Weekly LightBlast: Creating (and deconstructing)

You are a creative being because Life is creative. Creating is continual, the flavor of death or birth is merely function of form, a creative omen, not a creative end. Life is a force, that which is continual; and you are that. Your active participation is only necessary based on your desire, for the force of creation continues. Choice is active participation. You are part of a collective that includes All Life within the cosmos. As you focus your emotional and mental intent, Life responds to your Creative force, along with the collective. As you allow the force of Creating to show you birth, even within a death, you begin to see the Whole Truth of Life. The cosmos is alive with response and creation. You need only perceive it to connect more fully with the powerful flow of Creating.

Creation and destruction, or birth and death are merely two sides of the same coin. They are two ends of a spectrum of Life, connected – the circle of Life. You are the apex of the triangle within that, looking down on each end, one with the eye of connection, one with the eye of separation. Maintain your power of full perspective, strong within the Self without doubt. See All. See the destruction as the benevolent release that it is into the collective expanse of the vacuum of Life. See the creation as the generous surrender to the collective form that it is. The electron, in deep, detached Love, offers its Life to a collective form. Willingly. In this way, death is Life. Your food does same. Your breath does same. Your choice does same.

Within you, you merely need observe your impulse, for you are filled with the desire for Life on a cellular level. Become still and hear the truth of your heart cells, pumping desire through the cosmos. Receive the data of the world around you and find the pulse of Creating. Do not look at another and see only pity. Use both eyes from the top of the triangle and see the separated being that is in despair/deconstruction and see the powerful being that is calling for Life/creation, unaware of how to Create just yet. Hold a vision of Creating in your vibration and allow those in despair to see your Light. When they see, they will desire to hear, to feel, to know within themselves. This is your Lightwork. You are a wayshower, a Being of Knowing All is Well when the tides push and pull those blinded by the darkness. You are Creating choice in each moment, for the Self and the interacting Collective.

As we sit to Blast Creating, we are fueling our internal fire of Life into implosion/explosion – the event horizon of New Life. We are becoming the moment in fullness, allowing the river of Life to imbibe our vibrational signature to flow forth into fluid form. We are Creating form within the nurturance of Love, the connective force that builds the cosmos as All Life is connected and unique in time/space. We are open to change yet unyielding in focus as we become the brightest Light of Love forming Life. We are lit. We are ignited. The flame of Love united, burning brightly. Blast on!


Debra A 29th November 2012 12:47 pm

Thank you. It was beautiful. I wish I could have applied this to many difficult losses in the last few years. It would have saved me a lot of grieving time. :) This is a great concept for grief counseling of any kind.

marlio 17th January 2014 8:04 pm

my husband and I saw, what looked like, an open form, lit triangle, about one foot above our side fence in september.
It was very early in the morning and this form did not move or make any noise. We looked at it for a minute or two and finally went inside. I have been reading about ufos and also the Bible ans wanted to know if this triangle means anything? The form looked about the length of an arm , three ways, and had small balls of light at the points, and the side lines were lit as well. :thumbs:


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