Peace Eclipses Chaos

The August eclipse has had an interesting flow. Now that it has occurred, the information I was receiving prior is much clearer. First a little background, so that we are aware of the opportunities and challenges as well. It was a powerfully positive energy! 

Out With The Old Chaos

In the August monthly energies video and article, we were shown the amplification of connective, loving intent as our infinite Love ignites. We also covered some of the negatives that the eclipse has the possibility to help us reset. The Charlottesville protest and was a loud indicator of what is surfacing for healing. One facet.

When you look for the clues of improvement, you see that humanity is awakening into more peace. It won’t happen overnight and it won’t all be easy. But peace is igniting. It is the core of what the masses want, but the masses have not previously understood their power clearly.

The astrological assistance has been pretty consistent for years of stirring up the power systems that have suppressed the soul of humanity from igniting more Love into the world. Those systems aren't letting go easily, but change is inevitable. The current energies offer us a renewal of intent to focus the future.  

In With The New Peace

When the eclipse occurred, the energy was palpable. I was genuinely astonished at the difference in the energy. As it began, there was a stillness and peace. I listened to birds chirping, feeling that beautiful peace and I felt the collective call. It was interesting, because there has been quite a bit of turmoil in the collective energies leading up to it. The lunar eclipse surfaced what was beneath, and the solar eclipse brought Light deep within. The energy was crystal clear. Peace will prevail.

The inherent pull of Life is Love. When the masculine and feminine energy within is balanced, courageous compassion and inclusive protection lead choices. Unity consciousness becomes how you make choice. Deception and domination have no power in the empowered.

What does peace look like to you? As you allow your imagination to envision new potentials for humanity, you are adding information into the collective potentials. Change is a constant in the physical realm. In this year of The Empowered Sovereign, Life is asking you to flow your unique intent of a loving future into the physical realm.  

Question The Future

This eclipse anchored a powerful potential that is now our inner work to actualize. In the August monthly energies teleclass, there was a simple yet powerful question. What does my soul want? Ask yourself that and allow the answers to form gently through you as you Love Life.  

Anchor The Answer

It's never been said better than, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." That deep truth is what creates the actual change. It's not an eclipse, a Lion's Gate or assistance from off-world beings. It's you. 

As you allow your soul to lead, your potentials are Divine. 



Cheri 25th August 2017 2:00 pm

Agreed, we are indeed our own saviors, no one or no thing can do this for us, we are here, awake and present to accept the light codes, become empowered, upgrade our visions and create the future that we want to see, one heart at a time with unique expression and infinite possibilities anchored in peace, love and harmony.

It is a process that is getting exponentially easier and expanding with the cellular upgrades, reactivation and reassembly of our DNA blueprint. How we express it is the magic that will become our natural way of living forever expanding in harmonious expression.

It is our power returning, but it's inner strength, it is quiet and unassuming but spreads like wildfire energetically as each heart remembers the frequency and each cell remembers the vibration of pure creative expression endowed within us all free and clear of emotional turmoil, history and old memories. This is how we create anew from an untainted place of purity.

There is no hurry as we will live much much longer with all the time in the world to enjoy the experience of being here, now! :smitten:

Toni 25th August 2017 7:44 pm

What does my Soul want?.... That's easy....LOVE...deep within our core that's what we all want. To love & be loved.

Get the controlling mind with its what, who & how out of the equation and let the Soul LOVE begin


Cheri 25th August 2017 8:29 pm

Amen to that Sister!!


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