Thank You Thursday: Questions

Be thankful this day for Questions.

Questions usual arrive in our life when there is doubt or self-expansion. When we are as individuals faced with a situation with the possibility of multiple outcomes, we question the possibilities, not the desired outcome. When the questions arrive, we question the circumstances, not our self. We seek to grasp control of the situation bringing us the feeling of doubt or fear or to understand the growth of our soul. Yet when we take total control of the situation, we are questioning self; we have to seek the courage/faith within to move to place of knowing, to have a fluid connection with self. For example, a swordsman never has a firm grip on the hilt of the sword, it's a loose grip to maintain more flexibility of movement to trust the connection created by the swordsman and the sword. We have to seek the reasoning for our questioning.

To have questions at critical life junctures is okay. It is how we phrase the questions we state making a difference. Questions can start broad, but we have to narrow the focus for true understanding. For example, we can ask "Who am I?” most will answer I am..., but when we phrase the question "Who am I in this moment?" or “Who am I to myself?” we get a clearer response to the broadness of the initial question asked. Each questioned asked is to cultivate our being, the more precise the question, the more precise the response.

When the questions arrive or simply appear, it is our ego chatting with us. It is feeding the doubt already there. Where there is doubt in our life or situation, it was already seeded. Then of course we have to question the root of doubt. Through understanding the situation presented and overshadowing doubt, can we bring fourth the courage to remove the doubt in any situation. Then we in-turn begin to question self and the innate abilities of courage. We have to learn the difference between the questioning arriving through doubt and the questioning arriving through self-expansion. The questioning of doubt arrives when there is lack of understanding of a situation or circumstance. Then we learn to ask more focused questions. When we question our self through growth experiences, it is not our ego chatting it up, it's our Higher Self reassuring us anything is possible. We have to have faith to take the next steps. Our questioning of questions is natural, when we move towards a place true-self. This is how we clean our house. For example, we discard our garbage daily, because we know there is no use for it, however it's routine. Every now and again, we turn up unwanted possessions and we questioned why we kept them, then eventually they too are discarded. Questions well become a part of some routine, until the joy of self is revealed. We will begin to feel lighter and more at peace.

When we get to point where we know self, the questions don't end. We have to discern what questions are most important to understand our true nature as one unit of humanity. At first we seek answers for self for clarity and peace, and then we seek answers for a better world. This too is natural process of being connected with others, creating a sense of oneness in the world. Once we are able to learn and decipher the important lessons in our life, we can share them with others. Remember we are experiencing the same-thing at different levels and times. We are different energy signatures from one Source experiencing life in multiple ways, simultaneously. 

Through the asking questions, which at times may seem like a revolving door, we continue to learn more about both the internal and external environments of self. Our world was/is built on "what ifs". It was the courage and faith to find out about the possibility of both worlds. We were all created with the purpose to find out what happens next. We are beings with an innate curiosity. We love to know. The questions we ask daily fills the passion to know, to know self, to know and be connected with others, to know the world, to know our creations, to life as it is intended.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the reassurance of your Higher Self.
Be thankful this day and everyday to have to courage to ask focused questions to know self and others.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the natural curiosity of self to grow.

Read Into It

What you read isn’t what you see

What you see isn’t what you read

Between the lines to define the unsaid begging to be said

Space the air separates words only to have emotions to sew the seams of dysfunction

Eyes emulate actions

Ears echoes words

A linage of the same chain linked for constant change

Imitating an idea of life


See what you believe



An illusion of life all this gravitational insight

Come to the center of you

Living in the stream of oneness


Read the emptiness of time and how it binds man to stand

The end is the beginning living in reverse

A search for a lost one being welcomed to open arms

A master of nothing but a leader of self subdued by fortune

Why do we live

Why do we dream

Dare to be who we already are


Rebirth of civilization through disbelief of portrait lives

Recreating the stream of consciousness ridding mind pollution to institute a revolution watching and waiting to assimilate the world and imitate false image

A solution to cause evolution dissolving previous fore thought and ill motivation

Stuck in a situation and drowning in tears of joy to survive as the voices are heard piercing the gates of salvation

Having the world in your hand knowing it can be changed

Awakened from society’s illusion living with passion purpose and wisdom

Let go and live


Appreciate self

Reading preceding self just as cleaver as the air go where needed

A breeze to please masses with one blow

Now breathe


casimir1 2nd May 2011 3:28 am

Great post Hillis,
Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

Hillis 2nd May 2011 8:39 pm

You are welcome Casimir!


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