Thank You Thursday: Unexpectedness of Life

Be thankful this day for the unexpectedness of life.

I'm sure we have all heard the phrase "life happens”.  Life does happen whether we want it to or not. Life happening is inevitable. We wake up with a plan, we follow through with a plan, we plan major life events or altering decisions, and we attempt to plan our whole life. As adolescents, we fantasize about the life we desire. We all desire to be successful, live prosperously, have loving family, great friendships and have a great job. Through all of our planning, we forget life is happening. Some of us like to control our life through planning. I'll admit I was one of them. When the plan is followed, we are happy, content, selfish and feel in control. Yes selfish and controlling. It's our "plan", it will be our way, and won't be happy any other way. This selfishness and control creates a false sense of security and the ego finds a new attachment. Ego gets a boost from always being in control, creating a new sense of pride with every plan completed. 

Every aspect is controlled by the mind's ego or the human self, which now blocks the spiritual self from emerging. We all have a plan and when it's not fulfilled, we get upset, stressed, or act out. Each plan has your personal interest at stake. Every planned move is like a game of chess. Each move gets us closer to our goal or end game. Then the question becomes, what's next? Not every move made by your opponent, those interfering in your plan or spiritual self can be anticipated. The moves made by the opponent are considered illogical. Our mind tells us no such thing can be done, because it's not a part of our plan or way of thinking. When the move is made it's to challenge our thought process and how we view and respond to "life happenings". The moves made does not have to necessarily come from another person, they can and often do come from the Creator and work through us and others. With higher intervention, it is showing us there is another way to accept life as it happens.

Being one who lived by plans and relying on external sources for my happiness, I can understand the difficulty of accepting life as it happens. We have to open up to realize life is happening every moment, every fraction of every second. When we are so stuck on the "how" or plans of our life, we miss the golden opportunities waiting for us. I know at one point or another we all had a moment where something didn't go as planned, but worked out even better. That was life happening to show you and witnesses no matter what you plan, the Creator has a better one. Life's unexpectedness is a joyous feeling of letting go to surrender to the life happenings created by God and co-created with us. Yes, we co-create our life with God in the form of free will. Now I know you all must be thinking then I can plan my life whichever and however I choose. And I say yes you can. The best way to plan any life is with the help of the Creator, in alignment of your true purpose. Yet, be sure to enjoy the marvelous happenings of life, all the unexpected treasures given. Our human expression is a gift to enjoy. Though all may not happen as you plan for it, remember there is a better one. All is as it should be.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the expansion of the mind to accept life as it happens.
Be thankful this day and everyday to enjoy the unexpected treasures life gives us.
Be thankful this day and everyday for a purposeful plan being co-created in fulfilling your true purpose.

The Way

What way
Which way
Your way
My way
Right way
Wrong way

A direction proceeded in determining choices signaling to self this is just for you

Being open to the way asked and created
Looking to higher self and surrendering to what is

Feeling worthy of the way created and found within the heart of self

This way
That way
The only way is the one you know being led by your heart




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