Thank You Thursday: Soul's Purpose

Our soul's purpose is different than our life's purpose, yet they are connected. The life purpose guides us in each incarnated life cycle to learn what is desired to come closer fulfilling our soul purpose. The soul purpose is to live and achieve our highest state of evolution, which will result in the ending of the incarnation of physical life cycles.

Our Creator, God created us to be like Him, to be masterful, to be omnipotent, and omnipresent. In order to be like this Entity, we have to earn our keep, so to speak. Know we already have the innate abilities coded in our DNA. Most of us only tapped the surface of what we truly can do. Part our life's path is to learn how to use our God like abilities. Some of us are fearful in using what we call our "gifts". It is our "gifts" allowing us to be closer to God, Angels, and our support group, i.e. family and friends. When we look deeper into the self-progression of self and time, do we really see a difference in how we interact or communicate with others and God? The question now becomes how do we align our life purpose with our soul purpose?
Our life purpose is made up one path with many transitions. We have the choice of free will to stay in one place spiritually or stagnant growth. The choice to stunt spiritual growth will only snap us back, devolve, in the next life cycle. No matter how hurtful, we have to move forward in our present life. We all come to a point in our life where something drained us emotionally, hurt us in such a way to where fear has settled in to where we became complacent. As with any choice, we choose to experience what we did, and chose to stay in the most comfortable place; like waking up on a Saturday morning in your PJs, we all love that feeling, but can't always stay there. It is the difficult choices made to help us move forward to evolve in the life cycle. For example, look at the growth of a plant or tree, they need room to grow. When they start of as seedlings or saplings, they have plenty of room to grow and flourish. As they get older the roots dig deeper in the earth and continue to grow, yet when they are crowded and loose nourishment, they begin to wither and die. This is what happens to our souls when we make the choice to be stagnant. Our soul needs room to grow, whether we find another way or simply have the courage to make the room we desire to grow. The life purpose is one filled with lessons for the growth of the soul. Without the lessons what or who would we be?
Without the lessons, we would be a naked soul, or a chameleon, taking on others' energy, nonexistent, so to speak.  Think of it this way, when we are born our brain is completely smooth, and when we physical die our brain is all wrinkled. We adsorbed the knowledge and wisdom desired in this life. The same goes for our soul, except our soul doesn't die, just transforms. When we are created we are this little ball of energy, smooth, meek, yet full of life ready to take on all challenges. As young souls, like children, we find elders to pattern our life after. We mimic our elder for a while till we find our own way, until we discover what we like and desire to experience. Like our Creator, all is done with intent. With all the lessons our soul chooses, there is an intention to evolve into the next soul phase or level. Our soul always knows what it is doing. Times our human brain takes over and mislead us, however the Universe, God sends us gentle reminders to stay on course. Just the other day I was visited by a Praying Mantis, he we a hanging out on the window ledge all day. I was curious to know what it meant. Praying Mantises are a totem symbols, meaning to be still. This was my personal message sent to me to be still. And a few weeks ago there was a dragonfly nested on the wall outside the hospital I was visiting a relative; this too was my personal message to pay attention to my thoughts and look deeper. Once we know what to look for, then we can learn the lessons faster and move swiftly though to the next phase.
Each life purpose/path is interconnected to the soul purpose. The soul purpose is to ultimately return to the state of origin. The state of origin is our true form of pure energy. It may take a few hundred centuries or 20 twenty life times to get there but it will happen. Each life is filled with the challenges we chose to get us closer to living in our true state. We are a young species, humans. We over simplify everything or make it more complicated. For example, we think or feel other humanoid species, supposed to look like us, are we that vain, close minded? Last week, I read and entry from a channeler Lee Carroll; he channels an Ascended Master called Kryon; the channel was titled The Humanization of God. It brought to the forefront of my mind in how we as humans have to put a face with everything and make it like us. If we can't see it such as other inhabitants of Earth, then we create an image of our physical form. Yes God made us in His image, but what if His image is pure energy, no physical form, and thus will make our image like His in our origin state. The link to coming back home is to listen to the voice of self on the life journeys. Each life cycle will be significantly different, yet will have one common theme carried over into each life. Each soul is charged with carrying out its tasks and connecting the life cycle to the purpose of the soul.
The purpose of the soul is a journey shared by all souls. We are all here to assist one another to return home and live in bliss. Remember we are equal and stand shoulder to shoulder with everyone, no matter your profession, appearance, age, and so on. Our lessons are one with great responsibility to self and the educating of other souls. We look deep within self to see the alignment of the life lessons and soul purpose, it is already written with us to live our best life. It is up to us as individuals to see our full potential and live up the purpose we are charged with. Though we physically separated, yet we are one soul.  

Be thankful this day and everyday for the wisdom gained to learn the purpose of the soul.


Be thankful this day and everyday for the signs reveling themselves to live a rich full life.


Be thankful this day and everyday for looking deep within to see our true soul purpose.


Apart of He created form the earth we walk

a single cell one day the bell will toll for all souls

A tenacious vessel carries me able to preserver through trials of life as I sustain revive my vessel becoming my sanctuary

As I speak to you believing in the words spoken from past lives longing for an understanding of what I am soon to be accept me then come one day no surprise I’ve taken over

Accomplished the deeds of a this vessel laid to rest soon to be renewed the eyes gaze beyond the sky looking for my new sanctuary feeding off the elements

I am your core I made you whole just like the air you don’t see you believe you breathe me

Protecting me those who deserve and saving the disbelievers whenever they call whenever they fall traveling through space and time intertwine with beings



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