Thank You Thursday: Universal Law

Be thankful day for Universal Law.
The Universal Law is better known as the "Golden Rule"; do unto others as you would have done unto you. The rule speaks volumes to one's personality. We can tell how grateful we are in the way we treat others and even self; though at times we treat self better than how we treat others. Why do we treat self better than others? Is because we only trust self enough to get something done the right way or our way, are we takers and not givers, are we protecting self from something or are we just plainly being selfish without knowledge or being aware of it. At other times we treat others better than self. Is this due to having a sense of lack in our life? I will readily admit there were moments in my life where I felt I wasn’t deserving of praise, or treating myself to one of my favorite things, though my support group of friends told me differently. I had to find new ways to become open to receiving what my heart desired, whether if it was venting, or spoiling myself with something new, or simply giving of myself. The question now becomes how do we find the desired balance living and practicing the Universal Law?
To put the Universal Law into practice, we first must look into our own soul to see the misalignment. Are we a giver or a receiver in our life? If we are more than one or the other, we have to practice the opposite. This has to be perceived on many levels, but mostly with our relationships, friends, family, co-workers, etc. In certain relationships, we play a role. With each role, we dawn a certain "hat of trade". The hat hinders us from being our whole genuine self with any and every one. Yes some of us feel we have to be protected and have a guard up when first meeting someone. When we hide behind a shield, not only are we protecting others from self, we are hiding from self. Have we ever asked ourselves why we hold up a shield around self to be protected from others? Yes we all know the obvious answer; no one ever wants to experience the sting of emotional pain. Yet, we have to experience it to know what true joy is. Why do we hide from self? Do we like what we see; are we a coward to face the truest sense of self?  This is an answer only self knows. Shields are our mental guards, protecting us from whatever harm may enter our life. Shields are like our clothes, they get dirty, then we have to wash them, and eventually you will have to buy new ones. Shields are simply tools in place blocking us from experiencing our full life. Some of us may prefer walking around naked to enjoy the fullness of self. It takes more courage to face the world naked, than fully clothed. The same thing can be said as to why we protect our self. Just sit for a moment to imagine how it feels to be vulnerable with a friend, family or even a stranger you just met. Experience a high level of comfort only to be lived. The freedom it brings cannot be described. When we allow our self to drop the wall, the act or release our self from the self assigned role, our life experience opens up.
To live the Universal Law takes discipline as much does anything else in our life. When we put anything into practice, there is a level of expectation set from self. When we place a level of expectation on our practices, we become harsh and ridged on self, making no room from errors, or to simply enjoy the practice. When others see you in this practice, they place their own expectations on you. So now, we have to live up to the expectations of self and those in observance, those in observance may be a close friend, family, or strangers. We in-turn set examples and inadvertently become role models for others. Know this is our practice and discipline, and no one else's. If we live up to our own expectations, then we cannot be a disappointment to others. When disappointment arises in our life, it usually stems from someone or something not living up to the expectations we have created for the person or object. Our practice is our expectation and discipline in itself. When we practice with actions and words, then we live in our truest truth.
Do we really understand the Universal Law? It was formed to create balance within self and the inhabitants of the world, all inclusive (people, animals, insects, plants, etc.). Have we really taken the time to really observe the imbalance in self? When we are out of balance, the life flow is stagnant. When we are in balance, the life flow is effortless. There is no longer a desire to life up to others expectations, wear hats, or put up shields. The balance we have is one of ebb and flow, give and receive. Our life role is one or harmony. Just like when we bench press weights, they will have to be evenly distributed or we can harm ourselves. When we evenly distribute the ebb and flow of life, our life becomes an orchestrated symphony.
Take the time to learn what it is you really desire from life and give it just the same, for you will receive it equally. Before any action is take, think about would I like to have this done unto me? We can base our decision from past experiences or just simply knowing from the heart space, is this the right choice. There is no right or wrong choice; there is only the choice you made. When we act from the heart, then all choices made benefit the soul by being in the flow of the Universal Law.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the considering the Universal Law before any action.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the balance the Universal Law creates in your life.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the alignment of self by understanding the purpose of the Universal Law.

A space of indecisiveness
seeking a way to go
seeking a way to feel
seeking a way to release
Living in emptiness
desiring to fill the darkness with light
just won't do
just won't settle
knowing the heart's desire
waiting for the fulfillment
Wondering the mind of self
pondering the answers of questions asked
should I go left
should I go right
should I stay put
A quest of clarity to be free from gravity's pull of this soul
reaching for the edge of light
searching in an internal eternal place
The center no longer black
growing in spectrum shades
a change in fulfillment

Going through the emptiness to be safe
to be free
to be light
to be courageous
to be confidant
a singular rite of passage
No longer a void
a space of purpose
a space of trust
a space of love
the space I create
a space I nurture
I am responsible for my sanctuary


victor 25th August 2011 11:13 am


FULL of Wisdom and self observation.

Blessings pour into your life.

Thank you for a splendid fulfilling reading.


Hillis 3rd September 2011 7:08 am

Greetings Victor,
You are very welcome for the wisdom received.
Be well, Hillis


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