Weekly LightBlast: The Name of Love

Blessed Being, do you recognize the profound Love that you are? Do you recognize how special and unique you are to Life? Do you recognize how much Life Loves you? It is unconditional, infinite, and eternal. Just as you are.

Being human is a unique experience within Life. Your path is to adapt Life to you, whereas many other aspects of Life are more resonant to adapt. This is overly simplified, and therefore only part of the whole story. Yet this shaping of Life is your path. You offer harmony to chaos, and chaos offers opportunity to you.

The power to adapt life troubles some because they observe how life on Earth has been shaped by greed, egoic power, and disregard for the sanctity of life. It is frightening because it means that you must risk coming out of the safety of your shell, and letting your seed of compassion root deeper into the depths for the strength to reach higher toward the Light.

Everyone around you is interacting from a place of Love, whether you recognize it in the moment or not.

Perhaps in one moment, it is an easy and wonderful reflection of your highest hopes for life. Maybe it’s a different way of Love that makes you uncomfortable. It may be in opposition to you, causing you to fear it, resist it, or push against it. Perhaps another is reflecting an immature aspect of self-preservation that causes harm in a moment. Yet each being, and indeed all aspects of Life, are deeply connected to Love and interacting from a resonance within the full spectrum of Love, even what seems like its opposite.

Where you are in that spectrum determines your experience. Your current time calls for your empowerment to hold your boundaries of Love so that your resonance stays strong, maintaining a powerful vibration that interacts with humanity—affecting the vibration of life on Earth.

The Name of Love? You see it all around you. One is called human, one tree, one flower, one challenge, one moment. Recognize the Love, the sacredness of each, and you recognize Love amidst all Life.

Your awareness gives Love strength, nourishing it to grow.

As we sit to Blast The Name of Love, we are recognizing that every aspect of separation is another name for Love. We are seeing the sacred in all expressions, even those that call us to greater strength through opposition in a moment. We are clarifying our desires and holding our bond of Love strongly within, as the human experience touches our unique vibration. We are becoming strong enough to sway with the winds of change while rooted deep in supportive Love. We are compassion in human form, echoing that I am into future form as humanity transforms. Blast on!

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zorro 6th May 2016 5:00 pm

We stand with you, in the name of Love, Jamye!

GAF 9th May 2016 4:22 pm
GAF 9th May 2016 9:13 pm


From here:

"The rhythm of the 4th RAY flows from: a relative state of harmony >>> change appears >>> tensions of struggle >>> a battle >>> death to old form >>> construction of a new form >>> harmony."

GAF 9th May 2016 9:32 pm

Nikos, listen to yourself.

First, why is it that the conflict part is what you chose to focus on? And then to view it as a "bad". It's like fundamentalist Christians thinking that if someone hears voices in their head it must be "demons", it couldn't possibly be the Divine. Why be so "negative"?

You have some old disempowering programs running in you that are keeping you from seeing truth. Sounds like a job for 4th Ray energy right there.

And yet, you are so right, without even realizing it - 4th Ray energy is ULTIMATELY about Harmony.
You say you feel a sense of "... about battling." You're right there too.
You're almost there, can almost see the full picture.

Now, that you have heard about 4th Ray - Harmony THROUGH Conflict energy, watch how it helps you over time to get unstuck, to keep advancing and progressing in your evolution, to release old disempowering programs.

Love you Nikos. Just like Hallmark Cards - Love you (and everyone else) enough... to send the very best.

GAF 9th May 2016 9:50 pm

Yep, that's the whole point - everything has its place and the Divine has many ways to show its love for / to you.


GAF 9th May 2016 10:05 pm

You're welcome and thank you too.

GAF 9th May 2016 10:14 pm

Keep in mind also Nikos, the connection that matters the most is the one you have with the Divine. Sure, others can help bring things to our awareness and help us to understand some things and can elaborate as much as necessary, but the ultimate understanding happens when one takes what they hear / see "out there" and takes that "in here" / INWARD to ask more about it. I hope that you might do that for a better understanding about 4th Ray that I and others can't really give you, but that is there for you if / when you ask inwardly.


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