September 2019 Energy Report

We made it through August and its powerful new and full moons but before you heave a sign of relief know that its energy is going to be pivotal in September and through the rest of the year. We’re on the final stretch of 2019, leading us to the important, historic, and rare January 2020 aspects. As I was considering what to write for this energy report, this quote from Robert Frost came to mind,

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

For this month, though, I would change the reference to ‘less traveled road’ to ‘never traveled road’ because it is the path we have never taken before which is going to lead us to the outcomes that will give us the peace, joy, fulfillment, love, and the transformation that we want. We are in new territory now and that requires new energy, new alignments, access to new potentials, new thinking, and bold, new, inspired action.

Let’s look at the word transformation because it is what we always look for. We want everything to change, to transform, so that we’re finally happy, wealthy, rich, and feel good about our lives and about ourselves. But before we can transform we have to make some choices and then some decisions. We have to choose our transformation, which we do by considering the possibilities, assessing our potential, setting intentions, aligning with their energy, and then deciding on the transformation we are ready for and will allow to occur.

Does that sound like a lot of work? It can be but like most aspects of our ascension path, it’s simply a process. We can’t have transformation without presenting ourselves with choices and possibilities and then deciding what we’re going to do. Taking action is an aspect of the manifestation process and so is the road we choose – the old, familiar one or the less traveled, new one. We can go around the ‘indecision roundabout’ as we ponder old choices and try to bring them into the present or we can take the path we have never traveled before and see what we can create as we go along.

One thing we know now and have learned this year, the old ways don’t work any more and many cannot be re-purposed, re-visioned, and re-worked to create what we want today.

But choices have consequences and that is where we can get stuck. Do we make choices around our fear of consequences or do we ignore the consequences and choose whatever we want? It’s a tough decision. And that’s where September is pivotal because have had 8 months to sit with our choices and consequences, our outcomes and find out what is working and what is not working. A good benchmark for assessing this is to finally acknowledge when things have surpassed their use by date, have run out of energy road, and simply no longer work.

September is a month for transformation but that doesn’t happen by itself. We need to look at potential and possibilities, set new intentions and see how we can align with and integrate them into our lives – this is where the vision meets reality, where we have to beta test our plans within the harsh reality of our lives. In my software development and implementation days, we called this where vaporware (the vision of what something should do) gets the reality test – the reality of what it actually does. Sometimes things look better on paper, as one of my developer friends used to say.

September opens with the continued rare Virgo stellium of all of the personal planets. The moon has moved on, as it stays in a sign 2 or 3 days, but the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars will be in Virgo until the 15th for Mercury and Venus, the 23rd for the Sun, and October 5 for Mars. During that time they will square Jupiter and trine Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, and oppose Neptune. All of these are earth signs, representing grounding and stability.

All of that earth energy working together – do you think we’re getting a message to ground our spirituality into our 3D realities? Could we get a more relevant confirmation of how the 3D/5D ascension integration is working right now? (If you want more details about how this impacts our ascension journey I’ll be talking about it in greater detail in the Light Beacons membership community’s September Energy Report overview, which you can join at this link).

In September we have the ongoing Virgo master/servant choice to make – are we the Martyred Healer or the Empowered Master? Where are we using our victimhood to escape reality or to empower ourselves? Yes being a victim is a powerful way to avoid expressing our true power because we’re simply afraid to venture out of our familiar and uncomfortable comfort zone.

We have a Pisces full moon on September 14th, another punctuation mark from August and we have a close Jupiter/Neptune square all month, challenging us to ground our spirituality and to real-ize the spiritual truths into material awareness. It’s great to talk about love and light but how does that translate into the harsh reality of our everyday life.

If you follow me on Facebook I have been revealing the long-standing theft of content and intellectual property by Christine Kane and others (whom I have not yet named) and how I have had to take strong action to stop them. While I love my role as a spiritual teacher and celebrated author, the harsh reality of having my work stolen by others is the truth of how our spiritual path is not always one of ‘love and light’, sometimes we have to take action to protect ourselves against those who are doing their best to extinguish our light, pervert our work, and to knock us off of our path.

This has happened to many spiritual authors and teachers and quite a few have stopped writing because they got tired of their work being stolen. Karen Bishop, who wrote ‘What’s up on planet earth’ for many years, stopped writing and sharing her profound ascension insights for this reason. I won’t do that but I will defend my rights (and yours) and reveal these thieves and what they are doing.

We can’t forget the equinox on September 23 (autumn for us in the north, spring for you in the south) and the movement of the Sun into Libra territory. This is the sign of balance, justice, and ‘open enemies’. So expect challenges to your new intentions but don’t let them deter you from your path. These are the same challenges you have experienced in many lifetimes. Use your powers of discernment, discrimination, and determination to stay on course. We have an ascension to complete and we won’t let a few sidebars of drama stop us.

Enjoy the transformative potential of September but also realize that you have to put the pedal to the metal, so to speak, to get the energy flowing. We cannot sit around on the banks of the rivers of dreams and expect to get anywhere. It’s time for intentional, inspired action, for us to rekindle our resolve, refresh our vision, and renew our commitment to our ascension path. Forward ho as we march onward into the final months of 2019 with 2020 as our goal.

Have a wonderful month.


Tabitha75 8th September 2019 9:14 am

Thank you for your report and so sorry to hear people are stealing your work.
I've enjoyed your writing for many years
Blessings X


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