Weekly LightBlast: Accepting Reality

You are a creative force in your reality. The linear functionality of your dimensional expression offers you the opportunity to review your past and plan your future, though your now moment is your creative fulcrum. As you focus your attention in your now moment, you are actively creating your future, whether you focus on the future or not. As you align with your improved future, you are actively healing any past disturbances, whether you focus on the past or not.

A peaceful, joyful, allowing now moment opens you to the full flow of your creative ability, the same creative force that has formed your universe. That is within you - your focus, your attention. As you embrace your now moment, whether pleasant or not, you are shifting your future. This act of Accepting your Reality opens that flow. It does not doom you to the repetition of the unwanted now, it does not broadcast ‘this is what I want,’ it merely opens your energy field for flow. Movement is a constant in life. Allow it and you receive its benefits. 

The energy of resistance opposes that flow, though it is not a negative force – just opposite. It serves a valuable purpose whether it be to slow down a flow, stop a flow or redirect a flow. As you observe resistance in your own life, do you Accept it easily? As you Accept a Reality of resistance, you again open to flow. What a paradox! When you resist that which does not serve your creation, you are supporting your creation. Yet if you resist the resistance, you slow your alignment!

Translation: All is Well; therefore, Accepting Reality is a powerful creative flow. If resistance seems to stop or slow your flow, that is benevolent Life calling you to your empowerment. What does your inner stillness speak to you? Move forward no matter what the resistance (strength)? Stop until the best path is clear (rest)? Let go of pushing against (release)? Take a new path (realign)? This is choice, your action in life. As you choose to Accept your Reality, you begin with an openness that allows a balanced choice to form within you.  

As we sit to Blast Accepting Reality, we are opening to the now moment with confidence, excitement and peace. We are remembering the Grace of Life and its benevolence and recognizing how cherished we are with the endowment of Free Will. We are resisting the urge to oppose and welcoming the present moment of opposition, for we see the Truth beyond the visible as the gift of empowerment that it can be. We are the paradox merging into clarity, becoming the force of creation that seeds Love’s momentum. We are the rock in a hard place, the river running through it and the sun’s warm glow of Life giving Life. Blast on!



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Jamye Price

Jamye Price is an energy healer, channel, teacher and student of life. She channels healing energies in the form of Light Language, which are ancient and universal languages that your heart and infinite mind speak fluently. When she is running healing frequencies, she speaks and signs Light Language, tones, emotes, and physically clears energies for clients through Divine Grace.


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