Weekly LightBlast: Exciting Peace

Peace is our gateway to neutrality. Neutrality balances our inner power that magnetizes change for the better. Without neutrality we are too polarized to allow change easily. This can manifest as trying so hard to hold onto the ‘good’ that we restrict the flow of change, or trying so hard to avoid the ‘bad’ that we also stop flow.

There is a courage to peace that is often overlooked. It is a balanced state of Allowing and Choosing. Under the surface is a Knowing that the Inherent Pull of Life is Improvement; therefore, the circumstance of the moment is merely a platform for focus so the next level of improvement can be realized into form. Choice without Allowing is merely force and isn’t truly free. Force is only needed when there is resistance. Forcing a circumstance to be one way or another is a fear-based reaction that seeks to avoid What Is, rather than use What Is to see all possibilities and expand for the better from a strong foundation. Each moment offers the grace of experiencing a range of events that can teach much more than ‘I want this different outcome.’

For instance, as I sought my inner peace from loud music blaring in my neighborhood, I realized that I could establish inner peace that was unfettered by another’s choice for noise when I want quiet. Avoiding life or getting angry isn’t the solution because I am the one that has lost my Inner Peace. That is where Freedom is, otherwise I have a huge world to control. Not only can I not control all the loud music listeners, I do actually want them to enjoy their lives and that music is serving to improve their life in that moment. So I had to find a perspective of neutrality that enhanced my own inner well-being while letting people live their lives in the way they want around me. When you do the inner work, the outer begins to form around it. I noticed that life took a step towards improvement over time, but perhaps not perfection, then another step towards improvement and on and on.

The courage to be peaceful sometimes comes after the fact. If I react badly then it is my inner work to find a new perspective. Perspective is an active choice. An affirmation that I don’t believe will have little to no effect on me. But a perspective that I do believe will bring me great transformation, which results in empowerment. It’s the equivalent of stair-stepping your way to improvement instead of trying to make an improbable leap. Life is designed that way, we build strategically over time for the most stable outcome. You don’t install a roof until the structure of the house is finished. I seek an avenue to forgiveness or understanding that I’m willing to walk through.

So it may look something like understanding that the person I’m dealing with is emotionally scarred, or too scared to speak truthfully or inconsiderate because they have a wound that is louder than considering others. Those same things apply to me at times, so it becomes about forgiving Another, by recognizing them Within myself, even if the extremes of the circumstances are hard to fathom. I can always find a variance of fear or challenge that I can relate to within. Once that fear is neutralized within me, peace comes, neutrality comes, new solution comes, freedom comes. That is what makes peace so exciting - FREEDOM!!!! It’s exciting to know that even though things may look or feel bad today, they are improving within the unseen. New solution is building a foundation that will soon have a structure. You are free to interact with life courageously because improvement is the natural progression of life.

As we sit to Blast Exciting Peace, we are opening to a perspective of Love that allows life to change for the better with more ease. We are balanced on our platform of What Is while empowered to see beyond to the next level of Love. We are enhancing our own inner courage to find a perspective of improvement in the most challenging of circumstances as soon as we can. We are honoring our fears, our avoidances and our challenges as opportunities for realizing the freedom that is in our life now and building to greater heights with each peace-full perspective. We are supporting the natural flow of life and creating the life we desire through the exciting opportunities of Love before us. We are Allowing and Choosing easily, as we Know that life is benevolent and intelligently designed for improvement under any and all circumstances through the gift of time/space. We are remembering that we came here to improve the world, one moment of Love at a time. Blast on!



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Jamye Price

Jamye Price is an energy healer, channel, teacher and student of life. She channels healing energies in the form of Light Language, which are ancient and universal languages that your heart and infinite mind speak fluently. When she is running healing frequencies, she speaks and signs Light Language, tones, emotes, and physically clears energies for clients through Divine Grace.


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