Thank You Thursday: Understanding

Be thankful this day for Understanding.

Understanding is a form of compassion. When we witness another's situation, circumstance, or emotional state, a bond is developed. This bond creates relatedness or a since of relationship. Then the relationship evolves to being one with the person, because of the emotional connection. With anyone we can relate too, a deep bond is formed and connected to them; it doesn't matter what was witnessed or felt. We have empathy for others whether we are in-tune with our emotions or not. However, we carry a great sense of compassion for others when we are emotionally vested in our life. Being emotionally vested means to feel and be connected with self. If we are not emotional vested in self, then how can we have compassion or understanding for others? The question now beacons, how do we release self to be emotionally vested and be fully understand self?     

The first area in our life were we become emotionally vested is in our relationships. Throughout our life we experience many and wonderful relationships. These relationships are with family, friends, potential spouses and spouses. Each relationship requires a level of understanding of the individual and self with the individual. The process to understand someone can be a short or long period, pending the purpose and role played in each other's life. The role of a family is on-going and an enduring one. This is because we are to help one another grow and develop. The family is a constant change and growth. Not matter the situation, the understanding and compassion is already there. With friends, they are in our life for varying periods, pending the purpose or role played. Each friend will have a different level of understanding and compassion; this is dependent on how we let them in our life. As far as potential spouses, there are three possible outcomes. The first one is a person no longer of interest. This is person who was in our life to learn something or repay a karmic debt. The second outcome could be a good friend. This is the person where there was much compassion and understanding, yet there is a different purpose for them in our life. Typically when this occurs, both parties are in mutual agreement or can be one party choosing to part ways, leaving the other person in a place of misunderstanding. This is also the most difficult one to understand, if you are already an emotionally vested soul. This can lead to a wide range of emotions and confusion. Our spouses or soul mates typically are in our life for quite some time. Sometimes they start out as friends. They are the ones who usually carry the greatest compassion and understanding for us and vice versa. Our life is shared with others to grow and be connected.

When we exhibit compassion for other souls, whether we know them or not, it opens our soul to a greater level of understanding. We begin to see the world create in a different manner. As spiritual beings, we begin to understand the world created and the purpose for when and where we live. As we evolve into a greater understanding of self, we move to an internal place of knowing. Knowing our role and purpose, in the world and with others we connected with in our life. It doesn't matter how we connect, it only matters as to why and fulfilling a greater purpose. I use to think our understanding of life and life connections was our own, through evolution of self I was incorrect. Our understanding is a universal one. The understanding of life, purpose, roles, etc., is a one translated into multiple messages for all to understand. It is for each of us to understand the greater universal message.

Each universal message is different for everyone, yet it is the same for all. In respect to our own individual life, we see, hear and comprehend differently. We have varying faiths, universities, politicians, and the core of Earthly knowledge vying to speak their truth. All is subjective to personal opinion; however when we look deeper in the messages broadcast and taught they have the same core of understanding. Our human self gets so caught up in all the superficial and surface talk, we tend not to look deep in the message to reveal or see the true meaning. Everyone in their mind seems to have well intentions, and yes a select few has ill or personal intentions. In the beginning of learning our truth, don't we have personal intentions to further our goals? Once we move from a personal space, don't we share what we learn or have? Our unified message has to be sent on many ways because of the human nature to be bias to its own understanding of its surroundings.

We know what we know, because of our own desire to be exposed to the energy of knowledge to grow. Keep in mind we all have different functions to keep the universal understanding balanced. Our understanding of the knowledge contained within self is different for all, hence the reason why we gravitate to those who match our frequency. By operating on different levels, each teacher, guide, channeler or master, has to be open to receive the messages given for self to assist others in the spiritual evolution of self. We are here to grow our spiritual-self, not our human-self. We have to understand once we grow our spirit, our human self will follow, ultimately becoming one. Our human self is the protector of the spirit; however the spirit is the governor of all human function. We base all understanding and compassion from a human perspective, when all understanding should be based from the intuitive nature of the spirit. Understanding is the source of all growth, all we have to do is look within and trust self that we are doing what is best for self and when we do best for self, we do it for others.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the bond created with another through understanding.
Be thankful this day and everyday for seeing the deeper meaning in all things to have a greater universal understanding.
Be thankful this day and everyday for being a teacher to self and others to evolve to higher-self.


Descending from the stars

Burning away purist of impurities

Morphed to the purist of all beings

An angel


Wrapped in wings of love

Feeling as soft as rose petal

Warm as seventy degree day

The comfort of loving arms


The divinity neither masculine nor feminine

Rises when we call

There when we fall

Graces us with an eternal presence

Bringing peace to our chaos


Duality here inside me like vines intertwined in a garden on display with the fruits of labor



Accepting the knowledge passed on defined destiny from purity choosing virginity of an angel

A gift bestowed upon thee


SpiritHeart 7th July 2011 8:40 pm

Absolutely fantastic write, Dear Brother. Your wisdom is immense and beyond the scope of my completeunderstand but your words touch my heart very deeply. I know my soul has responded to every verse written you your pledge to spirit.

WIth love

Hillis 11th July 2011 6:52 am

Thank you for your kind and loving words SpiritHeart. I'm joyous I could touch your soul. Be well, Hillis


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