Weekly LightBlast: Creating New Support

As you find your strength within, you are creating an engine of potential that fuels Life. Humanity is learning to balance give/receive. The receiving aspect has been villainized as selfish, greedy and even wrong. Indeed, one can polarize to the harmful potentials of receiving without giving. Just as the resistance to receiving was taught, the push toward giving as the salvation of the soul was emphasized. There are positive and negative aspects to any physical duality experience, so giving to depletion and not honoring the Self does not honor the Life that you are. It does not teach others to honor their own strength. As you Create New Support in your experience, you receive in balance to giving. And you give Life the greatest gift of all, your thriving. Life then continues and thrives.

You are in a time of rising into unity consciousness. It is a progression, for it requires the strength of healthy boundaries, and an empowered connective heart flow. This is the balanced give/receive that allows you to create change that benefits All Life. You are an individual human within a collective of humanity. You are both one and All, the paradox of duality merging into the connection of oneness. The diversity in unity creating a harmonic symphony. Your independence is as vital as your interdependence. Give and receive, Dear One, for as you receive, you honor another’s mastery in form. That Creates the New Support of humanity Loving Life. Separation reaches for connection, while honoring its beingness of form.

As we sit to Blast Creating New Support, we are honoring our differences as the reflection of Life’s diversity thriving. We are finding new ways to share our Light and our Love as we receive the glory of another and reflect our beauty into the world. We are appreciating the flow of Life, challenging us to new heights of ecstasy and finding new depths of strength. We are bold in our power to Love Life, unrelenting in our focus on new potentials and willing to hold the vacuum of space forming the future. We are supported and supportive, allowing Life to co-create itself through the Self it Loves. Blast on!

You can watch video version here.


Peter fox 28th May 2015 3:44 am

Yes,yes,yes,Jamye!- Blast on!!!

cyndy 28th May 2015 11:33 am

Yes, I perceive the old give and take in 3d does not weave into the new Field. The new is not polarized. It's much more holistic. So, no more give and take. Just equal exchange, that is mutually beneficial for for all parties. Bravo Onward

jamye 29th May 2015 9:36 pm

Thank you, Peter! Blessings!

jamye 29th May 2015 9:37 pm

Mutually beneficial is beautiful! Thank you, Cyndy!


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