Weekly LightBlast: Following the Mind

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When wisdom leads, the mind is aligned with the heart, for these two parts of you in balance offer wholeness.  You choose with your mind, for it is your instrument of direction.   Your heart is your instrument of connection.  Your heart is connected through all time, not just one direction of time.  Your heart knows all directions as Love, as beneficial.  Your heart is connected to all potential and all perspectives and it is filtering all of this information to you through the information of emotion.  Emotion transduces the energy of all time into a feeling in the now and flows it toward the future.  Every emotion you feel is your heart speaking volumes of information to you about your past and your present building your future.   Your heart culminates the totality of human experience into that, for it is an instrument of connection.  This is the fail-safe of Love.  You are connected to all, though paths converge and diverge; and therefore, the direction of your choice has an effect on All Life, though the connection is invisible.

Your heart speaks to you of your past and your present building your future.  When you have an uncomfortable feeling, it is speaking to you of change that feels unreachable or frightful based on your observance or experience in the past and/or present.  It is for you to connect to your courage through forgiveness and appreciation of the past that strengthened and wizened you into your present state.  It is for you to connect with the clarity of your new direction that effects change for you and for Life, for you are connected to it and you are in the Service of sharing with it.  Here your heart and mind meet.  You recognize wisdom because it feels right to you, even in a moment of discomfort.  Humanity is moving past Servitude into a bold sharing of empowerment.  Humanity is moving into Freedom as they honor the rules of the present and learn to move past them through Loving empowerment.  Love is bold beyond a moment. 

The mind is a magnificent information delineation station.  It takes data from the past and the present to analyze and categorize for choice.  This is a valuable part of your wholeness as your unique perspective allows you choice that creates diversity in this realm.  Your natural reflexes continue Life.  Your breathing, your hunger, your desire and your connective impulse all continue Life.  Your mind directs the choice.  As you look beyond the obvious of a moment, you find new choice.  Your intuitive senses give you information that is not necessarily heard, seen or felt by everyone.  You are learning to utilize them for empowerment and new choice.  This is a natural progression of the brain.  This is a natural progression of the heart/brain connection.  This is a natural path of humanity, it is Ascension.  Following your Mind is trusting your choices, because they resonate with your heart.  When your mind is connected to your heart, you are choosing with vast, Loving information – information that is beyond the moment.  Only the heart can connect you with new potential of the future, the mind merely builds from the past and present.  This becomes limitation if one does not connect with the heart.  And yet it is the mind that helps you choose to create the future.

As we sit to Blast Following the Mind, we are honoring all aspects of Life as a valuable part of the whole, even those parts that challenge us to greater clarity and courage.  We are living the change we create and creating new change in each moment through choice.  We are balancing our give and take with life as we choose the path that serves Love’s expansion.  We are appreciating challenge and support as two sides of the same coin.  We are boldly following the heart to connection and the mind to a new direction of Love manifest on Earth.  Blast on!



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Jamye Price

Jamye Price is an energy healer, channel, teacher and student of life. She channels healing energies in the form of Light Language, which are ancient and universal languages that your heart and infinite mind speak fluently. When she is running healing frequencies, she speaks and signs Light Language, tones, emotes, and physically clears energies for clients through Divine Grace.


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