The Energies of May 2012

May is the energy of relationship.  It is the request, the honoring, the answer.  May I?  Relationship is a constant in life, for humans are give/receive mechanisms, a physical experience of form, movement, interaction and change.  Your vehicle of change is perspective and choice.  Perspective is the taking in of information (how it mingles within) and choice is the giving out of information.  You inform The Field through your vibratory instruction.  What you emit is your choice. 

Relationship is your interaction with Life.  Are you fearful, resistant, excited or engaged?  All relationship begins within, for all relationship is specific to your perspective.  As you receive life in (feminine energy – nothing to do with a female gender) you are courageously allowing Life to Flow – changing the Whole.  This is the experience of allowing others their own experience without manipulating the world around you into a form that you will accept.  This is the lesson of creating through sharing Self, no matter the chance of rejection, abandonment or lack of appreciation.  As you give life out (masculine energy – nothing to do with a male gender) you are courageously Flowing into Life – changing the Whole.  This is the experience of directing the Self with the grace of understanding the effect on The Whole (personal responsibility/response-ability).  Directing out such that free will is honored for all.  Directing out in a manner that propagates Freedom and Love without controlling the world around you into a form that serves the Self only. 
Every second of your life is relationship.  You are the Self relating to Life.  Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body is the relay (relating) system through which Life is experienced.  Perspective and choice are the relay vehicles that then manifest action.  You relate with people (mates, family, friends, co-workers, politicians, people in the news, ancestors, etc.) and experiences through your emotional and mental system, that is how they are processed within.  That is influenced by your spiritual flow and influences your physical flow.  May brings the request, the question.  Not just “May I,” but “Will I?” Will is choice.  In most societies we have observed will as overpowering – an external proof of the power of Self relating to Life.  As Lightworkers we are tasked to shine forth our Love into Life, illuminating Love’s path of creation.  There are innumerable paths – all of them correct, valid and serving Life.  Yet what serves the Self?  For a Lightworker it is synonymous with what serves Life.  Free will honored, requested and answered.  You become Whole within and the relating has a strong foundation. 

The Astrology

May has some exciting beginnings that will feed into the power of June.  Saturn is still retrograde in Libra (2/7-6/25) urging us to relate through ease or feel the compression of resistance.  Pluto is still retrograde in Capricorn (4/10-9/18) transforming rigid structure that stalls change into fluid structure that supports free will more easily.  On 5/5 the full moon in Scorpio pulls the depth of shadow into the light.  Scorpio is an intense emotional energy.  You may be feeling vulnerable within, so be sure to balance that with your boundaries that serve your growth at the pace you need.  Venus turns retrograde on 5/15 (until 6/27) in Gemini.  Here we review and rebalance our dual nature within, uniting within the beauty of Love.  Gemini is an airy energy of communication, which is our relationship with the world around us whether we communicate through thought, word, deed or most importantly, intention.  This retrograde of Venus is about connection and Gemini offers the opportunity to connect the dots into alignment with Love.   On 5/20 there is a solar eclipse on the new moon in Gemini.  All eclipses are powerful points of resetting energy (release and activation); however, this one has some special points of interest.  It aligns with the Pleiades, most specifically Alcyone.  Our true heritage is brought to Light as we align son to sun.  As the moon aligns with the sun in Gemini and the sun aligns with Alcyone, we meet at a point of no return that allows our dual nature to cohere into the greater Whole.  June will host the second eclipse and the Venus transit, a powerful, rare occultation. 

The Numerology

May is a month of 5 in a year of 5 (2+0+1+2=5).  5 is the energy of change.  Expect change and welcome change.  It has the ability to be relatively easy – it all depends on how you relate to it (easier said than done – I know!).  You are a powerful Being.  You are working with the Light (sun) to create a world founded in Love, joy, peace, ease, sharing, abundance, creativity, excitement, etc.  This Light is within and change is how it manifests into form as you emit vibration out into the space/time of Life on Earth.

The Summary

May is your opportunity for profound relationship to Life.  Right action, right relations are tenants of many indigenous cultures that honored Life in a way that we are returning to as we become aware of the Whole Truth of our relationships.  Relationship brings change, for it is an inter-action with Life.  May is your opportunity to perceive and choose such that your Life is transformed into a basis for Love’s growth.  You are the opportunity for Life to shine through.  In that way, you are the sun/son. 

Have a blessed May!

Link to the Light Language video for May 2012


zorro 8th May 2012 6:14 am

Cup of coffee, gentle rain, words of truth.

Thank you.

jamye 10th May 2012 2:45 am

Thank you, zorro! Have a beautiful day!


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