frustration and resentment towards. Remembering that my job is only to love really makes life so simple. I dont have to rescue, fix or do anything, I just have to give and send my Love and Light to all people and situations in my life...that includes myself and my own situations! Love is all there is and all you need :)

Thank you , as always, for your beautiful prose and poetry that "speak" and resonate with me so deeply. Poetry to me is a language beyond words, expressing emotions that regular prose cannot... It is the language of the Soul. I always feel uplifted and gifted by your words and message :)

Truly and With Love,

Hillis 28th October 2013 6:11 pm

Hi Keryndawer, I am so joyous for the love expressed in your words. Yes, love is all we need and times we forget to love self, but there will always be reminders to poke us and messages whispering along the way.

Love to you!

Deeni 28th November 2013 11:39 am

Thank You, Hillis.

That was truly beautiful.

Living the Love.

Much Love and Light to All. : ))

Hillis 28th November 2013 12:35 pm

Hi Deeni, you are very welcome!
Love and light to you!


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