Thank You Thursday: Trust

Be thankful this day for Trust.
Trust is the core of our internal strength. Along with the energy of love, trust aides us in making life choices. The choices made come from the knowledge researched or internal knowing. It comes time where we just know what we know through trust. Trust is the beginning of faith. Trust allows us to makes decisions based on what we know and familiar with, while faith allows us to extend the trust we know to the unfamiliar. We base all the decisions we make on what we know, instead of what we don't know. The question becomes how can we move to an internal place to make all decisions based on blind trust or faith?

We all go through some decisions making process. For every decision we weigh the pros and cons, the good and bad sub choices of the decision. This thinking stems from precondition habits or from watching others experience their decision making process. Let's us remember there is no good or bad, there just is. There is a reason why we choose what we do. Each decision made is on some level in alignment with our spirit. The pros and cons are factors to making the decision final. Know we have already made the choice, however our human brain has to catch up with our spirit. This is why we have a process to understand the choices our spirit has already made. The process can be an agonizing one at times, if we allow to be. The larger or more impactful the decision, the more some people agonize over it. But why do we agonize of the decision and the choices lying in front of us? We agonize because there is an area in the process where clarity is needed, or the choice is something we are not accustomed too, or simply there is no trust or faith in the decision to be made.

As children born into this world, we come into it with unbridle trust. We trust the parents we chose as spirits to bring us into this world. We know they would never intentional harm us on any level. Trust comes from feeling safe and secure within self and surroundings. Feeling safe as a spirit is one of the most important feelings we could ever have. When we no longer feel safe, we begin to shut down and put "walls" up. This is a false sense of security. We are keeping others out, while harming our self. The "walls" are suffocating us from full expression of self, creates varying levels of paranoia, and frustration with self. We are not alike when it comes to trust; some of us say it has to earned, others says it's given. The reason for our "walls" may vary, but ultimately stems from the same root source; from being emotional hurt, disappointment, blaming self, or having lack in life. Do we realize what we do to self and others when our trust is gone? Yes, we all experience pain and let downs from self and others involved in our life. At times do we give another a reason not to trust us or self? Yes, we base our mistrust from other people and situations from previous experiences. Each person or situation is its own energy. If there have been no signs of mistrust, why do we still penalize the person or situation? Why do we run away? We have to exercise our trust like our muscles. If we have been hurt, learn to rebuild. Our trust takes us far in life; it's our guide to wonderful experiences and people.

When we open ourselves up to trust, we open the door for new opportunities and experiences. Most of us fall back into old habits because they are comfortable for us. How can we grow if there is no trust? We simply can't. Without trust growing into faith, our life will remain stagnate, living in a broken cycle. We all have the innate ability to break the cycle we created through mistrust in-self. In order to break this cycle, we have to see within self to find the root cause and forgive self and others. Forgiveness is a necessary healing force to break all cycles. Once we learn or relearn to trust again, the doors of our life will open up once again.

Without trust where would we be? We intuitively trust others we allow into our life, because we trust self to make choices in alignment with our spirit. We intuitively trust self, because we have to protect self to live the best life possible. When there is a high level of trust in self and choices, trust converts or transforms to faith. It only takes a little to be a lot. Every action, thought, word, and idea starts with faith. We have the faith to be who we already are, all conscious or unconscious choices to follow lead us to a state of being. Our state of being is our true state allowing trust of self, others and situations to flow effortlessly.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the internal knowledge to trust self in making the right decisions.
Be thankful this day and everyday to rebuild the trust in others and self to live the best life possible, now.
Be thankful this day and everyday to have blind trust in everyday life growing to unconditional faith.



Through fire and brimstone there you stood not belonging to me

from me

apart of me

half of me you will always be

soon become whole as this child grows old


Empty shell

hollow heart

without purpose

without emotions

wondering aimlessly searching to fill a void hidden forbidden

forbade myself of life’s pleasures the extreme or somewhere in-between


Fury fueled the fore of lessons learned

one didn’t desire

one doesn’t regret

times in check

let’s not forget what put us there

avoid the mate unless it’s stale

then equal

I’ll play again until I win

lessons learned shall we play again


A vessel created from years of craftsmanship

molded after an image projected through ideas to serve a purpose

a calling not yet fully understood

will become clear by knowing You means knowing me


An individual this strong I knew it along

my life one chance to do it right

can’t penetrate or deflate

my will

my hunger

makes all wonder won’t rest till I fulfill my quest

my path that was laid before me

my faith

my vision is His now mine


Face creation a reason a season

pride inside

just let it be

soul told me

intuition guided me

once focused through struggles temptation to obtain my object of affection


Natural evolution

soon to manifest from a dreamer’s vision and the dreamer’s Creator

the off spring becoming whole from realizations

conclusions drawn from moves anticipated

reacted accordingly the passion buried inside


More than flesh

more than tissue

more than bones

no one owns you

claim yourself embody the most high your spirit your will

created from many molds with one image


Seraphina knows 14th July 2011 8:37 am

This was a great read, thank you for sharing your thoughts!
Trust IS the foundation of faith, and of SOO much more. Have a bright and blessed day! Much gratitude, S.K. :)

Hillis 19th July 2011 5:38 pm

Greetings Seraphina, You are welcome! I'm elated you found light in the words channeled!
Be well,

Hillis 19th July 2011 5:40 pm

Greetings Conni, You are more than welcome! I'm joyful the words spoken through me helped you to release the struggle.

Be well,


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