July 2019 Energy Report

After 6 months of solid work and effort, I am looking forward to a second half of reward and blessings. But I know enough about energy work to know that rewards are not always fun and exciting and often involve a lot of additional effort, and they sometimes arrive disguised as challenges. However, in a month with 2 eclipses, a Mercury retrograde, and rare aspects that involve all of the planets and in the midst of a huge collective awakening, this should be a very exciting month indeed. The theme for July is Karma Revisited and Up the Down Escalator. It’s going to be a month with a lot of potential for transformation and new directions but first we have to cover old ground to decide whether we are going to make new choices or repeat old patterns.

The theme for July is ‘Up the Down Escalator’ as it’s a month where we face the temptation to stay in the past versus moving forward into the present, without re-hashing the energy of the past in our daily lives, repeating past karmic lessons, and trying to undo what cannot be undone. Have you ever tried to walk up the down escalator – I have and it isn’t easy to do. The escalator is traveling down as you’re trying to walk up and you have to fight against the motion of the escalator and gravity to make progress. The key to doing it is to run up the escalator faster than it is moving down…

The secondary July theme is ‘Karma Revisited’ and it involves our old friend, the karma wheel. Now karma wheel moves backwards, not forwards, and its job is to pull us backwards into the past so we can choose whether we’ll succumb to the temptation of trying to fix the past, get vindication, and heal our wounds by repeating the past until we get the outcome that satisfies our ego.

We want to get a different outcome for our own reasons, usually to help us overcome the trauma of that situation across this and other lifetimes. But the entire karma cycle process is in place to help us choose whether we will continue to repeat the karma or re-vibe our energy field with a higher frequency so we can move forward, away from the karmic cycles and into a new field of potential. That is our other choice, to end the karma and create a different outcome in that circumstance without getting any vindication, apology, or sense of accomplishment other than that which comes with realizing that we have the power to end karma but we do not have the power to change someone else’s behavior or beliefs.

This is the karmic wheel in action and every journey is collection of choices to replace the energy of the past with new potentials for the present, a relentless push/pull between hoping for the best results for our regrets or ‘letting bygones go on by’ and setting an intention for new potentials.

This is a very busy month on all energy levels. The big energy event this month is the two eclipses and remember, we had two eclipses in January, a powerful beginning to 2019 and those are activated at the beginning of July. So July has a double eclipse effect! The January eclipses are brought forward again in July to add to the effects of July’s eclipses.

While eclipses are part of solar and lunar events that happen on an annual basis, they are also profound portals into new energies that are access points for powerful energy downloads. During an eclipse we get to see the transition from dark to light in the space of a few minutes. Isn’t that what we are experiencing now, the journey from dark to light? We begin with the light, it goes dark, and then the light reappears – light always overcomes the darkness and as I have said ‘Light makes the darkness irrelevant.’ You may want to keep that in mind this month.

Everyone has been talking about the July 2 eclipse because it is the first total solar eclipse since August 21, 2017 which crossed the continental US. What was going on in the US at that time? And more importantly, what was the degree of the eclipse? It was 29 Leo and do you remember what I wrote in that month’s energy report?

Here it is: “The August 21, 2017 eclipse, at 29 Leo, is getting the most attention because its path crosses the North American continent. Many people will be traveling to see the eclipse and watch as it happens. For everyone born with natal Pluto in late Leo, this covers those born from around 1955 to 1962, which is also the generation with strong Indigo energy, this eclipse is exactly on your natal Pluto, signifying transformation at very profound levels.”

Interestingly enough, it is also the natal Pluto degree of government agencies like the CIA and FBI and the surveillance, human testing, and the beginnings of the expansion of Nazi MKUltra energy control technology in the US and around the world. I predict that we’re going to see some ugly truths about these agencies and their activities during the months following the August 21 eclipse and maybe even their very dramatic takedown or removal of a lot of their power. They’re impacted by the 5D energies too and eclipse effects last at least 6 months.”

And we’re seeing a lot of investigation into abuse of power in these organizations right now so is this their end? A lot of things can end during an eclipse cycle, so we’ll have to see.

The second eclipse (they come in pairs) is on July 17 and it’s in Capricorn (same as the first eclipse on January 6) – and lighting up the entire body of planets again and adding another layer to the buildup that lasts the rest of the year until the January 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

Is it getting exciting yet?

Then we have Mercury retrograde starting on July 6 but the shadow period began June 28. It will be retrograde all month and the shadow period ends August 12, just before the August full moon. But Mercury, remember it is called ‘the trickster’, is going to be in Cancer, activating the south node (karma) and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction too. A lot of powerful transformation and a double karma whammy because Mercury rules karma as well. Are you ready for a few turns of the karma wheel in your life – it turns backwards, not forwards. Mercury also hits the degree of one of January’s eclipses in early July and it’s going to on August 12 so the effect lingers for a month.

Whew, that’s going to be a busy time. Standard Mercury retrograde cautions prevail – double check communications, allow extra travel time, stay grounded and aware of what you’re doing and use this time to review, refresh, relax, rewind, reconsider, repair, and release. Whatever comes up now for reconsideration is an opportunity to make course adjustments

Now Mercury is going to also be interacting with Mars, Saturn, and Pluto all month – imagine a little Chihuahua (Mercury) barking at a huge Newfoundland (Pluto) – and that could cause some upsets. While the Chihuahua is a tiny dog next to a Newfoundland, they can be quite mean and bite unexpectedly. This is a good period to be aware of the little upsets that cause big problems and take of things as they arise – always a good idea with Mercury retrograde anyway.

You could be feeling very motivated and ready for action this month and that would be in line with the energy activity but with Mercury retrograde you may have to take care and be mindful of potential Mercury retro mixups. You don’t have to worry about making the ‘best’ choices, just that they are fully aligned with your intention and energetically congruent with your own joy.

There is no quick fix, magic pill, or magic wand to get through these processes; they are designed for our growth and transformation. Remember to keep the forward momentum flowing and your energy boundaries high. Karma ends when you say it does and your energetic sovereignty is your key to a joyful, joy-filled month now and through the end of this very powerful, dynamic year.


ShelleyT 10th July 2019 11:00 am

Spot on! Karma.....quick question is there the same eclipse energy on karma that transpired for people like August of ‘17? Born in ‘53....


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