September 2021 Ascension Energies – Joyful Heart

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As the year of Freeing Your Heart keeps calling us to a clearer mental and emotional focus, September brings that clarity to a head. Literally.

For September, as usual, Areon builds on the mental and emotional Reflection that life is echoing out so that what arises from within your Bold Heart is waves of creative love. The energies are Joyful Heart, but the main focus is the mind in order to bridge your heart’s joy into this world.

In the vision for the month, the right brain was lighting up, connecting pathways of inner creativity so that your silence, your words, your actions and your rest is originating from your conduit of pure potential to practical path.

Joy is a spectrum. Sometimes it’s quiet, observing, wondering and calm. This open state of All is Well heralds Life’s potentials into your forming. That is the right brain allowing, nurturing potential.

Sometimes Joy is exuberant, excited and externalized. This is the bridge from potential into outward expression as the left brain connects the dots into plots, plans and possibilities.

Ophiuchus and the Lady Moon

About mid-August I had a quick (admittedly confusing at the time) download. I clairaudiently heard something like, “Now we can return to the Lady Moon.” I also instantly knew it had something to do with Ophiuchus, the thirteenth sign of the Zodiac.

I’m not that familiar with Ophiuchus, but I’ve heard of it. A few hours later I was reading Mahala Gayle’s newsletter and she mentioned that a recurrent Nova in Ophiuchus had exploded, creating a light stream visible to the naked eye for a few days.

I heard that sentence as the visibility was beginning to wind down. Saturation completing in that wave.

Masculine/Feminine integration is a core principle of Ascension. Learning to balance directing (masculine energetic) and allowing/nurturing potentials (feminine energetic) is important for your full flow.

As we receive a Light blast from the [313] energy of Ophiuchus, we are called to weave the spiraling of life into our own potential and courage so that the crucible of Earthly life is saturated with more Love.

That is the work of Light that is your journey.

As your creativity lights you up, let your Joyful Heart play freely. In the silence of your imagination and the movement of your actions.

Have a Joyful September!


LordJesusChrist 4th September 2021 7:32 am

Excellent posts, thanks for sharing!

A joyful heart has a continual feast. - Proverbs 15:15b

Alleluia! Amen!

:smitten: :) :police: :coolsmiley :D :angel: :thumbs:


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