Give Space to the Child Within You

Dear friends,

I am Jeshua. I am here in your midst. I stand in the center of this room and reach out my hand to you. I am not only physically in the center, but also symbolically. In your own core, you all are the Christ light. Let it be born in your own center; ignite it in your core. Recognize that it is my energy that you feel – just sense who I am. At the deepest level we are one. There is one heart with which we are linked – it is the heart of love. Feel embraced by the warmth, the compassion, the love that is there for you.

I bow down to you. You no longer have need of me as a teacher who stands beside you. You are the ones who have allowed the Christ energy to awaken and flourish within you. You do this by being here and by sharing your stories with others: your hopes, your desires, your pain, your sorrow. This sharing with others heals you. To let go of the mask, to show your humanity and vulnerability, and to allow your emotions to flow among others, is the only true power, for it is then that you are really strong. It is then that you create safety and space for the beautiful light which lives within you, the light that you are and that connects you to the beating heart of the Christ energy.

You become the greatest teacher, and an example for others, when you show your vulnerability. When you heal yourself in openness, and dare to show your deepest pain, you create a space of light around you, and this light is infectious and attractive to others. When someone bows deeply to their own inner wounds, and gives expression to that surrender for others to see – a sound, a voice, a gesture – then this is love. That is the layer on which old traumas can be healed: the layer of openness, vulnerability, and of allowing your deepest pains and wounds to be revealed. When you do that, you transcend them. You are the hand that holds your hurting inner child, and you become that hand the moment you take pity on the child.

I commend you for your courage and perseverance. It is very tempting for you who have been through so much to close shut the door at some point, to not want to feel any more, to build bars once again on the windows and walls around your vulnerability, your pain, your loneliness, your self-doubt. But then you lock yourself into a self-made dungeon, and this is the most painful thing you can do to yourself. It is very counterproductive, but you, from your society and education, are encouraged to do that. Those violent emotions of deep despair, fear, and loneliness often call up fright in other people; they want to hide from them, to conceal them.

Children often come into the lives of their parents to put their finger precisely on a sore spot in the parents. A child often wakes up those emotions within you that you abhor the most, or that you fear the most. The child does this because the soul of the child has an unstoppable urge to become whole, to live from light and joy. The child does not want to hurt, or injure, the parent, but it pushes against a wall of resistance in the parent which can cause a reaction in the parent. If the parent is not willing to look at their personal pain and pushes the pain away, a negative energy is emitted that is projected on to the child. The parent then sees the child as somehow threatening.

At this unconscious level of activity, parents can close themselves off from the child, while at another, more conscious level, they want to do everything for the child. The parents can then feel they have the child’s best interest at heart and are doing everything for the child, while on a less conscious level the parents are actually blocking the child. They do not let it do or be who it really is, or allow it to truly express its gifts.

If the child is an expression of your deepest feelings, then those feelings are not being directly expressed by you; they are being held in check. Your feelings are then still at the unconscious level, and the child can feel confused and rejected because of that, even though there is seemly little going on at the conscious level. At that level, it is getting compliments and encouragement for things that are not really that important, while at the unconscious level, it is sensing signals of rejection for what it feels.

The child has a desire to penetrate to a deeper level, and often it is not even aware of that, it is an arch-desire. The child in a family looks for balance, which is the soul impulse the child has been given. And if the parents oppose that impulse from a place of unconsciousness, problems are created in a child. You all know those problems from within yourself, because you all have been such a child, and that child speaks to you today. In this workshop, we invite this child to be here wholly. Here, at last, it is allowed to be.

It requires a lot of courage to recognize this child entirely, to give it space, to exalt in its wonderful qualities. “How beautiful, how pure you are; how wise you are; how well you intuit things.” To truly say these words to your inner child is to go against your parents, and your parents have been your benchmark for a very long time: the source of acceptance, love, protection, safety. When they did not give that recognition to you, because of their own unconsciousness, something was torn apart inside you, a deep trust was injured, and you started to show yourself differently than who you truly are. You tried to adapt and to show behavior that was no longer aligned with your deepest, purest impulses, and so life became a struggle

I do not need to describe to you what that has done to your life: the feeling of being lost, the loneliness, and the gnawing self-doubt to which that leads. You all know that from within yourself. What needs to happen now is to give this child inside you – that is still there in all its purity – the space it needs. And the reason this demands a great deal of courage from you is that it asks of you to give up “the world”. In your earliest childhood, your parents were the world, that which you depended upon, those who took care of you, and who were essential for your survival. Later, it was your friends, your school, the teachers, then the bosses, your employers – all the external frameworks and benchmarks.

In order to stand up truly for your original soul-impulse – that inner child within you – means to turn your back on the world outside you and to say to this child, “I am here for you! For you, I resist the power of the world. By expressing my faith in you, I leave the world aside. I don’t care what others think, I let go of the judgment of my parents, my friends, my partner, my employer, because I see your beauty and I know you are worthy of allowing your light to shine here.”

It calls for a turnaround within yourself, a deep turning toward your inner self, and this takes a lot of strength and courage, because you eventually come to a point where you really are alone. No one else can do this “turning toward yourself with your back to the world”; that turn you make alone. I stand aside and encourage you. I want to always point out the original and exquisite beauty of the child within you, but I see the fear and doubt in your eyes as to whether you can do it. Know that I will stay here as long as, and until, you no longer need my encouragement. But you are the ones who have to do this turnaround, and you are the ones who are doing it. You are halfway through this turnaround, some more toward the beginning, while others are a little farther along, but that does not matter, because you know that this is your way. This is the way of the lightworker on Earth.

Once you have created a space for that inner child, it will change your life. Deep forces are awakened, your soul becomes more located on Earth. You are going to emit light to other people and where you first saw people who judged you, you now see small children who themselves are lost. In this way, the judgment of others becomes less and less important, with less of an impact upon you. You come to stand more and more in your own strength – you become a teacher. This is what it means to be a teacher or lightworker: that you turn toward your own inner fire, the passion from your soul that drives you. and then the inner child is preserved, the purity rediscovered inside you.

You all have learned to distrust your emotions, to put barriers around them in order to keep them at a distance, but your emotions are very important indicators in this turnaround process. I already said that your inner child – the child that you were – at some point became torn between what it felt inside and what was expected of it by the outside world. The emotional life of this child that you were became influenced by this expectation and became confused, and it now seems as if you cannot always trust your emotions. But assume that there is a truth that hides behind every deep emotion. The emotion itself can be unbalanced and throw you off center, but do not allow yourself to be put off or discouraged when that happens. If the child-oriented part in you has an emotion, then there is a truth that lies behind it. When you bow down to the inner child in openness and gentleness (humility?), and you allow the emotion to roll out like a wave through your body, then a message will not be far behind. And that message is meant for you, you as the carrier of your inner child, and you as the soul that lives on Earth with and through the child.

Now look for a moment to see if there is something that your inner child would like you to know. Let this child stand before you, observe it, feel the power, the beauty, and the originality in this child, and at the same time the vulnerability. Of course, this child needs love and protection, it is vulnerable, and this is what you can now give it. Surround it with warmth and security. Now ask the child: “What is in you that wants to come to expression and become visible? Give me your message, allow me to know that message through an emotion or a feeling in my body, through a word or by way of a symbol. Talk to me.” And realize that when your child stands in front of you, you have turned toward it and so you listen. It is this attitude of listening that is important, because then the message will come. And your willingness to bow down to your inner child is the basis for this to happen.

Do not underestimate the importance of what you are doing. The restoration of the connection with the purest part in you is what is going to change this world and this Earth. There is a lot of pain, a lot of misery, and many wrongs in this world in which you live. Change is going to come from within, from the hearts and souls of people, from the way they experience and respond to themselves. That is were true change takes place, inspired change, and not from the outside, from thinking or acting, but primarily from the inside outward, from feeling, from the heart. So when you, in a seemingly private gesture, bow intimately toward your own pain, your own wounds, you do something for the world – you make it lighter. On the surface level nothing appears to change: the environmental pollution does not lessen, there are no fewer wars, no less poverty. However, something does happen: there is a seed planted for real profound change.

The true change this world is waiting for is the opening of the human heart. First of all, for oneself, for the wounded inner child inside oneself, and from there to begin to radiate light into the world. You are then not an all-knowing teacher who is able to do everything – no, you are precisely very human, and you remain vulnerable, but you no longer hide your self. You flow along with life and all it brings to you. In that flowing, open, and vulnerable movement, you are so very beautiful and your great strength becomes visible!

I am here with you as a friend, a like-minded one — I love you. I also have an inner child, a child who is excited at seeing you again – my family. I have been human and I partially preserve my humanity, and even though I am not in a human body, being human is dear to me. The very emotions, the depth, and the intensity of it has stayed in my heart. I am here, not only to transfer ideas or information from my mind, I am here from my essence, my core, which includes an inner child. I am here from love and friendship and brother-and-sisterhood. I love you and I want to bring you greetings from my heart.

Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan



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