Weekly LightBlast: Fortitude - Part 2

We come then to another round of Fortitude. The LightBlast is a channeled topic that is a weekly progression of self-focus for Lightworkers. Sometimes topics resurface, as Fortitude has from early in the year. It’s 2012 – showtime! ;o) We’ve been preparing for this year and here it is. Are you noticing your shift? Do you see that change is more rapid, resistance is more challenging and things that were easy before are being brought to a new level of mastery? Fortitude is a must!

We are leading ourselves and Lighting a path of change for others into the new golden age. Here personal responsibility is highlighted, consideration of others and the earth is required and Love leads choice. Fortitude is your ability to shine your Light in dark places, both within yourself and within this experience on earth. Each person has a different role, a different focus and change means that focus shifts, too. Fortitude is your ability to go with the flow (less resistance) and allow when it is time; and to paddle with the flow and move forward when it is time.

Finding Fortitude within sometimes requires a perspective shift, as we highlighted in last week’s Wedded Bliss. To acquire a perspective shift can take some practice (Abraham-Hicks is masterful at teaching this) as usually when you need a perspective shift, you’re feeling emotionally and mentally challenged. It takes astute awareness and habitual practice at finding the silver lining - but in a way that you believe it! When you observe a challenge and ‘find the silver lining,’ you are settling yourself into a more peaceful state. This state opens your mental and emotional channels, which were blocked with worry, frustration, etc., to new information, possibility and ease in the moment. That’s Fortitude. Simply finding a perspective that allows peace in a moment of challenge. Remember that an emergency responder is in a form of peace – the ability to stay focused and move quickly, pull loads of technical information quickly and remain effective, keep emotionally calm and strong in a situation that is highly charged and perhaps even dangerous. This is an extreme example, but as you remember that All is Well in a moment, as you find the perspective of challenges you’ve handled in the past, and as you find the perspective of improvement in the future, your now becomes a moment of peace. Peace is courage and strength in a moment of challenge; and calm in a moment of ease. That is a form of Fortitude.

As we sit to Blast Fortitude, we are building a strong base of peace, empowerment and Divine Perspective. We are remembering that we are capable creators that shift this world by shining brightly in the glow of Love. We are able to shift our perspective to a win/win solution. We are able to utilize Time to prove our capability, our possibility and our peace in the now. We are the builders of the Golden Age, beginning within and then sharing our inner gold with others. We are the pillars of strength, peacefully standing strong, singular and united with all. Blast on!


LauriLumby 31st May 2012 7:54 am

Heck yes! Fortitude to be sure! Fortitude also means having the courage to stand in that place of tension....to sit....to wait.....to allow.....whatever is ours to surface and show us what is true and what is only our illusion or our pain story. I had a personal experience of this recently and it turned out to be all about me and my fear of rejection and nothing about all the other things I wanted to blame it on. WOW! Talk about an invitation to look in the mirror. Fortitude is the perfect word to describe what we all need at this stage in our evolution if we ever hope to survive!

Lauri Lumby

zorro 31st May 2012 5:40 pm

Thank you for this reminder to maintain our pluck and aplomb no matter what the appearances are. We will get through our challenges, not through denial, but by doing everything we can to muster, adapt, change and “roll” with the flow, and never forgetting that our connection to spirit is powerful.

This is, after all, what we have been preparing for, and we are not just “carrying” our part, we are now actively “transmuting” every circumstance that crosses our path that would challenge our sense of who we are. See that wall? Don’t walk away from it, don’t walk around it, walk up to it and right through it. The transforming of broken down situations and worldly structures is accomplished by this demonstration. We know the angels can do it. They want to know if we can do it! Let’s show ‘em!

I bet someone out there has had a miracle by this very process already this week. I would like to hear more of those stories. What’s working? Why did it work?

jamye 2nd June 2012 10:51 am

Thank you, Lauri & Zorro! Blessings!

k 2nd June 2012 2:44 pm

Great message for me at this time....and your comments too zorro. While I layed in my concret cot in jail in the early morning hours, I was finally able to see the positive aspects of my ordeal. One thing, the deputies who arrested me, hand cuffed my hands behind my back and forced me to wait in the back of a hot squad car..assumed that I was the one in the wrong, taking my ex-husband's word for what happened. But, part of this too was they saw me as the helpless woman and the ex as the one with the power and earning potintial as I did not tell them I was a physician. Being on the inside of jail, talking to the other "criminals" and being exposed to the degradation and being forced to submit to rediculous rules and very controling personallities was an expereince that has helped me be aware of a darkness that should be brought to light It was the hard way to go, but it also got my ex out of my life. When I returned home, all of his things and many of my things were gone. If this had not happened he would have remained in my life for a much longer period.Things worked out for the best

k 2nd June 2012 3:13 pm

My focus did not create this experience, but my HS had a hand in it. Unless we are aware of what needs to be fixed...the darkness in the world...we can not begin to try transmute that darkness to light. Nothing like actually experiencing jail as a prisioner to open a person's eyes. To have your freedom and any self will stripped from you and to be forced to submit to every whim of a power hungry controlling personality...you just are not aware of this unless you really go through it. To be subjected to this unfairly has a special sting to it. The challenge of breaking through the anger to seeing the positive in the situation, keeping your inner balance while you are in physical discomfort, letting the hours of boredom pass by and trying to not let the situation break you. But, some good has come out of this and there is the potential for some more good to yet come from it. So, is it darkness in me that created this...I do not think so. But, it was necessary in order for me to be aware of the need to do my part to transmute some darkness to light.

k 2nd June 2012 3:26 pm

So, zorro, that is my story of the week >:D

I have to admit, I did not have much pluck in the early stages of this experience. In fact I felt like my HS had abandoned me, but in those early morning hours, my guides came to me and I was able to break through most of the anger and dispondance and thus I was able to again be aware of thier love and guidance. Next time I am challenged, my faith will be stronger and I will have more pluck...the testing and forging by fire is not fun sometimes, but maybe the finished product will be worth it.

zorro 3rd June 2012 3:11 pm

I can't top that one.

Yelana 7th June 2012 11:46 pm

Wow! The posted comments are as inspiring as Jamie's Light Blast. We are all going thru it for sure.
A few times lately I've needed to remind myself to take deep breaths. Somehow in stressful situations I forget to breath at all and start to feel small and helpless. Taking in big confidant breaths letting protection build around me and l find someone who is aggressive turns away and stops pummeling me with thier anger.
I've noticed lately odd people, are more easily angered than usual, stuff they are going thru l guess.
Ive heard when you take deep breaths nitros oxide is released into your blood stream and relieves stress. It works for me and with out doing more than that it seems to disolve the anger of another. I guess because they need your reaction and with none all the hot air dissolves and I can almost hear them thinking to themselves what the heck was that about anyway.
Many thanks for your contributions everyone :thumbs:


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