Lust and Love

(Note: This channeling speaks about love relationships between men and woman but it just as much applies to homosexual relationships. For a brief channeling from Jeshua on homosexuality, see Q&A section on

Dear men and women, I salute you all. I amhere in your midst as a soul, as a woman, as a sister. I am one with you, andhaving been human, I know from within all the feelings you have today. They arenot foreign to me.

What strikes me most, now that I am looking at life on Earth from this side, is the preciousness of life on Earth. The vulnerability of being human, the pain and the wounds that you sustain while on Earth, and conversely, your incredible courage, your persistent desire for Light and Love, your perseverance and joyous victories. That for me now characterizes life on Earth. I see you as courageous angels who take that experience, that adventure upon yourself.

When you descend into the earthly life, you almost always come from a realm which vibrates at a higher level than human society now does on Earth. Somewhere deep within, you say “yes” to encountering this Earth energy. You make the decision: "I'm going to take this on": the dance with life on Earth, which is in part a dance with darkness, with fear, resistance, loneliness, and the feeling of being lost. You take that risk, and I can now see why. Despite all the suffering, the effort, the heaviness, there is no place else so deep, so rich, and so intense as when you are embodied in matter, in form.

Often, though, you want to sever yourself from form and move beyond it, to merge with something grander, something higher. You seek to be released from the confines of earthly life. But I see the beauty of you as you are, as earthly humans: man, woman, child, or adult. In that specific form that you have, you radiate the Light of Creation. Many spiritual traditions have been focused on the transcendence of the human form: “the body is no good, it is not a messenger of truth; the emotions are suspect, passions out of the question; sexuality is a source of temptation, yes even poisonous.” The entire earthly existence was actually weakened and robbed of its sacredness by this type of thinking and this has happened out of a desire for control.

There have been powers on Earth that wanted control over life. And to exercise control over people, over life, you achieve that best by way of the mind: through ideas and images that you disseminate, that you use to indoctrinate. Mental control is far more all-encompassing than manipulation by physical power. You can touch people deeply in their souls and change them when you put before them certain images about who they are, about their worthiness or unworthiness, and the goodness or “badness” (evil) of their natural impulses.

You have been affected very deeply in that way, and because of that conditioning you began to see life on Earth as unworthy in many ways. This has been taught to you, and unconsciously you still carry these impressions with you. They still have an influence on how you think about yourself, feel about your body, your lusts, desires, emotions, and your passion.

Nowadays, things start to loosen up; old ideas are on the verge of collapsing. This is because more and more people are waking up, feeling the desire to be true to themselves. This new wave of energy is awakening people individually, one by one, and as it grows, it will affect society as a whole. It is a movement back to Earth, you might say, and back to your natural self, as you are part of the Earth. Your body is part of the Earth: your sexuality, your instincts, the language of your body are part of the Earth. Your earthly nature cannot be denied indefinitely; it is a viable part of Creation.

And how do things stand with you in that connection, between the lower and higher? Traditionally, you were told that spirituality had to do with “the higher”, and often also with servitude to an ideal – you in the service of something higher – such as putting yourself in the service of your neighbor and of your community. And the lower was equated with what is ego-oriented, focusing on yourself, pursuing your own desires. If you followed your own inclinations, you got “off track”; the ego-oriented was laden with sin and judgment.

Now, however, you are in the midst of a transformation in thinking about spirituality. You feel that call for change from your entire being, and you have come here to support the awakening of consciousness on Earth. Before you took the leap into your current lifetime, you felt the potential of a fundamental shift taking place at this time. Your soul felt the pull of this and you decided: "I want to be a part of this, so here I go again." The dominance of the old consciousness has, as it were, been stretched to the limit. Things should be different now. Even the continued survival of humankind, nature, and harmony with the Earth depends on it.

This process of awakening and transformation asks that you turn toward the so-called lower in yourself and to assign to it a completely different value. And what does that turning to the lower mean? Making connection with your body, with your belly, with your feelings – recognizing your own animal nature. As human beings, you have lived in your mind for so long that you have lost the connection with what I would call your “animalism”, the animal, instinctual part of you. That term immediately evokes certain associations, but what is “animalism” really? Animals have no mental energy such as do people. They live from instinct, but that instinct is much more sophisticated, a much finer tool than is generally thought by people. Instinct is in your belly. Instinct helps you sense directly how something feels to you: if it feels good or if it feels repulsive; if it brings you something desirable or if you prefer for it to go away. But what is difficult for people to do is to rely on their instinct, and sometimes they can no longer feel it. So strongly have you lived from your head that you have lost connection with your instinct, the wisdom of your animal nature.

Your troubled relationship with your own animalism, the animal inside of you, shows itself clearly in the area of sexuality. What happens when people take on an intimate, sexual relationship with another? In a friendship, where there is no sexuality, you can to some extent remain outside the area of the instinctive, the animal nature. You may connect from the head, and when the connection deepens, also from the heart. But once the area of sexuality is opened up between two people, there are other forces at play. There is an instinctual attraction on the physical level, an attraction between opposites, that has little to do with the head and not necessarily with the heart, either. The power of their sexual passion often frightens people and they may react in two ways. The attraction can instill such a fear of losing control, of losing yourself, that you shut down and withdraw. Or you go with the flow of the attraction, but you keep focused on the sensations of lust that you have in the body and you do not open up to the profound intimacy that sexuality can initiate you into. It is seldom that two people can be intimate and experience connection at both the levels of their animal nature and of their heart.

This is such a shame, for sexuality can truly be the gateway to a profound mixture of spiritual and human love. Why is it so difficult for men and women to experience the sacred and healing aspect of sexuality? When it comes to the physical, the sexual instincts, you have grown up with all sorts of taboos and prohibitions. That has started to change for a few decades, but there is still no real freedom in that area. Can you feel at ease with the sensations of lust that you experience? Can you enjoy them? Or is it actually something disturbing that you want to get rid of, either by having physical sex (which makes sex into “scratching where it itches”), or by shutting yourself off from it through the force of the mind? It is still difficult for people to playfully and joyfully embrace their own sexual desires. What happens is that they either get stuck in judgments or fears about it, going into the head. Or they submerge into their lust in a guilty, secretive way, making sexuality into something that happens in the dark. In both cases, there can be no connection between the heart and the beast, between the higher and the lower, between lust and love. Not being able to value the animal part, shuts you off from the loving and spiritual part, too.  

How can you reconnect what was separated and feel more free with your own animal and sexual nature? First of all, honor the body and let go of old judgments about lust and sexuality. Lust is a natural flow of energy generated by the body. It is innocent and not inherently dangerous or destructive. Try to welcome it with joy and pleasure. Whenever you feel lust, enjoy the tingling sensations in your body, see it as enjoyable in itself, without having to act on it. There is a basic sensuality to your body that exists as an undercurrent, and it enables you to enjoy different kinds of bodily sensations, such as eating, drinking, touching, dancing, bathing, or walking in the sun. Sexuality, having sex with someone else, is one expression of this basic sensuality that belongs to you as a human being. Do not be ashamed of it, enjoy it. Your sensual nature is something precious and delicious. If you embrace your own sensual nature and welcome sensations of lust with an open mind, you would have fun with it! You could share it with another person and if there is a deeper connection between the two of you, you will notice how the flow of lust will actually bring you closer to them, allowing your hearts to open up to each other and merge not just on the physical level but on the emotional and spiritual level as well.

Lust can lead into love and genuine intimacy. What I like to stress is that lust is not the opposite of sacred and serene love between two people. Lust and love can go together and lust can actually help you reach a deep state of intimacy with another, if you surrender to it without shame or reserve. You have this deep-seated notion that if you let go, if you ride the wave of your emotions or passions, things will get out of hand. But it is often just the other way around. If you try to curb or control something like sexual passion, you are working against a natural force that is so powerful that you will lose anyway. By curbing it, you elicit twisted and even perverted expressions of sexuality. Demeaning forms of sexuality always go together with sick and rigid judgments about human nature. That is why religious fervor and sexual perversity often go hand in hand.

Feeling safe with your own sexual nature, is the first step toward an intimate connection with another. You appreciate your own body and the kind of experiences it wants to offer you. Of course, to connect intimately with another person requires more than just this. You are dealing with another being, shaped and molded by a different background and history. For you both to feel safe and secure, your hearts will need to open up to each other. Both of you will have built defenses to protect yourself against surrender to another, against trust. You all carry within old emotional wounds. Each of you have such defenses, and it is important to recognize them in yourself. Emotional intimacy arises when you are willing to face your own fears and when you are truly willing to understand each other’s pain. As you are willing to do so, there is joy in your hearts and there will be a flow of healing between you. You will come closer, both on the level of the body and on the level of the soul. This delicate process of coming together is what the art of love making is really about. It involves devotion, patience, honesty, and courage. It is both passionate and highly spiritual.

When I initially talked about the preciousness of the human experience on Earth, I was also referring to the art of love making. As a soul, you are not bound to a form. You are not, at your essence, a man or a woman, a child or an adult, sick or healthy – these are all temporary manifestations. Nonetheless, those impermanent forms offer a variety of experiences that are potentially exquisite and profoundly spiritual. Being a woman or a man offers to you the possibility of experiencing human love making, and to enjoy it physically,  emotionally, and spiritually.

There is much confusion about sexuality in human society. In the encounter between man and woman, there can be an opening into a sacred communion, a space in which you feel lifted up into a wholeness that transcends you both as human beings. You can call it the soul, or God, but the remarkable thing is that this sacred experience does not at all look like lust, although lust – exploring each other physically – forms the entry into it. Your earthly nature is not base or vile; sexuality and spirituality can be partners. That is why I encourage you to feel at ease with your own passion, your bodily desires, your sexuality. Explore it at your own pace and in your own rhythm. In fact, I would like to invite you now to allow your awareness to descend into your belly. Your awareness is nothing else than a focus, so now direct that focus toward your belly. Experience how that area feels, and sink even deeper into the region of your sexual organs and the tailbone (root) chakra – your pelvis. Descend downward to that region of your body with your attention being objective and neutral. This is a wonderful part of your body, and sense here the source of the life force – you may see or feel a color. Experience how you can allow that flow of the life force, of sensuality and physicality, to descend through your legs and make connection with the Earth. Feel how beneficial and natural it is to experience this flow of the body.

Observe, if you can, whether your body needs something now, whether you are allowing your body to experience all that it likes to experience. Perhaps there is something that your body would like to experience more often in your everyday life? It may be a simple thing, something you bypass with your head. Take those needs seriously; the body wants to bring you Home. The body is not in opposition to the soul, it is the soul in material form. It is your head, rather than your body, that banishes you from your soul. Make peace with your body and enjoy its many offerings.


kay 18th June 2013 9:34 am

I love this article! Thank you, Pamela, for the reminder to let go of all those engrained notions that our physical bodies and spiritual bodies are separate from and at odds with each other. As you point out, it's not just in the area of sex, but in all areas of physicality.

I for one have bought into that over the various lifetimes, many of which I spent in monasteries and convents like so many of you. Separation from the world. Vows of poverty. Vows of silence. Vows of celibacy (though I'll admit to having enjoyed the freedom of the sixties which I experienced mostly in the seventies). We babyboomers have been in the thick of it Not just babyboomers, of course; we're all in the thick of it.

Really, really good perspective. Thanks, again.

betsy. 18th June 2013 10:38 am

"Both of you will have built defenses to protect yourself against surrender to another, against trust...Each of you have such defenses, and it is important to recognize them in yourself. Emotional intimacy arises when you are willing to face your own fears and when you are truly willing to understand each other’s pain. As you are willing to do so, there is joy in your hearts and there will be a flow of healing between you. You will come closer, both on the level of the body and on the level of the soul. This delicate process of coming together is what the art of love making is really about. It involves devotion, patience, honesty, and courage. It is both passionate and highly spiritual." I love this. Ty, for this beautiful, truthful message, Pamela. I also love Kay's comments. Much love to you all!!!

ToTwoTOo 18th June 2013 3:40 pm

Lust anagrams to slut.

There ARE real wrongs in sexuality, whether people like that fact or not. You do something and discover that it is wrong (and WHY it is wrong). Then you must "repent" and "cleanse". Why do something if it hurts, harms and sickens?

Sex is a drug. It is the most powerful drug of all! Now think of cocaine, heroin, crack, pills and alcohol. Think of the extreme and severe consequences for abuse and dependency. Think of all the lives and relationships that are destroyed because of abuse and addictions! I knew a man who would rob his own mother - now tell me: does this make for LIVING or does it make for suffering? Behind these abuses and addictions is very often, UNHEALED sexual abuse.!

Just as there are real wrongs in sexuality, there are real right things. Correct ways and wrong ways. Correct behaviors and wrong behaviors.

There are *natural consequences for certain violations*. Everyone is "free" to "live and learn". The point is to learn what is RIGHT, do RIGHT, so you enjoy more and suffer less.

Women who shave: how are your yea

ToTwoTOo 18th June 2013 3:45 pm

Women who shave: how are your yeast infections? Why do we have pubic hair? For our HEALTH? If we are becoming ill and sick, disease, is it because we are being so rightfully free with our lust and indulgences?

Anyway, lust anagrams to slut.

There ARE those who DO love lust. I'm not one of them.

mia 19th June 2013 1:44 pm

ok, and how about dealing with the lust feelings when being in relationships.. should we just really be free and even let our partners enjoy the lust with others..where is there the intimacy when shared.. does it have a meaning to stay with such a partner who cannot connect with a heart just deals with his instincts and comes back only when he wants?

vanessaj 19th June 2013 2:20 pm

Thank you for this beautiful channeling. There are so many wondering insights and gems. This was very appropriate for me to hear this at this time. With much gratitude!!

betsy. 19th June 2013 7:07 pm

Mia, I've been thinking a good while about your comments. I can truly only share from my personal experience. I was in a marital relationship w/a man much like you describe. In the beginning, there was intimacy. Unfortunately, it didn't last long; but, I also closed down so it was my fault as well. Iyanla Vanzant: "Intimacy = Into Me See." There was none of this emotional, loving, sacred, sensual, sexual intimacy. Instead, there was fear. I was afraid of him, with good reason that I didn't share openly w/others (& too prideful to admit). In my next monogamous relationship, Mia, I require the intimacy that was lacking previously. I require it of myself as well as my mate. You cannot give what you do not have. I plan to give love & be love to someone who also knows how to do the same. I deserve this, Mia, & so do you. I agree w/Kay, "Vows of celibacy" - I give into this no longer. I wish to give myself to another fully in all respects & enjoy them as well, knowing this makes me no less spiritual. This is love. It's what we all deserve, imo. Much love to you on your journey, Mia! <3

mia 20th June 2013 4:19 pm

thank you Betsy :)yes, you are right! it´s fear which prevents us to dive deeper. The same was with a man who was actually my TF, although a lot younger than me and not much experienced in relationships. At this time I´m just letting go the past and inviting someone else to help me create deeper intimacy I couldn´t create with any of the man who were in my life including him which was the hardest lesson to comprehend, how many things I did not yet accomplished in order to feel unconditional love.. Before I met him, I ran out from the relationships when it could already go deeper and I also judged them as to shallow to create with me the same level as I wished for myself. But it´s all about learning upon your mistakes without feeling guilty for leaving someone and after 5 years of being only in a short-termed relationships, I believe I´m ready to work upon my issues which hindered me to see love in every expression of the person who entered my life as perfect and feeling contentment and true intimacy where the longevity doesn´t play as much role. Much love to you too!

betsy. 20th June 2013 8:27 pm

That is truly beautiful, Mia. Ty for sharing w/such vulnerability. You are a role model for me. :) I did not explain myself clearly (surely someday I'll improve @ this)...I was physically frightened of him. During our marriage, there was a handful of times he was physical where I was pushed, choked, etc.; yet, I remained quiet & didn't leave. When I had the opportunity to share when I was asked if I was afraid of him, I wasn't truthful. I was too ashamed. It was his way or the highway, so I took the highway (eventually). He wasn't an emotionally intimate kind of guy. I have only been in three relationships my entire life (including the marriage). I have only met one person I feel I could be emotionally intimate in the way I dream of; yet, that was only at a friendship level, it was never a relationship. They did not feel the same. I am thankful; however, because that gave me a glimpse of what IS truly possible if I am able to truly let someone inside my walls. I think you are well on your way to a beautiful, new relationship, Mia! Much love to you! :smitten:

betsy. 21st June 2013 12:33 pm

Mia, I went to sleep last night afraid you might think I didn't fully hear what you shared (I am not always as clear as I need to be); so, I wished to be more clear. I identify very much w/what you've shared & I have been there. (I don't know what TF is). I too left a couple relationships when they could have gone deeper (atlho I never felt fully comfortable w/them as I did another. Imo, values & morals are important too!) I too am tired of shallow relationships & now believe I have an awareness that I lacked previously in order to 'work' through my issues w/someone I can fully trust & have more in common with. I do believe 'work' can, at times, be fun and light & even oh so very loving (again, no jabs or cheap shots & such because you love them so). Personally, I'm not sure it ever will be w/a man that I'm able to open to deeper intimacy w/again; but, I am open to what the universe has in store, knowing it is divine & that all comes in divine timing. I'm so glad that you, too, are wishing for deeper intimacy in your next relationship, Mia. I think it's a wonderful sign of growth! :

MaryGoldenEagle 23rd June 2013 4:57 pm

What a wonderful and refreshing, honest and much needed addition to our spiritual transmissions. I am a large aspect of Mary Magdalene and so know how important all this is, and still too neglected amongst the light workers.

You can see from the postings how much is stirred up by this. Why? Because the Dark Side has known exactly what to hit the hardest in terms of taking our power away. Our 2nd Chakra; Sexuality, Emotions and Power. And so at this point we are all walking and damaged people, especially women.

And how do we retrieve that Power? Certainly we must do our healing work which often includes sexual abuse, which is a difficult but ultimately tremendously rewarding work. And all the things Mary Magdalene suggested in this transmission are relevant and vital. None of this is easy! The best I see is the Earth's ascension is making everything easier to heal. TRUST, TRUST , TRUST yourself is my motto these days. And, however difficult, know that it is possible. In the end, justice does prevail.

The body is the beginning of true wisdom. Blessings!

betsy. 23rd June 2013 7:41 pm

Your words allowed me to be filled with emotion. Thank you for sharing your love & wisdom, MaryGoldenEagle. :smitten:

Lubé Da Trendo 4th September 2013 1:08 pm

Thank you, Pamela for this channeling!!!
Every time I read a new channeling from Jeshua, it's like a new challange for me - often the topic is about things I'm just dealing with right now in my life.
And that is the biggest Gift from you and Jeshua - I actually for the first time in my life read about ideas, which are so understandable and they are talking so directly to my "inner-part" so I don't keep them in my mind, making RIGHT/WRONG opinions and idealizing "the RIGHT way" of doing things - I just go to practice. And the Life gives me opportunities for this practise immediately after reading the channeling (sometimes also during reading). I feel so free after achieving every little step, because I know now that every little step is a Big one, and every learned lesson is a lesson learned by myself, by my own experince of Life - the channelings are just the tool. THANK YOU FOR THIS TOOL! <3

lightvision 20th September 2013 9:54 am

Dear ladies, sisters in Light, please allow me to give you my view of lust from the perspective of a 53 year old man who has struggled with this energy most of my life. I can tell you honestly that no good has ever come from my indulging in lust. Quite the opposite. While sex feels great, as we all know and can attest to, sex without love is empty and destructive. Oh, and how the carnal mind tries to fool us that it is really love or that it is healthy or that it doesn't cause any harm. Please believe me, that is not true. That's why every legitimate spiritual path throughout the centuries has taught celibacy as the cornerstone for spiritual progress. I can attest to that myself. Lust has been THE major stumbling block in my life that has held me back from truly progressing on the spiritual path. Sex should be the reward of LOVE in a relationship. It is a lie to believe that love is the reward of SEX. If anything, sex outside of a committed loving relationship is the number one cause of failed relationships because it creates a distinct separation in the mind and body of the two.

lightvision 20th September 2013 10:02 am

Allow me to continue... As I was saying, lust has been the number one obstacle on my spiritual path. Forgive me for sounding crude, but I must tell the truth as I have experienced it. I started masturbating at 13 year old. I discovered that my father's shaving cream had more uses than to just lubricate the face before shaving. I was amazed at the wonderful feeling it produced. Then I started fantasizing about the beautiful girls I knew in high school while masturbating. Then I started looking at pornographic magazines while masturbating. Do you see what I mean? I started OBJECTIFYING women as sexual objects and body parts. The large breasted women created more lust in my mind. The ones with hour glass figures did the same. The ones with beautiful faces and full lips did the same. And on and on it went. Of course it ALWAYS felt good to release this sexual energy, but I had no idea the harm I was doing to myself. The blogger who compared lust to a drug is absolutely correct. The more you indulge, the stronger it becomes and the more you must have. Then sex becomes a NEED. All consuming

lightvision 20th September 2013 10:10 am

Sorry to take up so much space, but I have a lot to say about this subject. Remember, I am talking from REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE. While it's nice to hear the perspective of a being from lofty spiritual heights, I believe one must always balance the truth with their own life experiences so as not to become a blind fanatic. I have heard other Ascended Masters from other channels who warn strongly against engaging in lustful behavior. I tend to agree with those messages. And, if you'll do the research, you'll find the vast majority of Indian Mystics and Gurus say basically the same thing about lust and sexual indiscretions. Believe me, I WANT to believe it's not true because sex feels so good. But, like any drug, we must have the wisdom to realize that because something FEELS good does not mean it IS good for us. This takes wisdom, I know, but it is necessary to gain wisdom if one is ever going to become a truly God-free Being.

I believe LUST is the number one cause of infidelity and family break ups. It has caused countless suffering and tragedies. Jesus himself has said that if a man...

lightvision 20th September 2013 10:27 am

Jesus himself has said that if a man even LOOKS at woman with a lustful heart, then he has already committed the sin of adultery. While that may seem harsh, there is real truth to that comment. Lust begins in the mind and grows from there. Actions start with a thought. When that thought becomes overpowering then the person becomes a slave to actions that he or she normally would not do. How many broken marriages, broken homes, divorces, and all kinds of negative consequences have been caused by lustful actions? Let's be honest. Countless. The man who cannot or will not control his lustful thoughts is an accident waiting to happen, one way or another. And what kind of father will he be if he does not teach his children the right things about lust? What a terrible and tragic cycle is created when people let lust rule their lives. They marry for the wrong reason, divorce for the wrong reason, and cause so much suffering in between their unbridled sensory pleasures. At the end of a lifetime of this behavior most sane people will see that it was not worth it.


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