Thank You Thursday: Reconnecting

Be thankful this day for Reconnecting.

Reconnecting is harvesting the light energy from the Source. When we harvest the light energy of the Source, we rejuvenate self, we open self up to forgiveness, we feel the love within and around self, we feel bliss, and life becomes effortless. There is a certain level of peace felt when we reconnect with the Source. With the peace felt, comes clarity. It is the clarity felt allowing us to become more open and aware of self. We walk around being distracted daily; "walking in a fog" sort of speak. When we walk around in a fog, we lose sight of what is important and at times what is our treasure, self. When we walk around in such a manner, clouded, and we ask for assistance or for people to come in our life, we are unable to see what has arrived. Reconnecting aides is seeing what was asked for and given in our life. As a society, we stay disconnected from what is important to maintaining self and stay attached to the illusion we create. We have to slowly wean ourselves off the illusion and attach to the true self, how do we do it?

We all have different ways to reconnect or rejuvenate self. There is no one way to regain a whole sense of self. Many of us take vacations, meditate, and we all sleep, all of which is very important to bring balance into everyday life. What is more important is what we do with the time to reconnect. The time to reconnection is essential to bringing self forward to claim or reclaim self. What I mean by reclaiming self is to find out who we really are. We get caught up in others' views and opinions of self, that we forget our true self. The longing for validation when something is done well is not needed, but wanted. Every opportunity presented, is not one of recognition, but of gratitude. When we work from a place of gratitude, we slowly bring our self back into alignment of reconnecting with self and the Source.

Connecting with the Source, God, Creator, and Universe, we become more aware and clear in who we are. In the walk of life experience, we connect with our soul group and other likeminded people. The reason for their connection is to help keep us focused our learning our lesson, while being a teacher to others. There may be others reasons for a connection with people in our life, but the reason is individualized. Only we know what the connection is and how important it is to us; at times connections last a life time or a moment. However long there is a purpose. Know we made the choice long ago to connect with others in our circle to guide us on path. They are ones to help keep us there. Yet it is us that must do the heavy lifting to be clear in the intention of self when connecting with the Source, God, Creator, and Universe and others. To truly reconnect, we have to clear out all the excess.

To reconnect and clear our all excess, we have to bring ourselves to zero point energy. Zero point energy is when we sit with self to be open and completed grounded in-self. Essentially we are creating a new beginning when we take our self to zero. A whole new potential is set for us to reconnect with the realm of possibilities for our true purpose. We learn to match the energy of our mental intentions with physical actions. Reaching zero can be done in mediation or while asleep. It re-centers us and times those around us. When the clearing process of reaching zero is complete there is a whole new perspective in our life. Our life is reconnected with the Source and new light is harvested for us to fulfill our purpose and live a joyful life.

The reconnection process can be short or long pending what is desired to be released. Our soul can carry so much that is needs a regular cleansing. Just like anything else, we can take on so much before we slow down, become sluggish or work improperly. The reconnection is not just reconnecting but a clearing out as well. When we take the time to analyze what is important to us, the soul, we feel lighter, and more joyful, with a clear mind to be who we truly are.

Be thankful this day and everyday to harvest the loving energy of the Source.
Be thankful this day and everyday to reconnect with self to truly know self.
Be thankful this day and everyday to live a life of limitless possibilities through reconnecting. 

Century of Solitude

A white padded room

A stray jacket to restrain me

A century in this mental prison longing for peace of mind or a piece of my mind


Darkness settles in

The fog takes over as I begin to start my search for clarity


Reliving the moments that brought me to this place the cause and effect and infected me

Believe my vision to be true in this dream like state

Heaven help me before I wake


Thoughts isolated penetrated analyzed putting the pieces together and needing this time alone

Feel more mature for my future


Changing the rules to fit the game of the ever morphing society in this world created to serve God’s will

Drilled down to the core of you be thrilled with the peace of mind


Reached the breaking point lose my connection to this mighty society

Reconnected to His Highness now standing tall full of confidence knowing I will never fall


Clarity on the horizon defying the laws of nature to accept and take my rightful place soon to be reveled to me


Solitude brings attitude adjustments thoughts rearranged no longer deranged all scatter brained from events in my life just need to get away

And I did


Gwen in New Mexico 21st July 2011 9:10 am

Need thank you Thursday today. Hugs

COBALT 21st July 2011 8:13 pm

Happy harvesting! :smitten:

Hillis 26th July 2011 4:58 pm

Greetings Gwen,I'm happy you enjoy your weekly nourishment of gratitude.

Be well,

Hillis 26th July 2011 5:01 pm

Thank you Cobalt, you as well!


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