Thank You Thursday: Spiritual Happiness

Be thankful this day for spiritual happiness.

Spiritual happiness is when your spirit is in balance and harmony with the energy of the universe and personal space. Spiritual happiness is a combination of various emotions and living in a state of consciousness. Some of the emotions aiding in spiritual happiness is love, joy, and the variations of them operating on a high frequency. The question is how do I get to a place of spiritual happiness? To get to the place, we have to come into self knowledge and remember our true self.

We come into this world not remembering who we are or what our purpose is. For years we struggle with our identity. Then we attach ourselves to people and objects of affection that are identifiable to us. On some level we relate to the energy capturing our attention. We unconsciously and inherently take on the energy of the item we relate too. Through this we gain some idea of who we are, but is it really us? Because of the relatability, we feel a form of spiritual happiness. The sensation felt drives us on this path of awareness, without knowing why. Our spirit knows of the familiar sensations, yet we remain unconscious of them and choices we make, until we make the effort to do the work on self.

The remembering of self works on us in so many levels.  There is an influx of emotions and losing a sense of who we are in the process. Times we can be so grounded, we forget about our beliefs or faith and vice versa, when we become elevated in thought.  When we allow the unconscious to become conscious, the work on self has begun. We work thru so many stages of healing to achieve heighten levels of spiritual happiness. Some of the stages involved are forgiveness, acceptance, self-love, honesty, feeling worthy, having faith, and having the patience to witness the changes in self and environment. We have to bring balance to each stage of progression. Each stage is different with everyone. There is no specific starting or ending point. From personal experience I can say remembering my true self was/is very emotionally painful, yet rewarding.

The process of remembering self will cause you to remember situations and glimpses blocked out in this life and past lives. Recently I've experienced a moment in releasing unwanted emotions from past situation in this life, only to discover it was attached to a previous life. Leading up to the releasing was quite painful, but was worth letting go of the situation no longer of me in the current life. The remembering process leading up to spiritual happiness is like spring cleaning. We diligently clean our home from top to bottom, while upturning lost items. Then we decide should we keep or toss them.  We move to place of making choices to remember, but now we have to make a choice of letting go of any thought, idea, or emotion not of us. One affirmation I use when in a releasing meditation is "I now release unwanted energies imprinted upon this soul and return them to the rightful owner." This aids in the clearing of the soul when all is clouded or influx.

In order for us to have the desired spiritual happiness, we have look inside us to be free from all the internal and external excess. Spiritual happiness can come in as little moments. These little moments have to be given recognition. When given recognition, the moments become more and last longer. Happiness, like all else is abundant. Admittedly, I've had these moments and times extended moments. However it's up to me and all of you to continue to do to the work on self. As a society, we get caught in the day-to-day, but there lies the challenge. We have to make time to do the work and receive the happiness, even if it means changing life habits, situations or playing make believe.

As spiritual beings, we are very playful. It's the world as humans we created to make us forget that aspect of life. I'll be the first to admit, I'm one of the most serious people in pending situations, and however I still remember to have play time. Our happiness is dependent on us and the work we choose to do on self in remembering who we are. Happiness is a part of the human experience, but it's more than an experience, it's our spiritual way of living; along with unconditional love and compassion for your fellow man.

Spiritual happiness is a feeling experienced by owning the moment of streaming consciousness of one's desires.

Be thankful this day and everyday to do the desired work on self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the releasing of unwanted thoughts, ideas, and emotions to remember true self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the soul's true state of happiness.


A moment where vision and mind reaches the pinnacle of clarity
revealing the manifestation of self to self

Being filled with unbridled joy of new information

to fully understand the extension of self connected to all

Allowing presence to flow in
carrying desired sensations of spiritual happiness

Full awareness seizing all sensory attentions
be here
be now

Letting go to feel the infectious smile of life
inside where life is beautiful
projecting outward

Harmony and balance ensuing to enhance life qualities

transmuting to a higher quality of life

I now know what I'm meant to do
I now know this life intimately
I now know who I am


Crystal38 26th August 2010 9:29 am

Dear Hillis, thanks a lot for your beautiful message. Blessings :thumbs:

Satya 26th August 2010 10:42 am

That was lovely and so true! Thank you!

miji1963 26th August 2010 1:21 pm

Thank you for the beautiful and loving post.

Very true to form..

Many blessings, light and love, and abundance unto you and your loving family.

Thanks again for sharing.

Migdalia Crespo

Hillis 26th August 2010 2:09 pm

Greetings to you all, Crystal38, Satya, miji1963. You are welcome to and I'm glad to share the light and love in and coming through me.
Many blessings and love!!
Hillis :)

Lowenna 20th September 2015 7:19 am

That was so beautiful. Resonance is an incredible uplift for this spiritual path, in fact, it seems it is truly integrated for means of raising to Higher Frequency Vibrational State. #Synchronicity


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