The Energies of 2012 and January

The Energies of 2012

This is your year of transformation.  Change would be the immediate term, as it will transpire as change within your physical life and world, but do not disregard the larger impact of each moment, each choice and each perspective that you embody.  This year is for your full personification of your Divine Masculine/Feminine Balance and your elevation to your True Cosmic origins.  Your new Beingness is your moment-to-moment resonance with the Whole of Love that is Timeless, effortless and Truth within you. 

Change is an infinite facet of Life, for Love always expands.  Within the pulse of Love you are connected and you are expanding through the unseen (empty) Fullness.  Thus Love requires Faith beyond the physical, for it is unseen.  This is Faith in the Self, for all that you experience is within yourself.  You become the conduit, the Divine Spark ignited into Full Flame if you allow your Glory manifest.  As you balance your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within, you embody the full expression of Divinity, your Wholeness in physical form that is required for Creation.  You become the Creator Being that you are and Life is transformed.  Observe your abilities.  Refine your Focus.  Release Limitation. 
Here is your choicepoint.  Will you Rise?  Will you stand in your Full Glory and be more of yourself than you have ever been?  There is always more, for change is.  Will you, in this moment, decree with your Full Pure Intent, I AM THAT I AM.   This is a spherical statement and becoming upon you.  Read from any point and any direction, each connection has effect and is Timeless, for you are the Sphere of Life, always connected. Yet are you aware?  With your focused intent, you begin a path of change.  This is the path of intent, thought, word, action. 

This path of focus is your movement, your creation began.  Note the Time shift, for it has meaning.  As you begin upon a path, if you merely focus you miss vital information.  You are not alone, ever - you are connected, though this may be unseen.  As you Allow, you shift focus from Self to All and your path becomes Whole.  Thus you become Whole in your Divine Masculine/Feminine as you Focus/Allow.  It is your joyous task in the resonance of 2012 to exemplify your Divine Nature as you become the aware Creator you always were.  As you Focus, your unique and valuable perspective is transformed through Creative sharing with the Whole. 

Know completely that you effect each moment and that any experience you have within the Self or with another is an opportunity for refinement such that Love is Served.  Thus the duality that is evident in the seen (scene) of Life on Earth, becomes united as the triangle seals the circuit (circle) of Love.  This begins the structure within the Sphere of Life, that which you are, that which All are.  Here you master your service.  Focus. Allow.  Master. Service.  The master becomes the servant, the servant becomes the master.  Do you see that duality; beautiful, glorious duality - was merely an opportunity for more Love?  Relationship was always equal in the energy of Love, but your awareness shadows that perspective if you are not astute to the unseen Truth. 
2012 is a gateway that has an effect through Time, thus it becomes Timeless - though better stated as Timefull because it traveled into the past and the future to effect change because your focus upon it allowed it.  Do you then see the importance, not of the 2012, but of your FOCUS and your ALLOWING?  It is your focus that allows and your allowance that focuses a path of change.  And we come Full Circle.  The path (Masculine) is a circle (Feminine).  Alpha Omega.  Perspective.  You are complete.
There are many words that could be spoken of 2012 and your discernment of what is beneficial is part of your focus work.  Allow this to be a year of your focused intent, which begins before word in form.  Within the subtle planes of intent, alchemical change occurs, soon to come into form – your container of Love.  Change is inevitable, for it is timely.  Transformation is your choice, Divine One.  The gateway is open and welcoming.  Come then.  All is Well.

January 2012

Sweet Blessing that you are here.  Open your heart at the door and Know thySelf. Perhaps a moment of silence as your destined exaltation aligns.  A moment of gratitude for the courage to Love that is to come.  For you will find this a year of courage and this month prepares you well.  Your True Courage is your ability to Love, to be joyful when another can not exemplify it, to be silent when words would separate, to be strong when weakness would swallow a poisonous moment.  Your heart is a stronger master than you have believed.  Your mind is a more brilliant servant than you have been taught.  Become both and you will find your inner circuitry complete.  As above, so below is All directions when you shift your unique and flowing perspective.   As within the Self, so without of the Self.  This is the story of physical life in form.  Embrace it fearlessly.
January beckons you to open your courageous heart and your brilliant mind. 
On 1/7 we have a full moon in Cancer.  Your reflection is illuminated as the Love you are.  What do you see?  Do you see the Truth that awaits your attention in the unseen?  Cancer will show you what is within.  Are you strong enough to release the walls that you built from fear?  You may begin at tolerating the world around you, but moving toward acceptance and gratitude is the work of a master that serves Love.  Here we pause in the reflection of the Divine Feminine revealed.  Open your heart, open your arms and receive the embrace of Love.
On 1/21 the new moon in Aquarius sets the stage.  Let the show begin!  Let the New Age be your return to childlike wonderment as you create through the play of joyful sharing.  On this night of inner intent, seek the spark that awaits ignition, that which fires your passion to shell-shattering heights.  In the embrace of the cosmic beloved, there is not confinement, there is connection that leads to blissful expansion.  Let the tensions and the pleasures of the moment lead you to your heavenly expansion.  The waters of Love and the air of mindful creating are wed within.  It is from within that you share with the life that surrounds you.  This new moon, virginal in its pure love, is your offering to experience the bliss of your Divine Masculine/Feminine balance.  This moment is sacred.  Open to receive it and you are fulfilled. 
On 1/24, Mars turns retrograde in the sign of the virgin Virgo (through 04/14).  What was once scared and scarred becomes sacred within the protection and embrace of the True Warrior.  Do not fear, for you are both, you are united within.  As above, so below.  Your strength and your vulnerability is within and accessible.  Look into the eyes of the Beloved Self and soothe the beast of fear that separates.  The planet Mars ascended to a new level in 2011 with no fanfare from 3D eyes.  Thus our relationship with our Mars energy has shifted.  Mars initiates action and strong passions.  Its reputation as a warrior is not unfounded, for historically on Earth conquest had no ‘with permission’ energy to it, it was more overtake and destroy.  But that was how humans unaware dealt with survival and sharing.  The True Warrior is one that understands protection as honoring the sanctity of life, self-preservation and empowerment through equality.  It takes more courage to admit wrong-action than it does to supress another.  It takes more courage to forgive than to seethe or seek reparations.  It takes more courage to look at the fears and illusions of the Self and initiate internal and external change than it does to remain unaware or numb with distraction or substance. 
As Mars retrogrades we are reviewing our relationship with our intentions behind our actions and desires.  As Lightworkers, we deal in the subtle first, shift through intent and observe and participate with form in a continuous stream.   What is driving you to action, what inspires a passionate craving, what are you fulfilling with your choices?  If you are filling a void, using the energy of another, avoiding your empowerment, satisfying unaware and less-than-healthy needs, then your Mars energy is imbalanced.  Your food, your relationships, your work – life in general should excite and even challenge you to greater expansion.  Challenge for a True Warrior is the joy of bettering the Self and others, even if it looks like a ‘loss’ in the moment.  Those familiar with the subtle difference between ‘competitive’ inspiration and competitive denigration understand that you can cede to another with the grace of enjoying the opportunity for self-evaluation without the energy of battle or win/lose.  This is the new Mars.  Growth through self improvement and empowerment of All, since there is no need to fight or conquer. 
Mars is our first big reviewing retrograde of 2012 and this speaks to our transformation and Ascension.  Everything begins within the self and emanates out to the world that we all share.  You can not choose for another or make another conform to your needs (ethically), but you can choose how you will interact with the world around you, thus initiating change.  Your strength and courage are tantamount to your empowerment and the example that others can choose to compete with. ;o)  Those balanced in their Divine Masculine/Feminine nature will share and support others with no fear of survival or lack.  The energy of Virgo is our inner sense (innocence) of how we will build our world through cooperation rather than subjugation.  Mars in Virgo brings understanding of collaboration, teamwork and mutual benefit.  You see this in nature.  Now bring it into your world. 

January is a month of opening into the year of rapid and profound change.  January offers more inner focus.  As you wisely choose your intent and action to ease your transformation, you are mastering your service.  Focus within and allow information to inspire your interaction to improvement of All Life.  Our year is here.  Can you believe it?  If so, Know you can create it with joy.  Here’s to a majestic 2012!

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