The Energies of October 2014

The energies of October and November slightly blur together.  They are a building-upon and October begins a phase of momentum.  The lines of release and activation are blurring as manifestation becomes more readily available to match your clarity.  A recent characteristic of these times is that they feel intense, as if they are FULL, yet manageable (mostly!).  If it isn't feeling mostly manageable to you, observe what may be best served to be released, for October offers much opportunity for release!

In this year of personal empowerment, Lightworkers are being called to shine their Light like never before.  It makes sense then, that the energy of boundaries is up yet again.  Boundaries are for you, and only you can hold them.  Boundaries give you strength to feel safe in your world.  When you feel angry, victimized or resentful, your boundaries are speaking to you.  They are indicating a need for a better boundary. 

Boundaries can get frustrating because they take effort at first.  You are building an energetic muscle.  As you strengthen it, things get easier.  You don't want massive, bulging boundaries.  That's the old way.  Supple, pliable strong boundaries that support your free-flow of creative interaction with the world will serve you best. 

As you are strengthening your boundaries, try to find that moment of detached compassionate awareness where you observe the gift within the challenge that is strengthening you.  That also means you should be able to find some detachment when things are easy and pat yourself on the back for your improvement!

I also see much clearing happening around past traumas that limit the personal power – fear driven avoidance that is a natural survival mechanism of the ego.  You notice it as resistance to certain things.  These releases help with boundaries, as your boundary issues are triggered by unconscious or conscious trauma.

You know when you have moved past something when you feel more unconditional with the world around you.  This experience is like viewing what others are doing as beneficial for their path of learning.  It looks like not getting bogged down in controlling outcomes, people or your environment.  It looks like an open flowing perspective of “All is Well,” even though you are aiming toward change in some areas of your life.  Action feels like a natural creative expression, even if it is ‘opposition’ to something, it has the energy of building upon it.  Kind of like how release and activation become inseparable in your experience.

We have some wonderful astrology supporting our progress as we balance the internal communication review of Mercury retrograde with some awesome eclipse energy throughout October.  That moon energy has felt intensified for months now and October will not end that cycle! 

Use this time to watch for patterns of what is calling for release, what seeds of inspiration are being planted and what your action entails in order to flow your energy out into your world.  It changes our world!  Definitely time to shine your Light, even if it mostly feels internal for a bit.

In Summary

October will bring about more release, more understanding and more opportunity for growth.  Life will be calling you into action, your first action always being internal, as you are releasing any emotional baggage stopping your flow.  Sometimes the simplicity of Love is lost in the definition.  Humanity has been taught so much suppression and that power = dominance.  We are now remembering our power to Love while saying no or yes, Love while saying nothing and to Love the potential while living the boundaries of personal choice.  As you make those choices in your own life, the world follows.  It is a powerful entrainment of Freedom.  Time to get your caboose in gear as we ride the entrainment of Love! ;o) Happy October!


keryndawer 5th October 2014 2:29 am

" We are now remembering our power to LOVE while saying no or yes"

That's exactly it Jamye!

Yes, all things boundaries and boundary related have been activating big time for me the past couple of weeks. While I've always been very good at respecting other's boundaries, I could never FIRMLY set or maintain my own boundaries. However, I've taken in three young adults (my two nephews and their friend) to live in my small one bedroom apartment now and we've had to work on boundaries EVERY SINGLE DAY. Originally, I did not set clear boundaries and that was soon a disaster(I somehow assumed they would innately KNOW what I need and expect). Now we all talk about and reassess boundaries on a daily basis and things are MUCH BETTER. I am sacrificing a great deal because I love them and I want to support their successful transition to adulthood, but it is not easy. Boundaries that flow and come from a place of Love has made this possible.

Thank you Jamye for all your wisdom and support in this "new" process for me :)


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